Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back to the Land of the Blogging ...

Well, there is no question about it, last week I was almost too weak to eat. Please note the qualification "almost." Trust me - though I went through a nasty patch of the flu (thanks for all your help, flu shot!), my arms are still not the size of dried pasta.

But, today, I'm back in the pink and dressed for whatever adventure the day might bring!
While I was out of commission, I received three very sweet awards from several of my favorite blog - gers!

From Marilyn at Our Victorian Cottage I received this fun award ...
But, I'm not completely sure why she chose me for this award. Over the top? Moi?! Surely not! Thank you, Marilyn!

Next, from Lovey at Fabric Photo Memories , I received this loverly award...
I feel as if I should be singing "I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty, and witty, and wise!" But, fear not, I'll refrain. Thank you, Lovey!

And, lastly, but certainly not leastly, from Baroness Bijoutery at Baroness Bijoutery, I was gifted ...
A very attractive award, isn't it? I appreciate it - and I do strive to be a blogger who deserves such an award ... though I certainly hope I'm a better speller. Thank you, Baroness!

These bloggers each have terrific blogs - and very different in style and content - please visit them - I'm sure you'll become a fan, as I have!

On a more fashionable note...
If this was in your living room, and guests dropped by, would you sweep it under the rug or beat it to death with your broom?

As I was searching around for interesting Valentine's gifts - really more for what I'd like to receive than for what I'm buying for the significant other - I ran across this little handmade fabric and beaded heart. I like the shimmery quality of it ... and though I know I could make one for myself, I also know I never will. I think this definitely will go on the wish list. (Is it greedy to have a Valentine's Day list the way children have Christmas lists?) If you would like to have a similar little piece, it's available here.
Okay, I really, truly, sincerely, genuinely want this photo explained to me.
Do you suppose this is some 1950's space age vision of the Easter Resurrection? Or, is it supposed to be Jesus returning to pick up a new angel, and that kid in his Sunday best is going to crawl in that rocket with the Child and get lifted off to Heaven?
I'm just so confused.

Okay. Jump on behind and we're off to do a little shopping. Oh - could you bring along an empty bag of some sort, please? These new-fangled transportation contraptions don't have litter bags. Where's a boy to keep his credit cards for the shopping trip?!

First off, I'm quite enamored of this 19th century English cut crystal and velvet armchair. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous - and quite the conversation piece! - I like the idea of being able to dust ALL my furniture with Windex, rather than switching products and rags from Windex to Pledge to Old English. How easy! And I must admit, I quite enjoy the idea of sitting in this chair for a photograph wearing one of my ersatz crowns! Then let somebody say I'm not the king when I tell them what to do!This tromp l'oeil painted Italian two part secretary desk, has a slant front desk in the bottom section with three drawers and open compartments above three drawers. The upper section with double arched top and having two cabinet doors opening to reveal painted interior with drawers and shelves. I think this is a really fine example of tromp l'oeil furniture - though, frankly, I don't know why I would need somebody to paint jumbled shelves and a disorganized desk top permanently on my furniture. I seem to make it happen quite easily on my own.
Okay, climb down off that ostrich and have a seat. Aren't these two 18th century painted Italian armchairs just exquisite? So fresh and bright and spring-like. Be sure to click on the photo to get a larger image and check out the amazingly detailed carving on the legs ... and, of course, that wonderful hand-painted silk upholstery next to the parcel gilt trim.Let's take a break from antique shopping and make a stop at Restoration Hardware Company. I am really hoping when The Portal comes back to earth to pick me up and rocket me up to heaven, that this will be the bathroom awaiting me. No question about it - I'd be in heaven. Doesn't this just make you want to brush your teeth and spit in it?!

WOWZA. Look at that!It almost looks like our ostrich transportation!
I find this sculpture by Jessica Joslin intriguing and provocative. She has many examples of both her striking sculptures and her lovely paintings on her website. Take a moment to browse...very unusual - lovely, and macabre at the same time.

Perhaps the winter is really getting to me. I am usually not - most definitely not - a fan of sea-foam green or lavender (and most definitely not when combined with pink). But this room I found at Trouvais - all sea-foamy and lavender-y and pink just seems so welcoming and fresh and cozy and beautiful. Perhaps it's the addition of the huge french doors and the rococo-styled wallpaper and the dark wood floors. But, it really calls out and sings "Spring!" to me. And I want it.
"Yo. What are you lookin' at?"
Ah, I've got it. I've over-typed my welcome. Well, forgive me. I haven't posted in quite a few days, and, frankly, I was jonesing. Do people still use that expression? I hate using archaic hip phrases and terms. Perhaps I'm showing my years, just like these charmers.I'm off to the studio - which has been totally abandoned for a week. I wonder if I'll even remember what I had in mind when I see whatever I was working on!

Thank you for spending some time with me today, and please come back and visit again soon!

Now, go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan

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