Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pink Saturday, February 27

Just who does Lustre Creme think it is?! Pink is for girls? Harrumph.
Right. I'll go along with that when pink pigs sprout wings and fly!
Now, I agree with Revlon. When it comes to men and pink, you can't have a prissy pink - not a sissy pink....
No, the only way to go is a bright, bold, studly pink.
And I ask you, does anything speak of masculine allure and machismo like a mankini?! And in pink?!?! Too manly for words!

And the same goes for men when they wear pink high heeled platform dress shoes. Make sure that pink is alarmingly pink - a pink that will stop traffic - a pink that will weaken your opponents. Most likely with laughter.Of course, a more subtle pink is certainly acceptable for men's underwear and socks. Utilizing this color in these garments make you understand perfectly why they're called unmentionables. It also will help you if you're single and don't have a chance in heaven of undressing in front of anybody else. Especially somebody else of an opposite gender. It could cool off the moment, I think.

Can anybody say that pimps lead a prissy, sissy life? Yet, a three piece pin-striped suit with pink tie and matching hat band will certainly keep this mec's girls on the ball and not lazing about. Call this bad boy a prissy sissy, and you may have to run to get away from his big bad Leroy Brown act!
Now, I'm personally a huge fan of going to any store when there is a sale, and buying every single item of your outfit from the same line. Does anything really have the effect of a tie and pocket square and hat that match? And, make sure that vest does not coordinate, but, rather, matches each other. That's how to make the biggest pink impact on the club patrons when you arrive.Okay. I have to admit. I actually like this shirt from Armani Jeans.
Maybe there is something to Lustre Creme's statement. Even that Armani shirt can't compete with this Jose Castro couture gown. This pink is definitely for the girls!
And, even though I think it looks just fab, I really can't see myself living with this all-pink decorating scheme. But I'm sure my sister would go crazy for it. Maybe it is about gender after all!
Nah. If pale pink is good enough for Brad, it's good enough for me! To hell with Lustre Creme!

Okay, I have to fly...Why don't you grab a (pink) cup of tea and head over to Beverly's Pink Saturday and check out all the other participants in this weekly event.
Then, go make something beautiful! Maybe something pink!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan

Oh! Don't forget! Today is the last day to enter the GiveAway. Click image to read details and enter...winner announced tomorrow!

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