Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a Gorgeous Weekend! ... and My Newest Mini-Theatre

What a glorious weekend, huh?! It was over 50 today and clear and wonderful. I took the dog to his favorite dog walking park - Edgerton Park on the other side of town. What a mistake. Usually Dusty is kind of a champagne color. He came home grey and dark brown with rusty dried leaves clinging to his wet and matted coat. Lovely. N0 - really - lovely. I guess just because it felt like Spring didn't mean I should have started acting as if it were Spring! Still, it was so nice to be outside without a stocking and gloves and shivering every step of the way. It was so nice to be able to be bare-headed-and-handed and only wearing a light coat, half-jogging around the park circular walkways. Just wonderful. And, of course, Dusty was in Seventh Doggy Heaven, out rolling in the mud and puddled snow and salt broth that was pooling everywhere, along with the piles of left over leaves from last Autumn and who-knows-what else! You'd think he would understand he's supposed to look nice. That's what all that hair is for, after all!

I finished a Marie Antoinette mini-theatre today - actually, the largest I've ever made, except for custom orders. It's almost 24"tall x 10"wide x 6" deep. I used lots of embellishments - vintage milinery roses, silk leaves, bead fringe, silk ribbon rosettes, Dresden scrap, lovely images of Marie Antoinette and the Neuschwanstein Castle. There is also a lot of Florentine gold ultra fine German glass glitter. I love the way the stuff shimmers rather than sparkles like regular glitter. All in all, I think it looks quite lavish and lush and extravagant ... very fitting for 'Toinette!

Between the warm weather, lots of fun movies on TCM and HBO and Showtime this weekend, my miserable cold finally abating somewhat, and getting this mini-theatre assembled and completed, I feel as if I've had a wonderful and productive weekend. Hope you did, as well!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This mini theater is absolutely exceptional!
I LOVE IT! (and strictly speaking, I'm not a theater person, more the mosh pit type.....)
The color, the detail, the fine work....this is just the best. You have done WONDERFUL WORK here!!!! And I completely envy the antique millinery supplies........

bernadette ostrozovich said...

oooh tristan! this is my favorite theatre to date! i absolutely love your color sense. the scale, texture and materials themselves are smart and lovely as well! you make me happy every day and i thank you! doggies and kitties in the mud! here, too and i love it! feels like the cavalry's arrived in the nick of time! edith sounds particularly lusty and fine today!

Tristan Robin said...

thank you, ladies!

I always know I can count on you two to make my day start out well!

Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

This is so lovely! I love the sparkly castle in the back ground!