Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flea Market Friday

...and it's here ...
Okay. So we're not actually at the Paris Flea Market ... but we can pretend, right?!
I love the flea markets in and around Paris. They are always overflowing with the most wonderful array of treasures and curiosities - art; romantic vintage memories; shabby chic designs; second hand books and magazines; new items to paw through, searching for the perfect treasures to use in your art or display in your home. I firmly believe, if you can't find it in the Paris Flea Markets, you don't really need it!

As this is my first week participating in Flea Market Friday, I decided to offer items of varying categories. And, as my first week special, I'm offering free shipping on every item! That's a deal, right!

So, shall we start wandering and poking through the flea market? Remember! Whenever something strikes your fancy, click on the picture for a large image and better look. Let's go!

This mixed media collage is on a 9" x 12" canvas ... the total measurement, including the gorgeous vintage glass beaded fringe is 12" x 12". I wanted you to be able to see the composition, so this photo is take head on. However, it's quite shimmery, and the flash created a glare I was simply unable to eliminate; therefore, the next two photos were taken from the side, in order to get photos without the flash glare. The side views also give a peek at the lovely vintage mauve velvet and gold cord trim that frames out the piece.

The materials used include vintage images, trimmings, three inch antique glass beaded fringe, Dresden scrap, mica, transparencies, sequin scrap, vintage jewelry, Victorian die-cuts, silk flower, porcelain doll face, vintage advertisements, and vintage and reproduction papers.

The long glass straws at the bottom of the fringe are actually a more transparent gold color than they appear in these photos. As they are semi-transparent, the pink wall behind them changes the coloring in the photo.

The price of this piece is $175. However, today only, in honor of Flea Market Friday, it is available at half price. Today it is $85. Tomorrow it will go into my Etsy shop at full price plus shipping, and this post will disappear.

Oh! There's some lovely shabby chic treasures! This vintage inspired tussie mussie/display gift cone is 7" high - 14" if you include the bottom tassel ribbons and the hanging ribbon. It's perfect to give as a gift, as a container for a special gift - or a gift for yourself!
The cone is has a strong papier mache base, and is embellished with lovely papers that have been dusted with diamond German glass glitter, vintage crepe paper fringes, ruffles and pleats, reclaimed velvet roses, gold Dresden scrap and a vintage German scrap cherub, gold bullion, silk ribbons and velvet ribbon.

The piece is $20. There are also other pieces available in my Etsy store. Please note, the pieces in my Etsy store are not part of the free shipping offer.

This is a selection of new art bits and bobs from Eco-Africa. Click on the image to get a better idea of the items included. First there are six double tassels, for a total of 12. There are hand-made paper embellishments, All the items, with the exception of the tassels, collected from nature and are Acid-Free, Tree-Free - Lignin Free and pH Neutral. The paper straw beads are wonderful - very exotic. I've used many of these in my work when I'm looking for the right touch to make something have that special African look. There is also sisal cord and a few shaped metal embellishments made from reclaimed wire.

There are 13 packages, retail prices ranging from 2.99 to 8.99. I am offering two identical lots of 13 packages selling for $20 each. If you would like both lots, I will sell them both for $35. Just as a special teaser: I have quite a few odds and ends of these packages which I will include in your purchase! You can probably count on almost double the amount of merchandise in your delivery!

And, finally, several lots of back issues of magazines.

This is 3 issues of Quilting Arts. This group includes 2008 issues December/January, February/March, June/July. The price for all three magazines is $12 with free shipping. Sorry, but free shipping for magazines is only available within the continental U.S.

This group is all four 2006 issues of Quilting Arts: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The price for all is $16, with free shipping. Sorry, but free shipping for magazines is only available within the continental U.S.

This group of 2007 Quilting Arts magazines includes issues February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November. The price of the five back issues is $20 with free shipping. Please note, free shipping is available only within the continental U.S.

This lot is for four back issues of (the fabulous!) Cloth, Paper, Scissors, 2007, issues March/April, July/August, September/October, November/December. The price for all four issues is $16 with free shipping. Sorry, but free shipping for magazines is only available within the continental U.S.

This is a selection of five back issues. Four are 2007 issues of the popular Somerset Studio and one 2008. They are issues 2007: May/June, July/August, September/October, and January/February 2008. These retail at $8 each. There is one copy of 2007 Stampington Inspiration magazine, retailing at $7. The price for all five magazines is $19.50 with free shipping. Please note, free shipping is only available in the continental U.S. SOLD

Well, these are my offerings for Flea Market Friday this week. I hope you enjoyed your stroll through the offerings! - and perhaps found something that you felt would enrich your life! If you are interested in anything, please email me at and I will give you the PayPal details to make payment and send delivery instructions.

Enjoy the other shops participating in Flea Market Friday ... and be sure to come back and visit next week!


Lici de Souza said...

Wow, OMGoodness. I love your collage!!

bernadette ostrozovich said...

every time i see a new tristan piece it becomes my favorite! the collage is splendid! i am off to look at your quilts again. i wish you a fabulous flea market friday!!!

Sandy said...

Love the finished tussie mussie. I just finished a pendant I'm calling Tussie Mussie this morning so finding yours was so much fun.