Friday, February 13, 2009

Goodspeed Opera House Toy Theatre ... and disappointment

Isn't this a lovely toy theatre! I was so excited to see it on a blog. We live very near the Goodspeed Opera House and have season tickets to their musicals (they don't actually do opera - they produce American musical theatre classics and occasionally produce a new show that makes it to Broadway. Past successes include Annie and Man of laMancha among others). It is amazing the work they produce on a very very small stage. We recently saw a production of The Boyfriend (directed by Julie Andrews, herself - who we got to meet because we're members of the theatre - how fun that was!) and the amount of tap dancing was just awesome.

Anyway. What makes this an extra special theatre for me is that it's a "sister" theatre - actually a TWIN sister theatre - of The Earlville Opera House in upstate New York where I directed almost 2 dozen shows over the years I lived there...and performed in a couple as well! This place has the greatest memories for me - not only artistically and creatively, but I met some of my absolute best friends in the world there. The most amazing thing to me about these theatres is not their (exquisite) woodworking or rounded balconies or wonderful side boxes or delightful raked stages ... but the fact that they are built on the second floor of the buildings they occupy! The Goodspeed first floor is still part of the theatre - it houses their gift shop, box office, and lobby; but, the Earlville Opera House actually sits over a grocery, a hardware store, a gift shop, a real estate office and an art gallery! It's always such a delight to walk into that tiny little unassuming door, go up that long expanse of stairs and voila! there it is - a high Victorian jewel box of a theatre right in front of you!

So, as I said, the Goodspeed is very special to me - in addition to being a first rate theatre producing first rate regional musical theatre (and, yes, mother, there is a great distinction between regional and community theatre).

When I saw this paper theatre of the Goodspeed I was so excited - and then absolutely blown away because the person who made it listed the site which had the FREE pieces and parts of the theatre for download!

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that I am unable to download the zoomed 100% images to print! For some reason, I can only get the very very small thumbnails to print (and though I want a miniature theatre, I don't think that one 2"x1"x 1/2" isn't really what I had in mind). It must be an iMac 'thing' - usually my mac is the best for doing any kind of image work. But in this instance, I have a feeling THAT'S what is keeping me from downloading the correct size sheets. And it's only 13 of them! I even went out and bought the perfect snow white heavy weight printing card stock so that it would have the right stability.

Oh, well. Excuse this long post about not much of anything. Except my frustration of course. Doesn't happen often to me - but when it does, it gobsmacks me!

However, in spite of my disappointment of the toy theatre - I am happy to welcome my 32nd follower - welcome! And, trust me, these little rant posts rarely happen. This may even be the first ever!

Maybe it's just Friday the 13th rearing its head!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Tristan, I will see if I can get them to download and print for you.
If I forget---remind me. I'm brainfarting today---lost a family member and just worn out otherwise.
So this would be a good project.
If you don't want me to do it, pop me an e-mail.

Latharia said...

I was just going to try and download them for you, too. If Anne can't do it, please contact me. It's the least I can do for winning the little bon-bon you wanted so much! :D

Ulla said...

Tristan! If you drag the images onto your desktop and then try printing them - they should come up to a decent size... Lovely project, I just adore paper theaters like this! Have you seen this blog?
One of my favorites when it comes to vintage paper theaters!
Happy Valentines day!

vintagepaletteart said...

Hi Tristan! Thank you for stopping by my blog to see the pics of Wendy's studio and theatre of dreams. Your little egyptian theatre is gorgeous! Your atlas is amazing! What a gift! Lucky, lucky you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...


I love these theaters, they are works of art, so much detail...

~ Gabriela ~

Glennis said...

Lovely - such cool toy theatres. And Goodspeed has done some great work.

But I have to say - theatres on the second floor? Helluva lousy load-in!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tristan - I work at Goodspeed, and we have the printed version of this - beautiful color on thick paper stock. drop a line to and we can see about getting one to you.