Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink Saturday - February the Twenty-First

If you aren't familiar with Pink Saturday, click on the image to the left to read about it. Although it's fairly self-explanatory. :-) Primarily, it's reserving Saturdays for posting pictures of pink things that we have in our lives.

Frankly, pink isn't my favorite color - so I don't have a lot of pink items to photograph. However, because I make so much art and work with so many crafts that have a vintage or antique aesthetic (especially Marie Antoinette inspired pieces!), I have a lot of pink supplies. So I thought I'd share some of those.

Above is my stack of pink fabrics. I very rarely make 2-or-3 color quilts. Although my work tends to be very organized and planned, it is most often described as "scrap" work. In other words, fabrics of many patterns are used in one piece, rather than a standard 2-color or 3-color pattern. Since I don't use a lot of any one fabric, I rarely have more than two or three yards of any one fabric. After photographing all these fabrics, however, I do think maybe it's time to do an all-pink quilt! Perhaps with a splash of orange and yellow for warmth and color, and a little red for emphasis, and - well, that's how my quilts turn very quickly into scrap work

I love crepe paper. Nothing suggests vintage projects and parties more than crepe paper! I have many many colors - and quite a few different shades of pink. I especially like crepe paper 'fringe' that has been sewn and gathered so that it ruffles up as a trim. It's also nice to use when a piece of seam binding has been sewn down the middle of a long strip of crepe to add color punch and interest. It's amazing what can be done with crepe paper - including making clothing! It used to be a very popular material to use for constructing costumes.
Below are just a few of my many trims and fringes and ribbons that are pink. That long piece of palest pink knotted fringe is over 100 years old. I used to have a fairly long piece of it; this is all that remains. I know that it's going to take a very special piece for me to use up the very end of it!
And what would paper arts and paper crafts be without ... paper!? I have too many pieces of pink paper and cardstock to photograph them all, so I decided to concentrate on only one vendor. These are all my Anna Griffin pink papers that work so well when creating vintage inspired pieces. It wasn't until I started uploading this photo that I realized this is only my pink 12"x12" pieces; I forgot to include all the 12"x14" pieces. Oh, well. Another Saturday!

Such is a sampling of my pink supplies. I didn't include things like all my pink threads, pink glitters, pink embossing powders, pink ink pads, pink silk flowers, pink rhinestones and beads, pink....

Maybe I don't dislike pink as much as I thought I did. I do seem to work quite a lot with it! It reminds me of when I thought that I didn't particularly care for yellow or orange - until I realized that almost every one of my art quilts has yellow and orange in it. Now I know that they are really my favorite colors to work with!

Maybe I'll have to add pink to the list!

Thanks, Beverly, for including me in this fun event!
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