Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yesterday I joined a toy theatre swap on

a new group I just joined (If you're also a Marie Antoinette fan, and make art using her image, click on the above image and look around!)

I worked yesterday afternoon and evening and finished up some detail this morning on my entry for the swap. I had fun - it's a little smaller than I usually work - approximately 10" tall - and my big clumsy fingers have a little trouble working around those teensy tiny folded paper fan circles. Again, I used a Tom Tierney paper doll as the character image.

I'm thinking it's probably finished. I may add a couple of feathers do her headdress and maybe some sparkles on her 'jewels' ... but I always get nervous adding at this point. If I mess it up with something inconsequential, I get really ticked off at myself.
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