Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Retro Danger, Regal Residence, Awards, and Home Furnishings Emergency

Ah OH!
Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
Beware of impending contest ahead!

It's yet another - and the last one for a while! - contest! These photos were posted on another blog, and I was gobsmacked when I discovered who owned this royal and regal retreat! I can't credit the original blog right now, because the answer is there. But, I will credit the original post after the prize has been won. I'll announce the winner as soon as somebody guesses correctly.

Who owns and lives in this home?

Trust me here, the answer is not Tristan - though, indeed, if fate had been more kind in the past ....

I believe I should be reclining and reading my novel of the weekend on this exquisite chaise! I genuinely don't believe the real owner and dweller in this home appreciates it as I would!

And you would all be invited to come have a seat, and a martini, and just the lightest of chat, so that you wouldn't be distracted in your oohing and ahhing.

Seriously, check out this chair!

Ah, how I love the subtlety of simple drapes and unadorned walls.
Okay. So this room should belong to me ... it's the room where I should live and spend my days - and nights. But it's not. And when I was told who did reside here, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Okay, one of those concrete lawn ornaments feathers, but still...

Who do YOU think owns and lives here? The winning answer will received two wonderful books on making your home more beautiful. I have a copy of the "Soft Furnishings" book, and it really is a terrific tutorial on making lavish pillows, draperies, etc. And I learned how to make a slip cover for my sofa from this book. I learned how. I didn't actually do it. I felt that perhaps, in this case, a little knowledge was a dangerous thing. I thought that this book was an appropriate prize for an interior design guessing question. The other book "Home Decorating Solutions" is a just that. Fun, easy to follow directions and some clever ideas.

So - ladies and gentlemen - line up and place your answers in the comment section of this post!

I received this charming award from Becs at Rebecca Rose Designs.
If you have never been to Becs blog, please take a moment to check it out! Thanks so much!, Becs - I'm touched that you thought of me. Of course, some just think I'm touched - or is that teched?

Danger, Again, Will Robinson! Danger! Home Furnishings Needing Repair Ahead! Danger!

This is one of my favorite lamps - it's enameled and HEAVY and I just love it. However, it's several years old and the shade has gotten dingy and it's no longer fresh. However, I can't find this shape anywhere - and I really like the shape. I thought about TRYING to recover it myself, but when I looked at the inside, and saw that there was some kind of silk ribbon wound around the wire structure before the shantug was stretched, I realized I was way out of my area of expertise. And I decided a greyed out shade was better than no shade at all. How does one go about finding a person who does this kind of work - I tried "lamp repair" and it was only for electrical work - and there is no listing for lamp SHADE repair/replacement. Any ideas, oh, talented and wise readers?

I hope everybody enjoyed their holiday weekend. I got a lot of work done, including quite a few swap commitments that I need to accomplish. And we saw Judith Ivey (who I just adore)

(If she looks familiar, but you can't place the name, you
probably remember her from "Designing Women, or from playing Harry
Connick, Jr.'s mother on "Will and Grace.")

in The Glass Menagerie on Saturday...it was the best production I've ever seen. It was completely re-thought (the staging, not the script - it's difficult to improve on Tennessee!), thought-provoking and exciting.

Before you travel on to your next blog, remember to guess to whom the mystery house belongs!

So, if you're not going to make my lampshade beautiful again, go make something beautiful for your house or friend!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

Update: After 17 posts, no correct answer yet!
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