Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Could the day be over so quickly?!

Well, maybe not completely over ... but it's difficult to believe that it's almost 4:00 in the afternoon! I've been so busy today! Lots of paper work to get done - and not the fun kind of paper work either. The kind with pens and figures and going into envelopes for the accountant. But I did have time to finish a piece that I started yesterday. This mini-theatre is based on A Midsummer Night's Dream, which has always been my favorite Shakespearean play ... it may not be as intellectual or erudite as Henry V or Julius Caesar or King Lear, but it's still my favorite! This is a fairly small piece - 14"tall by 4"wide x 2"deep. As always, click on the photos to get an enlarged view!
The above photo is of the upper level and shows the Dresden scrap, rhinestones, shredded paper, organza, vintage moon image and German glass glittered pennants.
This photo shows the lower level. I used Tom Tierney's paper dolls of Titania, the Queen of the Faeries, and her Court. The photo also shows the handrolled crepe flowers, the German glass glittered paper drapery swags, and the crystal and quartz chips used on the ground. I love the columns which are covered in micro-beads and wrapped with silk ribbon.

I love that piece of paper used on the bottom. I get asked a lot about how I make that paper, so perhaps one day I'll have to work out a tutorial on it.

I got some good mail today! I received my new postcards and business cards ... the business cards are simply a small piece of the painting used as the postcard. I purchased them from Vintage Bella on Etsy, and I'm really happy with them! They're beautiful, the quality is first class, the price was very good, and the delivery was amazingly quick for a custom order. Visit Vintage Bella for some lovely items - and for really good deals on custom printing!

Enjoy your evening. Okay. I'll 'fess up...I'll be watching American Idol, which is on for two hours tonight, and taping Criminal Minds, and watching Damages at 10. I'm such a television slug!


Gail Lackey said...

Wow! Your theater is Awsome!! Love the idea and of course the theme is a favorite of mine! Your new cards are waay cool! I'll have to check out the site!
Happy hauntings, Gail

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your blog is So Fabulous! I have loved visiting it this evening and I will return. And I love the valentine your friend Peggy gave you. Happy Day! Katie

DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

breathtaking work! what a treat for the eyes and soul!!

Anonymous said...

I love the theater, and this diminutive version is even more so grand. Beautiful work!