Saturday, January 31, 2009

Twenty Five Random Things About Myself

I was tagged with this meme on Facebook, but I thought I would also post it here. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

The directions are quite simple: Post 25 random facts about yourself, and tell everybody who reads it they are 'tagged' and should also post the Random 25 about themselves on their blog.

1. I was born in Alaska.

2. My mother was a showgirl in Las Vegas before getting married.

3. I received my first pay check at the age of six, when I appeared as a "child of Dogpatch" with Peter Palmer and Julie Newmar in the St. Louis Municipal Opera Company's production of "Li'l Abner" in St. Louis Missouri.

4. I attended boarding school from first to eleventh grade.

5. I single-handedly got our dress and hair requirements changed at my school when I was in the seventh grade. It's a long story, but involved a Greyhound bus ride and the state police from three states.

6. For a brief period in the mid 1970's I was quite sure I was really David Bowie. Or maybe just Ziggie Stardust. Whichever, I was quite sure I was fabulous.

7. I was a singer in the group "Ruby Suckle and Her Scarlett Nipples" (I was the nipple on the stage left side). We did a lot of gigs until Bette Midler stole our trashy flashy nostalgia rock and rock act. Just kidding. Sorta.

8. I hated musical theatre because I thought it was brain dead tripe for the bourgeois. I changed my mind during grad school, and since have either directed or appeared in over 100 musicals.

9. I was in the original Off-Broadway revival of "Jack, or the Submission" playing Jack in the nude for over one hour. I was also panned royally by the magazine After Dark. I canceled my subscription.

10. During the time I directed high school plays, I was lucky enough to work with some of the most talented high school students anywhere.

11. I became a quilt artist by complete accident - and when I made my first quilt it wasn't really meant to be a quilt. I had never heard of art quilts and thought that quilt was an old fashioned name for 'bedspread.'

12. I appeared on the closing season of HGTV's "Simply Quilts."

13. I used to be 100% against gay marriage - and now am 110% in favor of it.

14. I used to be liberal politically - now I'm uber-Liberal.

15. Of all the places I've traveled, Paris is my all-time favorite.

16. Other than my spouse, all my best friends live in other states - and I miss them terribly.

17. I'm addicted to trashy novels about serial killers.

18. If I could do any play in the world it would be a stage version of the film "Valley of the Dolls" using a gender bending cast.

19. I've become more discrete about my political and religious allegiances.

20. I am with my dog almost every minute of the day.

21. My favorite food is sushi.

22. My favorite colors are purple, gold, and black.

23. I skipped two grades in grade school

24. I got married on Christmas eve.

25. My goal in life is to spend what is left of my life making art, making theatre, making a home, and making love.

I figure my parents had so much to do with my successes (and failures! LOL) in life, that I decided to post their photos and the beginning and end of this post.

Enjoy your weekend!

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