Saturday, January 31, 2009

Twenty Five Random Things About Myself

I was tagged with this meme on Facebook, but I thought I would also post it here. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

The directions are quite simple: Post 25 random facts about yourself, and tell everybody who reads it they are 'tagged' and should also post the Random 25 about themselves on their blog.

1. I was born in Alaska.

2. My mother was a showgirl in Las Vegas before getting married.

3. I received my first pay check at the age of six, when I appeared as a "child of Dogpatch" with Peter Palmer and Julie Newmar in the St. Louis Municipal Opera Company's production of "Li'l Abner" in St. Louis Missouri.

4. I attended boarding school from first to eleventh grade.

5. I single-handedly got our dress and hair requirements changed at my school when I was in the seventh grade. It's a long story, but involved a Greyhound bus ride and the state police from three states.

6. For a brief period in the mid 1970's I was quite sure I was really David Bowie. Or maybe just Ziggie Stardust. Whichever, I was quite sure I was fabulous.

7. I was a singer in the group "Ruby Suckle and Her Scarlett Nipples" (I was the nipple on the stage left side). We did a lot of gigs until Bette Midler stole our trashy flashy nostalgia rock and rock act. Just kidding. Sorta.

8. I hated musical theatre because I thought it was brain dead tripe for the bourgeois. I changed my mind during grad school, and since have either directed or appeared in over 100 musicals.

9. I was in the original Off-Broadway revival of "Jack, or the Submission" playing Jack in the nude for over one hour. I was also panned royally by the magazine After Dark. I canceled my subscription.

10. During the time I directed high school plays, I was lucky enough to work with some of the most talented high school students anywhere.

11. I became a quilt artist by complete accident - and when I made my first quilt it wasn't really meant to be a quilt. I had never heard of art quilts and thought that quilt was an old fashioned name for 'bedspread.'

12. I appeared on the closing season of HGTV's "Simply Quilts."

13. I used to be 100% against gay marriage - and now am 110% in favor of it.

14. I used to be liberal politically - now I'm uber-Liberal.

15. Of all the places I've traveled, Paris is my all-time favorite.

16. Other than my spouse, all my best friends live in other states - and I miss them terribly.

17. I'm addicted to trashy novels about serial killers.

18. If I could do any play in the world it would be a stage version of the film "Valley of the Dolls" using a gender bending cast.

19. I've become more discrete about my political and religious allegiances.

20. I am with my dog almost every minute of the day.

21. My favorite food is sushi.

22. My favorite colors are purple, gold, and black.

23. I skipped two grades in grade school

24. I got married on Christmas eve.

25. My goal in life is to spend what is left of my life making art, making theatre, making a home, and making love.

I figure my parents had so much to do with my successes (and failures! LOL) in life, that I decided to post their photos and the beginning and end of this post.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Tristan, do you have a pic of your mom dressed in her showgirl outfit?
Vegas! WOW! Back when it was REALLY Vegas and not a vacation to take kids to....don't get me wrong.... ;)
Quite interesting info!

Tristan Robin said...

Unfortunately, I don't.
My sister and I have tried to get one (or more LOL) out of her for years.
She's very protective of them.
I'll just have to wait until she can't say no any more LOL (hopefully that will be many years from now).
However, somewhere I have a fabulous photo of her in off-state showgirl wear - a pale pink suit with fox fur on the collar of the coat and the hem of the coat and sleeves.
She also had a white-blonde french twist and high pink heels.
She had a little bit of that Tippi Hedren thing going on LOL.

Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

Wow! You mom is beautiful!
and HA Ha! on your comment! Work on if! I think we will have to agree to disagree..I grew up in Indiana..being right wing is embedded in the DNA! I like you anyway tho! Even if you don't cherish George W. Bush, Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar

Pam @ Frippery said...

Tristan, I love Marilyn and diamonds really are One of a girl's best friends. I keep my politics close to my heart because I really hate political disagreements, you can't have any real effect on someone's core beliefs, nor should you. My daughter was on the varsity set design team for her high school and they were nominated for a Cappie for Miracle Worker (all white sets, three levels and a video screen). The people involved in high school theater truly are talented. I am a dog lover as well and my son has dreads to his waist so I can relate to the hair thing. (He is in his third year of a double major in neuroscience and biology) funny how people can judge outward appearance without knowing what's going on inside. I am really enjoying your blog. I'll post your meme with a link one day next week. Pam P.S. Your mother is stunning.

Gerrie said...

I loved this list - the most interesting one I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting you 25. Well, you certainly have led an interesting life from the moment you were born. I love your life and thanks for sharing it with us. Oh, what kind of dog do you spend all of your time with!?
Figure I'll never get back to the east coast in my life, but spending a few hours with you sure would be wonderful. Have fun with Peggy....I'd love to meet her, too! All my best,

Tristan Robin said...

I know - how much fun will it be to meet Peggy?!

My dog, Dusty, is a Pomeranian.

On another blog entry, I put a picture of His Royal Highness LOL.

Rosemary said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway.
Nice to meet you. Love your mini theatres.
Visit again sometime,

Ulla said...

You are 'fabulous'! LOL, what a fantastic list! Love all the theatrics and the pix of your parents are wonderful!

ceecee said...

Really fun to read about your very interesting and eclectic life! Fabulous!

creativelenna said...

usually I don't go for these kind of things . . . but I truly loved learning more about you - tre' cool! Perhaps I will think of 25 unusual things myself! xo lenna

As Seen Thru My Eyes said...

I am really happy to meet you, Tristan
I so enjoyed reading your 25 things about yourself.
And your mini-theaters are just wonderful.
I'm adding your blog to my favorites list right now!

Ayala Levinger said...

You didn't say how old you were:-)))
I don't even remember how I got here but after reading for a while I was looking to know more about you and with this post I think I know more about you but want to know more! I will read further tomorrow:-P
good night

Laura Venosa Verbena said...

wow you are an amazing man!!! I found you via images looking for something, read this & was amazed an then when I looked at your picture I said oh wow I know this face this person from facebook!!! So nice to have landed here. xo Laura