Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Dirtiest Pom in New Haven

It's okay. Tell the truth. Have you ever seen such a dirty dog? He thinks that licking me is going to be enough to keep from tossing him into the shower. Good luck on that Dusty. It's been raining, freezing, melting, snowing, melting, raining - and the world here is one big mud hole. Now, though Dusty acts as if he's royalty in the house, outside he's a common street mutt. He loves mud puddles and dirty piles of salt and ice and is especially fond of mounds of mud that always seem to fall from the sky this time of the year but completely disappear by May. I'm convinced it's either global warning, aliens interfering, or some kind of government cover-up. Now excuse me while I get my tin foil hat.

Speaking of hats ...

really ... Could I add anything to it besides "it existed?" Well, I guess I could say I hope it still exists somewhere, because anything so strong to defy gravity deserves to live forever!

Now, for my last incredible find of the day. Cecil Beaton (the incredible photographer/designer/costumer extraordinaire) always had such a fanciful outlook on life. I mean, could the person who designed the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady or the costumes for Barbra Streisand in On A Clear Day have not needed a reality check?! So it's no surprise that he designed a bed for himself which I would gladly give an insignificant body part to own (a toe, perhaps? a small one?).
Now, I more than likely could never live up to the acrobatics and hijinks that such an enchanted, magical and unbelievable bed rather requires. But - if somebody would just let me have that bed, I'd practice. Much more than I ever practiced the piano as a child. I promise!

Speaking of needing a reality check. I've been working a bit more on the Day at the Beach mini theatre today. I believe I've finished the base - it has lots of shells and starfish - and really - is anything complete without a little Dresden scrap and German glass glitter. Then I hung the gilded 'fishnet' as drapers on either side of the proscenium - which now boasts tiny seahorses. I don't think any underwaterscape in reality would look anything like this. But, as far as I'm concerned, it's the way it should look!

Now ... off to do something about that ratty, dirty, irrascable dog ...

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥
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