Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Crown the Winner!

Give the lady a hand! Monique of Artiste Nouveau knew that Mickey Rourke - he of drugs, drink, boxing, jail, and all-round has-been actor -
lives in this exquisite home! I just don't get it. I'm sure he's a nice person and all ... but, But, BUT ....
Okay. I've gathered myself back together.

Monique is the winner of our little contest. If you will send me your address, I will send you the two books in tomorrow's post. Congrats to Monique ... you really paid attention!

Now, off to watch the pilot episode of "Mental." Enjoy your evening!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥


Sue said...

THE last person I would have thought of! WHOA...
Good for Mickey Rourke for having this gorgeous place!

Congrats to Monique.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I started second guessing myself after I posted but I was *sure* I saw some of this stuff in that interview :D

Can you can shoot me off an email at meek1975@hotmail.com and I can reply with my address.

Thank you sooooo much! I've never won anything before! :)

Malisa said...

NO SH*T????!!!! That little cameo he had in Body Heat use to give me body heat...if you know what I mean! No mas! Really? Well, blow up my skirt!


Pattee said...

I knew it! He wasn't a a Big time actor but a fine actor all the same... Congrats to Monique! What a shock that Mickey Rourke!!!
Got to love that...

Anonymous said...

This bad boy lives in this castle? Thats actually pretty cool :)
Congrats to the winner!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Whoah...that is a surprise! Yeah for Monique! Anita

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Monique..... Never would have guessed it.
Ya' know??? I just can't picture him living in this oppulence..
ps-s-s-s-t... Mickey always grossed-me-out....Never liked him at all. :((
Oh well Tristan... Maybe next time!!
Love Ya',

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Unbelievable.....that poor man has so many problem in his life, yet he live like European Royalty?
Love the house but would not walk in his shoes to live in it....


Glennis said...

Good god, for real?????

He walked past me at an event this winter - about 5 feet away. Looked greasy. Smelled.


Chris said...


And I thought it was weird when I found out how into his chihuahua he is. Seems there is an awful lot we don't know about him.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why you felt that way while posting those photos in your previous post :-) Who would have thought indeed! It is so unlikely.

Congratulations to Monique!


http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

He lives there? Well I'll be, and i wanted to bring him to the gypsy garden and hug him and bake him cookies because i felt sorry for him. HA! He's very merry uninvited!! hahaha!

studioJudith said...

I am stunned beyond words.

I would have guessed he'd have one of those houses with multiple recliners ---- of that very upscale variety .

You know - the ones with built in beer coolers in the arms.


peggy gatto said...

I just realized that is my Aunt Mary dressed up for beaux art in LA!!!!!!
did you know that or Am I forgetting something!
What a hoot!!!