Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Appointments, Cell Phones and a New Mini-Theatre

What a long day! We woke up here in New Haven to over five inches of snow. That isn't really that much snow - but in this city it brings everything to a standstill! All the schools were closed and everything else either ran late or was canceled. Except for my dental appointment, which I decided to trudge through the snow to get to, rather than attempt to drive there. I must admit, one of the terrific things about living in the city is the ability to actually walk when driving seems impossible!

Of course, as the day wore on, the snow stopped and temperature raised just enough to cause deep puddles everywhere and turned all the snow into inches of icy slush. ych. After I took the dog for his final walk tonight, my shoes, socks, pants, everything, was soaked. So, I took it all and put it through the washing machine. It wasn't until I put things into the dryer that I found my cell phone which I carry in my pants when I'm out walking. It's not happy. Not at all. I'm going to hope that it can dry out and will work tomorrow, but I have a pretty fair idea that instead of staying warm and making art I'll be out buying a new cell phone. Well, maybe I'll get a cooler one this time - I've never been happy with the camera on my phone. LOL

This is a pretty large sized mini-theatre that I worked on today. I'm not crazy about it, and it will probably be dismantled for parts. However, one part of it really turned me on. I love the top pale pale green color with the metallic gold accents. I'm thinking perhaps a very pale and gold theatre might be next up. I tend to work in dark and more saturated jewel tones...but there is something about this very light look that is appealing to me. Maybe it's just because it's so dark and gray and gloomy outdoors these days!

I think I will now go straighten up my studio a bit and get ready for "Damages" ... it's always fun to see what kind of mischief Glenn Close gets into each week!
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