Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two For Tuesday Blog Hop! Altered Pages and Bombshell Stamps!

Today's the Two-for-One blog hop collaboration between

Bombshell Stamps 


Altered Pages

More than likely, you're already familiar with these two fabulous supplies for the mixed media artist.
If not, Bombshell Stamps sells vintage art and stamps (both digital and rubber) - with attitude!
Altered Pages has long been a favorite supplier to artists and crafters with a wide array of artists supplies, materials, tools, media - and a bazillion-and-one collage sheets with something for everyone and every taste! Almost all the images I use in my work come from Altered Pages - and I'm proud to be on their design team!

Let's the get the blog-hop-business out of the way right now. There's some terrific prizes being provided by Bombshell Stamps and Altered Pages for the blog hop. I'm sure you've been reading about them on all the other blogs, so I won't bog you down with a list of the goodies - but there's some terrific stuff! All you have to do is follow Altered Pages on Facebook, and leave a comment on every artist's blog who is participating in the hop. That's it!

My western bombshell art is a mixture of vintage fabrics and handmade papers. The images are digital (Bombshell Stamps) using the digi-stamps 'Hearts of the Old West' and 'Wanted Poster'; and image transfers to coffee-stained fabric using photo images from the Altered Pages collage sheet 'Vintage Cowgirls AP250.' Of course, since it's me, it's overly embellished and heavily decorated with both vintage and aged new doo-dads and gee-gaws. As always, if you click an image it will enlarge and you will get a much closer view.
Thanks for stopping by! Time for you to mosey along to the next ranch on the hop! Please leave a comment - and come back to visit again, ya' hear?!

So what are you waiting for let's get hopping!
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Then, go make something beautiful!
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: Stephen King's "Under the Dome"

Under the DomeUnder the Dome by Stephen King
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Okay. I will admit that I got this book because I have been following the tv series and am enjoying it.

First things first: this book is NOTHING like the tv series. And that isn't a bad thing! It has been very freely adapted, and the plot, the characters, the general tone of the book and the program are totally different.

Now, for the basic second part: I found this boring as all get out. I did like the characters (nobody can write mean-spirited rednecks like Stephen King!). Two of the characters are basically the same in the book as the program (the newspaper woman and the newcomer to town), but almost everybody else is dramatically different - if not changed completely. The villain in the book is a villain - whereas on tv he's a little more well-rounded. I think the actor can be thanked for that.

Like all King's novels that I've read, there is blood and guts and gore aplenty. Some of the descriptions are downright disgusting, albeit realistic.

One final note - this book does not stop. It just goes like the Everready bunny! I read it on ColorNook and it was 1300+ pages. Frankly, other than "War and Peace," no book needs to be that long. And this one especially. The last 300 pages (yes, the last 300 pages) are the slowest and most drawn-out dramatic finale I've ever encountered. And the most absurd. But I won't get into that spoil for anybody who might be interested in reading it. But after reading 1000 pages of a book, I was SO disappointed (and, frankly, shocked!) by the sophomoric and obvious basis for the entire book.

So - very well-written and believable characters with some crackling good dialogue and humor, in the longest, poorest excuse for fantasy/horror/sci-fi I've run across in a long time. The best thing about it is that it was on sale at Barnes and Noble Nook Store - if I had paid full price for this I would be grumbling ... as it is, I'm only grumpy that I fell for the advertising hype!

You'd be much better off, going to make something beautiful!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Feel Like a Bombshell at a Rodeo?

I have the blog hop for you!

Save August 27th for some rowdy - and bawdy! - art!

Now, go make something beautiful!
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