Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kick Up Your Heels! We Have a Winner, Folks!

Yes, indeed! Today's the day to announce the winner of the free custom greeting cards from UPrinting.

The True Random Number Generator spun up the number 15 ...
which means, none other than Anne from el Milagro Studio is the winner! This seems perfectly fair and right in the world of balance, as Anne had a lot - I mean a lot - of people saying they were referred here by her which gave her about a gazillion more chances to win!

Congratulations, Anne! I will forward your information to UPrinting, and they will contact you about designing your cards. (Just FYI - when I won a prize on another blog from them, it took a while for them to contact me. But the results are marvelous!)

If anybody else is interested in the custom printing available from UPrinting, click here for greeting cards, here for envelopes, here for business cards - or use their menu for their many services offered. I got my business cards printed - two sided - and I just love the way they look.

Enough of contests and winning and losing! - let's just look at some pretty pictures instead...
Now, go make something beautiful!
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

If It's Sundy, It Must Be a No-Theme Post ...

I've been having a difficult time keeping up with all the new followers and members ... please know that you're most welcome, and I appreciate your visits and your comments! I seem to be having a more and more difficult time perusing my favorite blogs and keeping up with my own.

So, speaking of keeping up with my own, hold your breath and take a leap with me through Bloglandia and beyond!
Our church just commissioned a new handcarved and crafted communion table. It's hard to see with all the flowers on dedication day ... but it's really beautiful. Our church, founded in 1746, and our current building erected between 1812 and 1816, is always a stunning environment. But the new table adds to the elegance and dignity of the chapel.

Terri at Artful Affirmations made this really pretty glittered crepe paper flower. She was also generous enough to share her secrets on a tutorial video. If you would like to learn how to make these - which I think would be terrific gift wrapping embellishments! - just click the image.
Gross. His bag doesn't match his shoes.Does anyone know who that is on his tee shirt? I’m focusing really hard on that question in order to block out everything else going on here and to keep from bursting into tears.

You know that creep with the cigar and the cell phone who cut you off on the highway - the one you really wanted to turn into a frog ... well, learn how to do it! - and for only $3.99!

I hate to shave on Sundays ...

Self-taught Oakland, CA artist Scott Hove has created an astounding series of sculptures - and environments! - titled "Cakeland: Pretty Enought to Eat, Fierce Enough to Bite Back." Aren't they amazing?

His artist statement includes: Cakeland is a series of sculptures and installations resembling perfect delicious cakes - wall mounted, hanging and standing - and walk-through cake environments complete with their own lighting.

The sculptures have all the appeal of the best cake you have ever tasted, but it can never be eaten. The nature of edible cake is fleeting, lasting only as long as the brief celebration it was made for. These cakes last as long as the artist or society have the wherewithal to preserve them.

Click any of his photos here to go to his site and see much much more...including a virtual VR360° tour of Cakeland!

I have no idea what is going on in this photo from the early 20th century Folies Bergére, but I bet they're having a lot of fun doing it.

I know a few weeks ago I wrote "if you got it flaunt it." It's clear I should have made it much more clear what "it" is. Please note: this is not "it." However, I'm so glad this photo was shot from the back. I don't even want to contemplate what ... well ... never mind ....

I've been fortunate enough to have seen my fair share of Broadway shows over my lifetime - probably even I should own up to seeing a few of somebody else's fair share as well! However, even with all the turntables and electric tracks and miracles of modern engineering, it's still rare to see a stage set as enchanting and magical as this one from the early 20th century. It may not be as complicated as "Wicked" - but it's every bit as lavish and extravagant, albeit via a more simple avenue. (Like almost all my photos, click to get a larger and more clear image!)
Costumes, sets, lights, and - as my theatre professors always stressed - stage pictures!

Isn't it interesting. Fashion always comes full circle. Beards are popular again, though today they're shorter - really more like stubble. But it's nice to see where the trend started, isn't it?

And, I mean to ask you ....

I found this fun chandelier at Heidi's Bird of a Feather. I think it's very clever - not really my personal style - but, still, really creative. It even took me a second (okay, a nano-second) to realize it wasn't a "real" chandelier!

I want to have dinner at this table. Or lunch. Or a light snack. Just let me sit and enjoy it! I discovered this gorgeous tablescape at Habitually Chic - where everything is always habitually chic! The blog's mantra is Glamorous Lives and Stylish Places - and they're always shared lavishly.

Remember when Judy was going to play Helen Lawson in "Valley of the Dolls" (my number one favorite guilty pleasure)? Before she was fired and Susan Hayward was hired, this is what Helen Lawson was to look like. Quite a switch to Ms. Hayward!
Okay. When I saw this next photo, these are the things I noticed, in the order that I noticed them:
1. Dog
2. Moustache
3. Dog!
4. Mullet
5. Popped Collar
6. DOG!!
7. Sunglasses, hand weight, white wine (I kind of noticed all of those at once)
8. Shorts
9. Dog!
10. Wait a second ...
11. DOG!!!
12. Is that .. in his shorts ...?
13. Let's just keep looking at the dog!
14. Oh, no! Please tell me it's not ...
16. [violent sobbing]

Oh, please. Some beauty! These magnificent floral arrangements, complete with ostrich plumes and miles of strung cut glass crystals was excitedly discovered at Mahogany Madisson. Check out her blog and all the links to wonderful products - including soap that looks JUST like macaroons straight from Lauderee!

Polychrome roses and cherubs - for no reason other than that they're exquisite ...

Some child in the seventies grew up in a home with these patchwork velvet chairs in the living room. No wonder our nation has a drug problem of epidemic proportions.

This mid 20th century French iron folding screen would be charming used as room divider, wouldn't it? I love folding screens that have absolutely no function beyond being pretty!

This 1860's French birdcage is almost 6 feet high and 3 feet wide! It's so graceful and grand ... I don't even have birds. But, if I could have this cage, I would immediately get lovebirds!
Harrumph. I thought I heard somebody rummaging through the recycling bin last night. Excuse me, you Adam Lambert wannabe, I ask that you kindly give me back that giant wad of aluminum foil. Stealing from the city's recycling program hurts us all.

Remember, this is your last reminder before I choose the winner of the free custom printed greeting cards from UPrinting! Remember! The more people who you refer and mention your name, the more chances you get to win! Click on image to enter ...
Just because it's a fabulous photo of a fabulous character ...Now, go make something beautiful!
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mid April Already?!

Spring has finally arrived on Wooster Square! I was truly beginning to think it would never happen. But, it's here! This is the line of Yashino cherry trees in front of our condominium complex which is right across the street from the Square. It's like walking under huge fluffy pink clouds.
It's been a long weekend ... busy, fun, and beautiful. Friday was the opening of our Cherry Blossom Festival here on Wooster Square. This year the festival included an outdoor art show, which I took part in. It was a terrific day - lots of people attending - four different bands - so much fabulous food from local restaurants - souvenirs - and some very nice art exhibits. There are a lot of super talented people here on the square!

We spent a couple hours clearing out a lot of the winter mess of leaves and assorted dead vegetation from our enormous front lawn. Just a couple more hours, and it will be looking spiffy!
How dapper and stylish was Duke Ellington, eh? The look on his face, however, does appear to represent the question that I seem to ask so often:
Does the end game of every fashion trend have to be nudity?

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to go to jail. But, somehow, this was never the way I pictured it when I thought of being in a prison cell. It kind of looks like a starving artist in a lonely and tiny Paris atelier. Well, a lonely and tiny Paris atelier with bars. But, still....know what I mean?
☂ "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain" ☂

Here's another one of those items that just call out to me. I know most of you are aware that I'm fairly certain that I was royalty in a past life. Not only do I like crown, and thrones, and all thing splendid and extravagant, but I also really like people to do what I say. This is Empress Catherine the Greats' throne, which resides in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. It's just one of the fantastic and extravagant treasures to be seen on the "Russian Art Cruise to St. Petersburg" sponsored by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. If you're free August 7 - 14 this summer, there are still ten rooms left! Click on the throne to get more information.
Is old age an excuse for not wearing underwear? ... or, is it just less effective?
Finally, the mothers of JockMahoney, JohnnyWeissmuller, RonEly, and JamesPierce let them all out to play together on the same Saturday afternoon. I wonder how many were screaming, "mommy, mommy! watch me swing so high!"

I hope this is a shot of Edith Head making a gown for Bette Davis ... or new bathroom curtains. Whichever, she - and the fabric! - look marvelous.
Don't these floral arrangments look straight from the Versailles court of Marie Antoinette?! They were posted on Donna's amazingly creative entertaining blog, Party Wishes, and I just couldn't resist them. Love those plumes!

"I just couldn't decide what to wear. My sloppy ugly muumuu, or my ugly, sloppy, lazy pajama bottoms. So I figured I'd just wear them both and make a really cute little outfit."

Ah. Does anything just scream "Entertainment!" like performing geese and musical donkeys?
I'm pretty sure that whatever you did with that plaid skirt and the mess going on underneath has just ruined picnics for people across the globe. And I bet every night, without understanding why, you cry to yourself ...

Ladies! Know your rights!

He represents the Lollipop Guild. The Lollypop Guild. The Lollypop guild. And in the name oooooooooof the Lollipop Guild. He wants to welcome you to Frozen Foods.

Ah! We haven't gone shopping in a while! Let's head out for some window gazing ...

This 18th century wedding armoire is from Normandy France. Decorated with turtle doves, grapes, branches and flowers, it was commissioned for a wealthy vineyard owner's daughter as a wedding gift. I want to fill it with lovely old leather first editions and all the beautiful vintage and antique inspired gifts and swaps and prizes I've won from bloggers! Or my underwear and socks - whichever.

How about a late 19th century hand cut Venetian glass chandelier? This Italian beauty is only six feet high, so I would only have to raise the roof four feet to accommodate it in the dining room.
Okay. Here's a treat I would really love to own! From early 20th century France, this J&P Horse Racing game is only 6" x 10" x10" ... I am totally enchanted with it!
This mid-20th-century sign is really dynamite! It's over six feet tall - has all the aged patina of a vintage sign and all newly restored neon. Trust me, you don't want to know how badly I would love to have this over my bathtub!
A gorgeous pair of late 19th century crystal and marble girandoles. These are so beautiful; they could even be fashion accessories - I mean, can't you see them as earrings on Joan Collins?
From 1740 England, we have this exquisite piece of Spitalfields brocaded silk. The silk floral design is brocaded in polychrome. The 39" x 21" strip of fabric (about 1/2 yard) can be yours for a mere $3,500. At approximately $7,000 a yard, this is the most expensive fabric I've ever seen - or heard of. You know what's really weird? I think it's worth every penny.I can't even say anthing...
I agree with this little fella - under threat of physical harm, get home and change your damn pants!

Ah oh - another royal treasure! Maybe if when I am crowned King of the World I will be able to use this Indian litter to be carried to my coronation. I hope I have very very strong slave/litter bearers.
Now I'm not saying this woman is a prostitute. I'm only saying that to be able to buy these pants and wear them in public, you have to be a prostitute.
Well, I must go get to the studio. I made a big bowl of ham salad. And you know what that means! More Day-of-the-Dead-Ham-Can shrines just around the corner. I'll post pics when I've finished them up.

Thanks for spending some time here with me today. I hope you've found something beautiful to see ...

... and found something to make you chuckle.

Before checking out for the day, be sure to click the image below to sign up for the free custom greeting cards being provided for one lucky winner from our sponsor UPrinting.com Be sure to see how to get multiple chances to win!

Now, go make something beautiful!
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