Sunday, January 11, 2009

I found this chair/litter/sled/sleigh/amazing thing on the wonderful blog A Thousand Clapping Hands.

There is much to love about this piece - the creamy tufted upholstery; the lovely shade of green; the detailed and lush painting; the exquisite dare-I-say-perfect silhouette; but most of, the utilitarian pupose!

Yes, indeed, some lucky person in Russia got to sit in this and get pushed across the ice and over the snow, keeping all bundled up and cozy in the confines of all that lavish (what looks like) silk brocade fabric!

Perhaps I'm finding this most attractive today because it would be wonderful to have Jon push me across the drifts in Wooster Square in this while I walk Dusty.

Who am I kidding? I would be pushing Dusty around in it. Without question, he's the most royal thing that lives at 293! And he never lets us forget it for a moment!

Maybe I'll have to made do with watching "Doctor Zhivago" this afternoon.
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