Thursday, October 26, 2017

... how about a little skeleton erotica?

Sex and skeletons? These vintage samples of weird erotica are proof that the two go hand in hand.
Or at least, someone thought they did, back in the Victorian age.
Most of these momento mori scenes were shot at the beginning of the 1900s. Most are simple posed scenes of a nude or nearly-nude girl cavorting with a skeleton. They seem to dance in an almost comical (and slightly unnerving) manner at times.
The final photos in this bizarre collection were taken for a production called Death and the Lady from 1906. Though the scenes contain the same ingredients as the erotica shots, these photos taken for quite opposite reasons. Death and the Lady was a strict Victorian reminder to all good people that card playing and alcohol are evil.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

... the magical pink world of Mark Ryden

The Gay Nineties is an American expression to refer nostalgically to the 1890s. Since 2010, the famous Californian illustrator Mark Ryden has been working on the pieces that make up this new exhibition called The Gay 90's: West, which at the moment can only be seen in the USA. Presented as a second part of The Gay 90's that focused on New York City, this time is Los Angeles, the birthplace of Lowbrow, which will be the absolute leading character in the new work. In it, Ryden plays with the clichés of those good times to create a new mythology. As always in the work of this alleged 'artist of the sentimental,' the message has a trap. Integrity hides vice and dreams are never clean. The Gay 90's (West) satirizes nostalgia for the past and presents it only as sentimentality. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, and even a limited edition vinyl where people like Katy Perry, Danny Elfman and Nick Cave have collaborated.
 This video, a diorama automaton called "Memory Lane", which is real, moves to the sound of the song "Daisy Bell" and works with a penny.
"Memory Lane" is an automaton diorama by Mark Ryden. Part of the exhibition 
"The Gay Nineties West"at Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles CA.

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A rehearsal for "Whipped Cream" by Johann Strauss at the 
American Ballet Theatre, NYC with Costumes and Sets by Mark Ryden 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Life-sized Victorian Dollhouse for Rent ...

 I‘ll admit it’s a completely delusional exercise, but I do it anyway, staring wide-eyed at dreamy historic homes where I could act out my own Daphne du Maurier novel. Today’s property du jour, found wandering the internet, is a National Historic Landmark, a unique octagon-shaped and domed Victorian style house known as the Armour–Stiner House. It’s currently for rent with a rather hefty price tag, but it can’t hurt to have a snoop around…
Located in Westchester, New York, this incredible house was built in 1859–1860 by financier Paul J. Armour, but the actual architect remains unknown. The dome was added later by its next owner, Joseph Stiner, a tea importer. It’s one of less than a hundred octagon houses still extant in the United States.
From the 1940s until the 1970s, it was owned by an American author and historian, Carl Carmer, who claimed the house was haunted. After that, the house was unoccupied for several years and fell into disrepair. The National Trust for Historic Preservation bought it to prevent it from being demolished, but was unable to fund the amount of renovation the property required.
In 1981, the house starred as the main setting for a particularly awful horror film called The Nesting. You can watch the trailer here. Luckily the National Trust was eventually able to sell the home to the perfect candidate: a preservationist architect, Joseph Pell Lombardi, who has transformed the house, interiors, grounds and outbuildings into what it is today.

This Victorian wonderland is up for rent at $40,000 a month. Let’s hope that’s just the screening price. Ouch.

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 Not sure who the artist is, but I've fallen in love with these tiny theatres made
from matchboxes - and a lot of patience!

Friday, October 13, 2017

... getting ready for Pink-O-Ween!

Only two weeks until Hallowe'en! And it does seem as though the entire nation is draped in orange and black with a few purple and acid-green accents here and there.

But, really, there's no reason to let Hallowe'en put a damper on your obsession with all things pink!
First, start with your pumpkins. Is there any real reason your pumpkin must be orange?! Pumpkins have been accepted in any color since they were made of glass and transported Cinderella to the ball! Why not get in the Pink-O-Ween mood with your pumpkin decorations?

Of course, what is Hallowe'en without treats? A few pink treats might be just what your pink Hallowe'en urges are calling out for!

To go along with all those pink treats, you're gonna need something to wear to pull some tricks!

Hallowe'en costumes can be pink, pink, and more pink! Whether they are for the smallest one in the house ...

or the biggest partier in the house ...

I bet oryou could even come up with a pink costume for a couple!

or the family mascot!
So you have your pumpkins readied, your treats prepared, your costumes created ... all you need to do is set up for the Pink-O-Ween gathering!

Naturally, you're going to need a special treat container for each and every guest ...
Now that you know you can keep your pink obsession going right through Hallowe'en, check out all the other bloggers who are posting today on Beverly's Pink Saturday, and then go make something beautiful!
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 Some fun pink Hallowe'en fabric from - love it!