Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here is Dusty, enjoying the first big snow storm of 2009. It had only just started snowing, so he was still able to get around fairly the morning, he was unable to do much more than do rabbit-like leaps through the snow to get from one place to another.

He loves it.

Of course, he also likes being snuggled up cozily on his own throne of pillows and staying worm. He finds it quite easy to boss us around from this position. And he has no problem letting us know what he it a toy, a treat, or to inform us that somewhere on earth a squirrel has breathed and that he heard it and that he needed to let us know that he was protecting us from it.


Dawn Marie said...

adorable! I love this dog!

Your blog is very different, I for one have not seen a man have a blog yet especially in the creation arena! You have so many different things...very unique!

Annie said...

Dusty is definitely a true snickie! That's what I call all my dogs. Not just any old dog can earn the title of Snickie! It is truly a revered position, and a dog has to do some pretty unique things to win this coveted title! Peace and many blessings, Annie

creativelenna said...

What a great post about Dusty - I love it : ) Chloe likes to swim in the snow! : )lenna