Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fab Andy Skinner Stencils Are Here!

Be sure to check out Altered Pages for the new Andy Skinner stencils. Think of all the totally cool and groovy things you can do with them! I love the baroque faces ... but the various size sequin scrap is a really fun idea!

I also love this stencil called Skullduggery ... would be great for steampunk or apothecary or Halloween or goth projects!
I really love Andy Skinner designs. Perhaps some of you remember the steampunk book I made last year during an Andy Skinner workshop - it was so much fun to do. And with these stencils, I just think I may have to make another one!

Again, you can check out all the available stencils at Altered Pages by clicking on the link.

... now go make something beautiful!
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(not an Andy Skinner stencil, but another terrific stencil available at Altered Pages!)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


No, these aren't what I'm calling gorgeous. They are two tags I finished up this morning for the "crackled background" tag swap on the Art for the Creative Mind art swap group. They were fun - I started using Tim Holtz's distress paint for the background - but I didnt' think the crackle that happened was pronounced enough, so I decided to stamp on some "extra" crackle - now, they're crackled for sure! Added some die-cuts from the Vagabond machine and some wooden die cuts from Helga at Art Chix Studio and some odds-and-ends. Voila!

I found these paper sculptures and thought you would enjoy seeing them. They absolutely knocked my socks off - they're gorgeous - and so unbelievably detailed!

Jeff Nishinaka, paper sculptor, was born in Los Angeles and gained international recognition in the past fifteen years through his unique representational art forms in 3-Dimension. He pioneered paper sculpture in the US advertising, promotion, and publishing fields. Since then he has worked non-stop as the premiere paper sculptor in both commercial advertising, illustration, and fine art.

Generally using Strathmore 2-ply and 3-ply kid finish papers (and sometimes using watercolor paper or handmade papers), he tears and cuts the paper into three-dimensional sculptures.

Hope you're inspired - now go make something beautiful!
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

What?! You Don't Receive The Mailbox Muse Collections of Art and Craft Supplies?


Allow The Muse to take your hand and guide you on the event of a lifetime in the wilds of the Serengeti.
You will encounter interesting people and alien animals.
It will be easy to track your Passport and keep records of your experiences with your Kit project of a
"Leather" Travel Portfolio among other projects.
Contents at this time:

Solid Cardstock
Original Art Red Rubber Deeply Etched Stamp Set
Original Art Collage Sheet B/W
Full Color Collage Sheet #1
Full Color Collage Sheet #2
Full Color Collage Sheet # 3
Assorted wooden bead package
Minimum 3 Art Projects with color photos
Project Book with full instructions
Members Only Secret Coded Online Video of Projects
The retail value shown is our minimum retail value and will likely
increase as more items are added.****

****The contents of this kit have not been finalized. More products WILL be added.
The only guaranteed way to get this collection is to be a member of the Mailbox Muse.  
Members pay only $26.95 plus postage/handling per collection.
Memberships in our exclusive club are limited.
This collection will be shipping at the end of April 2013.
To join, click here:


I've been receiving these kits for a long time now.  (The circus shrine in the post below was created from some of the contents of the last kit!) The quality of the supplies - and the quantity of items (including  exclusive rubber stamps and collage sheets!) - is awesome. Try it out - the last kits, "The Center Ring Spectacular" and "Art on the Orient Express," were nothing short of spectacular and delightful. After "Serengeti Sunrise," the next kit is "Alice's Utterly Mad Tea Party." Click here to see more about the Add On Kits!


Be sure to get in on the goodies! The "Add On" kits are also chock-full of exciting additions to each kit. Click here to see more about the Add On Kits!


Hope you check it out! 


Now - go make something beautiful!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Can It Really Be Four Months?!?!

Wow! Time has totally gotten away from me! I can't believe it's been four months since I've posted! I know I've been really busy - and had some health issues to deal with - but, I can't believe I've neglected Bloglandia so shamelessly!

Well, the holidays have come and gone, so I won't be doing any Christmas or New Year's posts. How can that be? ME?! The master king of the holiday season?! Even Valentines Day has passed.

Since Easter just happened, I won't feel bad about a little Easter post ... my miniature milk carton to gift bags of Jordan Almonds (or some kind of more extravagant nuggets of sugary treasure!). All I used was Graphic 45 papers, chipboard embellishments, and stickers from Altered Pages.

These are super quick and easy to make. If you'd like to make some for yourself, just print out the pattern on the reverse side of the cardstock you want to use (plain paper is probably too flimsy to hold anything very well. Just click on the pattern to open to a larger size, and put it into a Word Document. I used an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of cardstock and set all four margins at .5". If your printer will take wider paper, you could make a larger image and use the mini milk carton for larger gifts - or to hold ATC's or other little treasures. Here's the pattern ...

A piece I just finished today is also created using products from Altered Pages and the Center Ring Spectacle Collection from The Mailbox Muse. If you don't received the seasonal muse theme collections from The Mailbox Muse, you should definitely look into it! Lots of surprises and high quality materials, including limited edition collage sheets and rubber stamps! Always something to get you going. Of course, I love vintage circuses, so the Center Ring Spectacle Collection was right up my alley! This little miniature shrine used about 1/20th of the stuff from the collection LOL.

Well, that's enough for one day ... I'll be back in a couple days - or even sooner! - as I stay more on top of things here at Enchanted Revelries!

Now go make something beautiful!

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