Sunday, May 31, 2009

If you remember, a few days ago I wrote about Victorian Follies ... well, I just came across this exquisite example of a follie being used as a shelter for a public water fountain! Isn't it just beautiful - and so fanciful and wondrous. The man is restoring the gold leaf (which is why the top looks so much more golden than the rest of it). I haven't been able to find a photo of the finished folly - but be sure to click on the photo, so that it will grow and you can examine the details. I am particularly fond of the plaster details over each entrance arc.

These are some of the work I complete this week. As always, you can get a closer look by clicking on the photo for a larger image.

"It's beauty that captures the attention"

"Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails"

"Do you believe in fairies? Say quick that you believe. If you believe clap your hands"
"The way to avoid housework is to live outside"

As I was searching out photos of Fanny Ward (below), the original Tinkerbelle on stage in J.M.Barrie's Peter Pan, I found this lovely photo of her. It's not hard to see why the producers thought she would make a believable beautiful and ethereal fantasy creature!
I'm certainly glad that they didn't cast this Tinkerbelle instead, aren't you?! But, I have to give her (him?!) a certain amount of admiration for making the most out of $1.37 worth of material and Reynolds Wrap!

...what kind of coffee are you serving?!
Well, we're off to return Blockbuster movies and choose a few more...I'm hoping "Taken" and "Valkyrie" are in stock. I want to see them both. Then I think that I need to clean up the studio so it's nice and fresh for me to start a new mess tomorrow!

Go make something beautiful!
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Poem for Saturday Night

Poem About Light

You can try to strangle light:
use your hands and think
you've found the throat of it,
but you haven't.
You could use a rope or a garrote
or a telephone cord,
but the light, amorphous, implacable,
will make a fool of you in the end.

You could make it your mission
to shut it out forever,
to crouch in the dark,
the blinds pulled tight—

still, in the morning,
a gleaming little ray will betray you, poking
its optimistic finger
through a corner of the blind,
and then more light,
clever, nervy, impossible,
spilling out from the crevices
warming the shade.

This is the stubborn sun,
choosing to rise,
like it did yesterday,
like it will tomorrow.
You have nothing to do with it.
The sun makes its own history;
light has its way.

---Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno

Pink Hats for a Mad Hatter Tea Party

Today, my edition of Beverly's Pink Saturday is in honor of the upcoming Mad Hatter Tea Party hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. The tea party is only one month away, so I thought you really needed to start thinking about your mad chapeau for the day!

If you click on the button to the left, it will take you to the post where Vanessa gives the insider information on what sounds like a charming and enchanted tea party!

So. If you choose to attend, what kind of hat is your kind of hat? What speaks to you and lets the world know the kind of person you are?

I know that I'll be wearing my pink velvet (collapsible!) top hat that matches my pink tuxedo and pink shirt and pink tie and pink vest and pink cumberbund and pink patent leather shoes and pink socks and pink walking stick! Don't make fun of my silly ruffled shirt and over-sized bow tie - remember, I went to the prom in the 1970's, when that stuff was the cat's proverbial!

Now...on to some hats! Thombeau at Planet Fabulon posted this hat, which may be one of the most fantastic hats that is actually wearable ever.

Knowing that many of you are crafty, I thought that perhaps you might be thinking about putting together something mad and extravagant and eye-catching ...

Now, if you choose this hat, I'm not going to say that it's fuddy duddy and not all that interesting. But be forewarned: you're going to have to sit with my Aunt Shirley and my Aunt Dorothea - you can exchange milliner recommendations...
If you're feeling a tad retro and movie star-ish, perhaps you want to remind everybody that love mean never having to take off your pink crocheted cap ...
So, I know that some of you just aren't hat people ... hat hair is something to take in consideration. So, maybe you'll just opt for a hat which is appliqued onto your jeans ...

Tell the truth - you want to wear a crown sometimes - just to prove to the world that you are entitled to act like a princess once in awhile ... and nothing says "do what I say" more than a tiara...

..except for a full crown, that is ...
This "hat" is really a brooch - so if you don't want to wear your crown on your head - or your butt - you can wear it on your jacket ...
I've met so many Texas bloggers in the past six months, so perhaps you need to wear this chíc pink cowboy hat to feel right at home ... be yourself, if this will keep you sane at a mad tea party ...Tell the truth - you're a sweat suit kinda person - and nothing says casual good time like a ball cap advertising booze! But, please don't wear it backwards. I hate when I see people wearing their ball cap backwards, and then shading their eyes with their hands...I believe that people should be smarter than their clothing.

Tell the truth - this is you. You're a funky steampunk artist who can hip hop with the best of them! When you wear this you're telling the world that you intend to be the life of the party - which is only apropos as it's a mad party!I know. The party is in June. So if you have to come to the tea party after the wedding, I hope Vanessa admit you late! If you insist to the bride that the bridemaids need to wear pink hats, you won't even have to change clothes! ...
Do you feel that romance and vintage elegance is required for a tea party - mad or not?! Perhaps this will inspire you to go for the most lavish picture hat you can find!

But, whatever kind of hat you choose to attend the Mad Hatter's tea party - remember it's a PaRtY - and your hat should be fun! And does anything scream fun like streamers, feathers, and sparkles?!

So, now that you've been inspired to find the perfect hat, check out the other participants in Beverly's Pink Saturday today - it's her one year anniversary!

Then go make something beautiful - maybe a hat! - or maybe something pink! - or maybe just make a beautiful moment for a precious loved one!
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to spend a grey, rainy, gloomy afternoon...

I want to be lazy
I want to be out in the sun
With no work to be done
Under that awning
They call the sky
Stretching and yawning
And let the world go drifting by

I want to peep
Through the deep
Tangled wildwood
Counting sheep
til I sleep
Like a child would
With a great big valise full
Of books to read where its peaceful
While I'm
Killing time
Being lazy

Life is short
And getting shorter with each day that goes by
And how the time does fly
Before you know, its over
That's why I'm
In such a hurry to pack my things and fly
To a spot
Where its nice and hot
And hear the birdies sing
While I'm being lazy ....

well, that cheered me up right up - but I still want to be lazy. I think I'll go read my new copy of James Cain's "Mildred Pierce" - which is much racier and more scandalous than the Joan Crawford movie version! Unfortunately, I won't be reading it while lying in that fabulous white fantasy bed at the top of the post. Sigh. What good is being lazy if I can't be fabulous while doing it?!

Enjoy your day - try to make something beautiful - or, join me being lazy!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi, Mom! ... just a note from camp!

I've been having such a blast taking the Collage Camp with K.C. Willis of Lipstick Ranch!

The whole camp is on video - you can watch each of the five or six videos at your leisure - and go back to check out details, or just re-watch for inspiration, whenever the urge grabs you. I really like this idea ... you can arrange and plan the time you spend around your own schedule. And the videos are remarkably professionally produced.

K.C. is a terrific teacher - very thorough, and generous with her experience and knowledge. Each "class" is so well-presented it's almost unnecessary to have the extensive forum available for questions - there really aren't many questions after watching the videos.

However, the forum - and photo area! - is like a campfire; it's a great place to chat with other campers, exchange ideas and collaging stories, and show off the work being presented. And there has been some really beautiful work inspired by the workshop.

I've made eight pieces using techniques I've learned at 'camp' - and have nine more in the works. That's certainly getting a bang for my buck, in my book!

If you're interested in seeing what it's all about, check out Collage Camp! Maybe I'll see you 'round the collage campfire!

Let's Crown the Winner!

Give the lady a hand! Monique of Artiste Nouveau knew that Mickey Rourke - he of drugs, drink, boxing, jail, and all-round has-been actor -
lives in this exquisite home! I just don't get it. I'm sure he's a nice person and all ... but, But, BUT ....
Okay. I've gathered myself back together.

Monique is the winner of our little contest. If you will send me your address, I will send you the two books in tomorrow's post. Congrats to Monique ... you really paid attention!

Now, off to watch the pilot episode of "Mental." Enjoy your evening!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

Retro Danger, Regal Residence, Awards, and Home Furnishings Emergency

Ah OH!
Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
Beware of impending contest ahead!

It's yet another - and the last one for a while! - contest! These photos were posted on another blog, and I was gobsmacked when I discovered who owned this royal and regal retreat! I can't credit the original blog right now, because the answer is there. But, I will credit the original post after the prize has been won. I'll announce the winner as soon as somebody guesses correctly.

Who owns and lives in this home?

Trust me here, the answer is not Tristan - though, indeed, if fate had been more kind in the past ....

I believe I should be reclining and reading my novel of the weekend on this exquisite chaise! I genuinely don't believe the real owner and dweller in this home appreciates it as I would!

And you would all be invited to come have a seat, and a martini, and just the lightest of chat, so that you wouldn't be distracted in your oohing and ahhing.

Seriously, check out this chair!

Ah, how I love the subtlety of simple drapes and unadorned walls.
Okay. So this room should belong to me ... it's the room where I should live and spend my days - and nights. But it's not. And when I was told who did reside here, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Okay, one of those concrete lawn ornaments feathers, but still...

Who do YOU think owns and lives here? The winning answer will received two wonderful books on making your home more beautiful. I have a copy of the "Soft Furnishings" book, and it really is a terrific tutorial on making lavish pillows, draperies, etc. And I learned how to make a slip cover for my sofa from this book. I learned how. I didn't actually do it. I felt that perhaps, in this case, a little knowledge was a dangerous thing. I thought that this book was an appropriate prize for an interior design guessing question. The other book "Home Decorating Solutions" is a just that. Fun, easy to follow directions and some clever ideas.

So - ladies and gentlemen - line up and place your answers in the comment section of this post!

I received this charming award from Becs at Rebecca Rose Designs.
If you have never been to Becs blog, please take a moment to check it out! Thanks so much!, Becs - I'm touched that you thought of me. Of course, some just think I'm touched - or is that teched?

Danger, Again, Will Robinson! Danger! Home Furnishings Needing Repair Ahead! Danger!

This is one of my favorite lamps - it's enameled and HEAVY and I just love it. However, it's several years old and the shade has gotten dingy and it's no longer fresh. However, I can't find this shape anywhere - and I really like the shape. I thought about TRYING to recover it myself, but when I looked at the inside, and saw that there was some kind of silk ribbon wound around the wire structure before the shantug was stretched, I realized I was way out of my area of expertise. And I decided a greyed out shade was better than no shade at all. How does one go about finding a person who does this kind of work - I tried "lamp repair" and it was only for electrical work - and there is no listing for lamp SHADE repair/replacement. Any ideas, oh, talented and wise readers?

I hope everybody enjoyed their holiday weekend. I got a lot of work done, including quite a few swap commitments that I need to accomplish. And we saw Judith Ivey (who I just adore)

(If she looks familiar, but you can't place the name, you
probably remember her from "Designing Women, or from playing Harry
Connick, Jr.'s mother on "Will and Grace.")

in The Glass Menagerie on was the best production I've ever seen. It was completely re-thought (the staging, not the script - it's difficult to improve on Tennessee!), thought-provoking and exciting.

Before you travel on to your next blog, remember to guess to whom the mystery house belongs!

So, if you're not going to make my lampshade beautiful again, go make something beautiful for your house or friend!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

Update: After 17 posts, no correct answer yet!

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009 Memorial Day

With appreciation and respect, thanks to all the service men and women who left behind their beaus, their families, and their friends to make our world a safer place.

We salute your courage and dedication with gratitude.

You created something beautiful.

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

Sunday, May 24, 2009

...may I have a drumroll, please ...

The correct answers to yesterdays pink jewel pop quiz are:
(* indicates correct answer)
1. Saphires
2. Topaz
3. Diamond (*Anita, *Marilyn)
4. Ruby
5. Cubic Zirconia (*Sabrina)
6. Diamond
7. Glass
8. Ruby ) (*Anita, *Sabrina, *Marilyn)
9. Saphire (*Anita, *Sabrina)
10. Topaz
11. Edible Cake Jewels (*Anita, *Marilyn)

So, our winner - edging out her competitors by one gemstone! - is Anita of Castles Crowns and Cottages.
We're all in awe of your gemstone recognition skills! We can guess where you've been having breakfast lately!
Please email me your snail mail address, and I'll get your prize out in the mail to you!
Thanks to those who played! And, for the rest of you, go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥