Friday, January 9, 2009

So Much Mess In So Little Time!

I'm not exactly sure how it happened. I was just going to finish up a few ATC's for swaps that are due. Then I decided to make a small matchbox ornament (already thinking about little treasures for the holiday season of '09!). Then I made a little round papier mache box and decided to paint it gold. Voila! The entire studio is torn apart and there is so much stuff that I have to clean up before I can start working! It looks as if a horde of angry gnomes got into my art stuff and decided to teach me a lesson - about what I'm not really sure!

How does it happen? In almost all areas of my life I tend to be a neat and orderly person - but once I get in the art zone, I don't even pretend to care about putting away supplies or tools after I use them! It's hard to believe that I'm the same person who gets itchy if somebody doesn't put their teaspoon on their saucer, or refuses to put a plate under the spatula being used in the kitchen!

Oh, well. No sense in pondering this dichotomy of personality and just chalk it up to my Gemini birth!

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