Monday, February 16, 2009

My Love of All Things French

Today is Rhonda's My Love of All Things French day! If you click on the above invitation, it will take you to her blog with more information - and photos of some of her lovely collection of French objets d'art!

Since I haven't traveled anywhere since our last excursion to the City of Lights, I knew if I went to my luggage I would find some French paper goods - what most consider garbage, but I hate to throw out tickets, cards to my favorite places, etc. So I make a point of leaving all that stuff in my luggage until the next holiday!
Most of it is perfectly ordinary - the guest brochure for Versailles tourists, tickets to the Opera and admittance to the Louvre. I am glad that I kept a card from the hotel we stayed in the last time: The Hotel Neva . It was wonderful - beautiful room, super-friendly hosts, and only a five (or less) minute walk to the Arc d'Triomphe! The Champs d'Elysee is only a very few minutes walk from there. Although we always look for a new place to stay, I believe this will become our Parisienne home-away-from-home from now on - we were very comfortable there.

This is a photo of the Arc from the corner of our building ... please forgive the blurry cars; my photography isn't all that terrific, I know!
We don't actually buy that many souvenirs when we visit ... but the things below are some treasures we brought back. Rather than re-write a description about these things that I've already done, I'll just say I've written about them on a post here. Please click there to read about my Montmarte silhouettes and my Giverny flea markets treasures.

Thanks for the opportunity to share, Rhonda. I'm going to attempt to find more goodies today for yet another day of My Love of All Things French tomorrow!
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