Friday, February 13, 2009

Wonderful Gift ... and a little thank you

When my friend, Anne, asked me if I was interested in an old atlas to use in some of my art pieces. I said 'of course,' - me turn down vintage ephemera?! - and was expecting a mid-century Rand-McNally soft cover book.

My, my, my! What arrived in the mail was this GORGEOUS early atlas. Very large, very heavy, filled with dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of full color maps, and information pages with illustrations about the areas the maps cover,'s all in there! The hard cover book is kept in a strong chipboard-style slipcover. It's almost too pretty to cut up. Please, note the operative word there being 'almost.'

I decided the first piece I would create from the book had to go to Anne to thank her for this wonderful gift! I used the Egypt maps and a few of the illustrations that went along with it to construct the basis. Then added some transparencies, some of my inevitable beaded fringe and Dresden scrap, a few children's toys based on Egyptian artifacts - oh, and a wonderful hand-coloured image of Theda Bara playing Cleopatra. I don't have to worry about spoiling her surprise before it arrives because she doesn't "do" blogs. So I'll get it off in the mail - and then start thinking about all the other places in the world to inspire mini-theatres!
Today I actually - are you ready?! - ironed a shirt! I haven't ironed a shirt in years...but I'm attending an online "tea" tomorrow - and being dressed for the occasion is mandatory. I even went to the local gallery and had Jon take a picture.

I think I may need a blog intervention.
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