Friday, February 20, 2009

I Love Mail Art...or is that Art Mail?...

I love days when the postman arrives with wonderful art in the mail! Today I received this wonderful fabric ATC from Lenna Andrews who, along with three others, makes up the Color Groupies swap group. Every month there is an assigned color combination, and we each send an ATC to the other four members of the group. This is our second year, and I've received some fabulous art! It's clear, I suppose, that this month is pink and yellow!

However, today, not only was there this wonderful card (which has the legend "he makes art very loudly" which I wish I had thought of to use as my business name a long time ago!), and some wonderful ephemera goodies, but also this INCREDIBLE machine stitched and addressed envelope! I just love it. It looked especially beautiful arriving, as it was encased in a clear plastic sleeve with two (very cool) postage stamps on the plastic - it appeared like a sparkly gift package in the midst of the electric and Target bills!

Having artists for friends is so very nice, isn't it?!? They sure brighten the day!


creativelenna said...

oh Tristan, I am so honored you wrote about my mail art and the ATC I did for you as part of colour groupies. So fun!

The quote is from an ARTchix sheet called Her Words, with lots of "she loves this and she does . . . ". Well, when I saw that quote and modified it to "HE makes art . . " by taking away the s in she, I thought it would be perfect for your ATC! I am so glad you love it. Thanks again, what fun to read your reaction!
: ) lenna

Dee Light said...

I'v been wanting to create some Mail Art!! Thanks for sharing. Cool stuff.

Vanessa Greenway said...

Great blog! Great pinkies! Love it all!! Have a wonderful week! :) Vanessa