Sunday, August 14, 2011

Okay, I Know I'm Being Judged ...

I know, I know, I've been a very bad blogger and communicator.
Has it really been since March that I've written?! Where does the time go?
Of course, I have to admit, that between school classes, directing a play, taking on a short role in an indie movie, redesigning my studio, trying to make art, going to plays, and dealing with pre-knee replacement getting-about aggravations, I've been fairly well tied down.

But, enough with the pathetic and lame excuses! Today I'm feeling tip-top and particularly celebratory (which I'll explain a bit more about later). Meanwhile, grab a cuppa and sit and visit for a while! I'll just stay here on my tip-toes and balance all things good-and-sometimes-bizarre.

Glamour, anyone?
Is there anything as chic as an understated and sedate cocktail frock?

Ooooh! I want need one in every single color!

What is so fascinating up there on the ledge?!

oh. It's just the toddler, Ms. Minnelli herself, making her grand entrance.

Got hair?

Any theatre this exquisite in the midst of being destroyed must have been magically enchanting when it was up and running and filled with tuxedos and perfumed gowns.

" ♫ Devil or angel, I can't make up my mind. ♫ "

Don't these women look like they'd rather be anywhere else than standing next to each other? I think the grumpy one in the middle just lost the election of Junior League President.

Does this dress make my butt look big?

I don't even use any toiletries - but I'm in awe at this Wicked Queen merchandising!

...speaking of Wicked Queens...

Are you ready to frolic and revel?
Put on your best velour harem pants and favorite gold lame chest harness...

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Jon's latest book was just published!

It's my favorite of all his books so far. Intriguing and interesting and thrilling and filled with non-stop twists and turns. I got so angry when my Nook lost batter power and I had to put it on
the charger for a couple hours before I could finish it!

I hope you'll check it out - especially if you like literate mystery/thriller/crime/psychological drama - I know you'll love it! It's only available to e-readers (i.e. Kindle, Nooks, etc.) So far, all the reviews have been 5-star! I'm very very proud of him - and I thank him for a really good several hours of reading! You can pick it up (only 3.99!) for Kindles at and for Nooks at Barnes and Noble.

Thursday, August 18th was a big day for us! Jon's book was released - and that night was the premier of the movie "Digits" that I had a small role in. What fun! My on-screen rap debut. Nothing like being the butt of a joke in front of a full cinema audience to really boost your ego!

It's a small indie film, being shown at quite a few indie festivals - including Sundance. Hopefully, it will get picked up by a big distributor so you can go to your local cinema and point your finger at me and laugh, too!

Thank Tony Duquette for the brilliant concept of having a stage installed in your foyer so that you can greet your guests like the star we all know you are - or deserve to be anyway!

From the days when tussy mussy really meant something.

Okay, I'm sure I've worn you out ... as usual.
Thank you so much for following me all this time, even though my blogging has been non-existent for a few months. I officially promise to do better, and to try and blog at least once a week from now on!

Hope you're having a swell summer! ... and gearing up for a fabulous autumn!

Now, Go make something beautiful!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan