Monday, February 2, 2009

Is it possible? ... could it be? ... do my eyes deceive me?...

Is that really truly bright sunshine pouring through the windows into the studio? It's a miracle. It's been so grey and gloomy and unpleasant the past week ... what a treat to have the sun flood the room with natural light! Of course, we can't have the good without some bad - just so we appreciate the good! All that brilliant illumination certainly exposes my need to dust!

I had planned to work on aging paper tags and labels yesterday; however, it was so dark and dreary, I decided to something more fun and upbeat to cheer up the day. I did a mini-theatre which will house Marilyn Monroe singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It's all flash and Hollywood. Lots of pink paper with gold sparkles - and, of course, a plethora of "diamonds!"

The gentlemen are just standing there now, waiting for Marilyn to be installed in her hot pink satin evening gown! The detail shot below shows a lot of the details used, though it doesn't show off the many 'popped' features, making the piece very dimensional.

I also completed a small mini-theatre which is going to house a late 19th century fashion plate illustration as the featured character. This one has some beautiful vintage burgundy beads, and a burgundy velvet background, lots of Dresden scrap and ruffles with beading.
The detail shows my favorite element. A small folded 'fan' circle with a piece of Dresden scrap and a really lovely brass finding/charm of an art nouveau lady. I can't remember where I picked her up - but she fits in perfectly in this piece.
I'm glad I got a lot of work done yesterday, because today is going to be a complete waste. I have to wait for the repair man to come and repair the dishwasher (what a pain when dishwashers decide to expire! Even worse when they're under warranty, because they're in no hurry to get here!). Then I have to run around doing errands that are no fun at all.

However, I did order some luscious supplies from Etsy and Ebay, so maybe I'll have a fun mail day! I always love getting packages in the mail - especially from art supply businesses that specialize in altered arts - they're always wrapped and tied up so prettily! It makes opening the mail like opening gifts - even if you do pay for them yourself!
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