Monday, March 30, 2015

The Great Grand Faery Godmother of all Faery Mini Albums!

I just finished a faery mini-album, and realized I got a little carried away. It's a bit larger than I had planned (in fact, I had to remake the cover to accommodate all the pages!)
Here are some photos of a few of the larger pages in the album

There are also lots of gatefold interactive pages which are just about impossible to photograph, as they each contain close to ten tags/cards/photo mats/etc. So, in order to show folks how the special pages work I made a short little youtube video (boy! talk about something I am not good at!) and you can get a much better idea of the album and how it operates.

If you're interested in seeing more of this album, you can see it in my Zibbets shop at 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So much to do today ...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Portraits of Marie"

Thought I'd share with you what I've been up to lately, since I've been conspicuously absent from Bloglandia the last two weeks. I've been busy creating mini-albums, and having a grand time doing it!

Today, I thought I'd post my "Portraits of Marie" album - though it did keep growing as I went along, and at 7 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 6" deep I think it no longer qualifies as a mini-album. It's just an album.
The cover features a vintage enameled frame with a lot of what-I-think-is-bronze-but-may-not-be decorative work. It holds one of the best known of the formal portraits of the Queen. The rest of the cover is embellished with Petaloo flowers, brass accents and vintage ribbon.
Because I'm never one to leave a space unadorned if there's room for an embellishment, the spine has decorated with tassels of ribbons, chains, faux gems and jewels, really pretty cloisonne beads, and a porcelain headed doll wearing a silver and rhinestone tiara...the perfect bauble for a queen's album, I think!

The inside front cover has several drawings of Marie Antoinette, and is embellished with gold foil filigree doilies, Petaloo flowers, ribbons, and a beautiful Petaloo silk butterfly. The first page has a pocket outlined with rhinestone 'bling' and decorated with die cut ornamental iron work, Petaloo flowers and rhinestones. The page features at the top a lovely crown brooch with lots of faux amethyst jewels in it The drawing of Marie imagines her with wings as a fairy - and both that tag and the gold tag behind it can be used as photo mats or journaling space if desired.

The next page has some luxurious ribbons, layered to create depth and texture and a Petaloo flower. The page is printed with drawings of Marie and the tag, held in place by the ribbon, has embossed and glittered fanciful designs, as well as a cameo of the queen in a charming setting.

The right side features two lift-up flaps (or, as they're called in min-album circles, "waterfalls"). Again, each has been stamped, embossed and glittered in pretty swirls and feathers. There is a large rhinestone pendant hanging from the top waterfall page and the bottom of the page is decorated with an especially lovely piece of ribbon, with a pewter embossing embellishment of Marie Antoinette and more Petaloo flowers.

On the fourth page, there is spark aplenty! It has been completely trimmed in single, double and quadruple rows of golden rhinestones. The tag is an illustration of Marie, out strolling - or probably shopping! - with her parasol. The two corner pockets at the bottom also hold a tag, which I only just noticed is missing. It must be off drying somewhere out of eyesight. I know it's pretty. LOL

The facing page has really stunning paper which doesn't read well in the photos at all. It's quite regal and dignified. The image, again trimmed out in gold rhinestones, is a portrait of 'toinette with two her children. The page is  finished with a delicate piece of gold lace ribbon, topped with a luscious French bombe glacée cake.

The next spread starts with a page completely framed out in gold German scrap ... a fitting tribute to the Austrian princess. The pocket is decorated with another formal portrait of the Queen, ribbons and more gold German scrap. The back ground paper, as well as the tag is a luxurious flocked paper which feels as terrific as it looks. One of her better known formal portraits is on this tag.

The facing page has a pocket trimmed in pleated paper, ribbon with fleur di lis on it and a nice pink and white cameo of a flower and butterfly. The tag is adorned with a vintage metal oversize button with various colored rhinestones and a lavender feather.

The next page uses the elegant stamped, embossed and glittered patterned paper with another quite famous portrait of Marie Antoinette. She is on a hinged (liftable) flap. The embellishment is glittered tulle gathered by a gold German scrap sun and a heavily embossed brass crown.

The facing page has some gorgeous lace on the pocket. I don't believe it's vintage  - but it's definitely high end couture stuff! Another tag with a well-known portrait of Marie embellished with silk seam binding.

The 10th page has an illustration drawing of Marie dancing on a tag which rests against a glittered pattern paper. The jet beading fringe does hang straight down, but when taking photos I had to put the album flat to photograph it, and there was no way to keep them hanging straight!

Next is a whimsical illustration of the Queen which teases her preference for outlandish over-the-top hair design and decorations. It is framed with rhinestones; the pocket has a piece of gathered fabric trimmed with rhinestone edging and a laser cut die cut crown.

The 12th, and final, page has a waterfall of four portraits of drawings of Marie. When the ribbon is untied, each of the individual flaps will lift up. The page is trimmed out with fabric flower trim and ribbons with beaded embellishment.

The inside back cover features another whimsical drawing of the Queen wearing a huge ship in her hair. Her famous words "Let them eat cake" (which she never actually said!) is in the lower corner, surrounded by a plethora of laser cut die cut French pastries and cakes. A delicious way to end the album!

Thank you for visiting - I hope you enjoyed the little tour through "Portraits of Marie." I won't be back again for several days ... I go into surgery tomorrow for knee replacement (Fred Astaire, watch out!), so I'll be incommunicado for a few days.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Winner of "Art Quilting Studio Winter 2015"

 I used the ever-trusty True Random Number Generator to find our winner for the Winter 2015 issue of "Art Quilting Studio" by Somerset & Co.

and the winning number is 9 ... so the winner is
Lenna Young Andrews

 So, Lenna, if you'll get  your snail mail address to me (I don't have you new address), I'll send your name on to the generous folks at Somserset and they'll get your copy right out to you!

Thanks all for playing! And, even if you didn't win the FREE copy, I hope you'll pick up a copy of this publication next you're in a store that carries the Somerset brand magazines. I know you'll enjoy it! go make something beautiful!
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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pink Saturday Sweets!

Where can you go to fulfill your dreams and desires for luscious pink cake and scrumptious pink frostings? There must be a place - somewhere - out there ....

ah...yes, seek and ye shall find all that you crave

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"Portraits of Marie Antoinette" Mini Album Completed

Clicking on any image will take you to a much larger file with more detail visible.
As you know, I'm a sucker for all things French, Parisian, and especial Marie Antoinette. So, it'll be no surprise that my latest mini album (can an album is almost 11" tall be considered a "mini?") is filled with portraits, both formal and gently satirical of one of the most famous monarchs in history.
Her famous "let them eat cake" has been repeated thousands of times - and, like Mae West's "come up and see me sometime," is totally misquoted! The queen never said it.

The front cover features a vintage metal and enamel picture frame, to which I've added a contemporary piece of rhinestone jewelry in the shape of a crown along with fabric and paper flowers and metal, ribbon and pearl embellishments. The image of the queen, somewhat dulled in the photo due to attempting to reduce the glare of the glass, is rich in deep blues, greens and reds.
The spine features ribbons adorned with strands of elegant beads, chains, and a porcelain doll with a rhinestone crown. The ribbons do double duty - not only do they add luxe embellishment to the outside of the album, in addition to epoxy, red-line double stick tape and staples, they help hold the
binding into the cover. The pages were heavy, and I wanted to make sure they weren't going to go ANYWHERE!
The first page spread is the inside front cover, featuring 'toinette in one of her famous hats, as well as a contemporary rendering of her done in digital art by Cassandra at Cassiscreations. I've added gold foil paper doilies, fabric flowers, paper flowers, ribbons and a silk butterfly. The first page has a pocket decorated with a spray of lovely paper flowers and rhinestones, as well as a die cut crown pattern, which holds two tags to either be used as photo mats or enjoyed with the images of Marie. It's finished off with an amethyst rhinestone crown.
The second page spread has a corner ribbon on the left side, embellished with frilled silk and fabric flower, which holds a tag with a charming cameo of Marie Antoinette. The right side features two 'life up' pages (you can see where they are by the gold tassels that lift each page). The main page features a novelty pewter pressing of Marie surrounded by handmade paper flowers. The crystal dangling from the top of the page is a stunner!
The next photo has one of my photo "oops" in it. On the left side, the two diagonal corner pieces are actually a pocket which holds the tag with the portrait of Marie with the umbrella you see in the upper pocket. I'm not quite sure how it got up there. Oh, well. The other tag is a beautiful piece of vintage french letter writing. The entire page is trimmed out in gold rhinestone banding. On the right side page, there is a charming portrait of the queen with the Dauphin and Dauphine. The page is embellished with faux gems, gold lace ribbon, and a yummy looking laser-cut die cut French pastry.
This spread is pretty self explanatory - the trim on the left side page is Dresden Scrap, appropriate with Marie's Austrian heritage - and I love the gold flocked paper that is behind the pocket holding thte tag with her portrait. On the right, the pocket is trimmed with pleated book page paper and black ribbon printed with gold fleur de lis. The jewel in the middle of the tag is of unknown metal to me, and the faux gems are very sparkling in a rainbow of colors.
Ah! I love the colors on this page spread! You can't really tell from the photo, but the red design on the lime green paper is glittered and the red glitter tulle is bunched with a beautiful gold filligree crown. The colors in the portrait of Marie are deep and luscious and rich. The portrait is actually a page that folds open and there is another image inside the page. On the right is a piece of some of the most beautiful lace I've ever seen. I've had a small piece of it for a decade or so, not really knowing what to do with it. Without doubt, it was just right for the Queen of Versailles! This is the same portrait that is on the cover the album, but you can see more of it (on the cover, the vintage mat covers up quite a lot of it). Again, you can't tell from the photo, but the design on this page is also glittered and sparkles quite a lot!
Well, here we go again - another "oops" moment. Because I couldn't photograph the book standing up (it would close up on its own), I had to photograph it while it was laying flat. That is why the vintage jet beading (which is gorgeous!) is laying off to the side - in reality, it falls straight down as fringe is meant to do! This beautiful image of Marie is enhanced with a luxe paper flower and black eyelash trim. Behind the tag is an exceptionally elaborate embroidered and sequinned gold lace embellishment. On the right is a delightful whimsical image of Marie with an exaggerated version of her well-known over-the-top hair stylings. It is trimmed out in rhinestones and the pages is trimmed with silk ruffles, rhinestones and a laser-cut die cut royal crown. The background paper is a beautiful piece of flocked goods.
The final spread has on the right side a waterfall feature - four images of Marie Antoinette which lift so the ones under can be viewed. The page is trimmed in fabric roses, ribbon and pearls. On the right is another satirical view of Marie's famous hair fabrications - this one looks to be about four feet high and features a complete sailing ship! Her (never said) famous quote is at the bottom and the page is trimmed out in various gorgeous renderings of laser-cut die cut French pastries and cakes.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour through my latest creation. I had a lot of fun playing with the images of 'toinette, vintage jewelry and trims and contemporary reproductions.

While you're here, be sure to scroll down and enter the giveaway for a free copy of Somerset & Company's "Art Quit Studio Winter 2015" publication!

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This piece is available in my shop, Enchanted Revelries