Monday, February 23, 2009

Back In the Saddle Again

Wow. I haven't posted since Pink Saturday - it's not like me to stay away for so long! But I had a busy weekend watching movies, and reading trashy novels about serial killers, and taking long naps. I also went to well over 100 (fabulous!) blogs which are written by those who participate in Pink Saturday. I was determined to make it to each and every one - and, unless I slipped somewhere, I did just that!

This photo of Myrna Loy got me back in the creating mood today. If some hairdresser could take the time and effort to put together that 'do, knowing that it would disappear at the first sign of a raindrop or hat or breeze, I certainly should be able to get out of my slump! This was obviously well before the blow-dry-and-toss-the-hair days!
First today, I have to share with you "Elegant Rusalka with Offering of Tiny Fruit" by artist Bernadette Ostrozovich of Artifacts. Rusalka just knocks me out. I think she's gorgeous. Be sure to click on both images and see the detail work and clever use of found objects. Ingenious - and absolutely marvelous! Be sure to visit her blog and see some of her other work. She is one of my favorite found-objects artists. The photos of what she has done to her home are simply amazing. Her home is one big breathtaking and wondrous work of art.

On the Marie Antoinette Mail Group, I was part of a swap of toy theatres with a Marie Antoinette theme - naturally! I received mine from Rebecca, who also has a wonderful blog. It's a delightful confection of crepe paper and Dresden scrap and lace and vintage images ... and it's all created inside a book. As always, if you click on the photo, the image will enlarge so you can get a better look. It's adorable and I love it. It's still sitting on my work table where I can enjoy it while I'm working, so it still hasn't found its permanent home yet!
I've also started a piece for a submission call requiring the theme "A Day at the Beach" to be apropos to the piece. I'm creating ... surprise! LOL - a mini-theatre. It's only about 1/4 done. I've done the second story, and am just beginning to start on the main level and the 'basement.' I'm using a lot of my own art paper that I make, as well as Dresden scrap, vintage images, some Angelina fiber, copper foiling, vintage crepe paper, sea shells, bead-and-shell trim, gold buillion and micro-beads. If you click on the second image, you can get a fairly clear idea of what the very top shelf looks like. It still has a long way to go! I'm fairly certain there's going to be a mermaid central character in this theatre - but I haven't decided if I'm going to use a (my favorite) 2 dimensional image or actually create a mermaid character from an antique china pincushion doll I won on eBay. Decisions, decisions, decisions! LOL

Next on the agenda was the creation of a 10 page accordian book themed "Let Them Eat Cake"
Guess where that swap is taking place? If you love Marie Antoinette themed art work, be sure to click the image and take a look around!
This is the front of the book. It's quite small - standard ATC size for each page (2 1/2" x 3 1/2"). I couldn't seem to get a photo which didn't glare on the title - but it says - guess what??? - right! "Let Them Eat Cake!"
This is the 'back' side of the accordian. The blank card on the far left is the reverse side of the cover. I will wait to see who I am paired with to turn this page into a signature page for them. I went back and forth between cake images, Marie Antoinette images, and general "French" themes.
And this is the front side of the book. The fun "drawing" of Marie and the courtier and Versailles and Paris, etc. is from a post that was made by Rhonda at RhondaMum on her All Things French - Book post. I couldn't resist it. It's so clever - and I love children's books!

Well, that was a long rambling post ... that's what I get for taking blog time off for three days! Now it's time to walk the dog, fix a little dinner, and get ready for one of my weekly addictions: Kyra Sedgewick and "The Closer." I'm a pretty cheap date, huh!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by - and please visit some of the blogs I've written about today - you will enjoy your time, I almost guarantee!

Now - go make something nice!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥


bernadette ostrozovich said...

well mister, when you come back, you come back! i cannot tell you how touched and appreciative i am of your kind, kind inclusion of my piece on your blog. you just make me feel like an empress. maybe i need to copy myrna's do. she is one of my absolute heroines anyway! i am a fiend for all of the thin man movies especially! love the new theatre, you are one of my favorite colorists, y'know.. am just too toasted to really look at everything else just now. have had a challenging week and am just home from teaching. want crispy cremes and sofa! thank you sincerely, tristan.

robin dudley-howes said...

Oh boy...another great blog to follow. I found you via Marilyn Radzat.... I am in love with your shrines!! Fly on over to my nest next when you get a moment.

Glennis said...

Oh, wow. That photo of Myrna Loy is fantastic. I don't really know her work, I just know she was Nora to William Powell's Nick in "The Thin Man," and she was so elegant and soigne!

I really enjoyed your comments on my Pink Saturday post, and I enjoyed reading the wonderful comments you made on other people's blogs as I tour around the list.

I will make your blog a regular stop on my visiting list.!

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello there!! WOW, I am NEVER disappointed when I stop by here! I just LOVE your work and your blog is so interesting!!! I also wanted to let you know, your comment cheered me up!! It's not only funny, but I had been feeling bad about all the shopping and you just gave me alittle giggle!! So I wanted to say thanks!!! Now, I'm off to explore more of your world!!!

Cassandra said...

I just love your little ATC album! So very cute!

Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

Tristan that is tres beaute! I love this accordion book! And it is so sweet that you bragged on my theater! I am glad you love it.
That Summer Beach theater is glorious too! My fingers are itching to get busy on another theater for fun! Rebecca

peggy gatto said...

Long, rambling and.....LOVELY!!!

Rhondamum said...

Now why am I not surprised that your accordion book is so gorgeous? I really love the cover. It just looks rich and the black is just too yummy! KWIM? Hope you have a great weekend! R...

Susie Jefferson said...

Simply stunning - I adore it! Well done.

Becs said...

Tristan, I love it! BEcs