Sunday, March 1, 2009

Words to live by ...

Well, I don't really believe it, myself. But I do think these words by actor and interior designer Billy Haines are pretty passionate about what he cares most about! He rather makes it difficult to not take him seriously about style, doesn't it?! Personally, I would love to have ultra-refined taste...but, frankly, I'd prefer love AND money! With enough loving care and money, I'll buy the taste or be so in love I won't care if I have it or not!

Going through my ACEO's this morning, to grab a piece that has been sold, I found this one - and decided I really liked it and will keep it. Sometimes I do that. I'll create something, and by the time I'm finished I'm already thinking about the next project and forget that I really like what I'm working on. I'm especially fond of this one because I've used some of the art paper I make - and still really like after making about one hundred sheets over the past year!

I only just discovered the incredibly beautiful hand-marbled papers (and fabrics) by Iris Nevinse. I spent way too much time at her website perusing (and filling up a shopping cart!) with these lovely papers.

Ahhhh! Another give-away! Anne Huskey-Lockard of El Milagro Studio gave me the heads up about the give-away at The Yarn Exhibitionist. I don't knit - but I have to admit this is one luscious skein of yarn! It reminds me of a circus-fantasy version of twisted bakery twine. I'm sure the craftsman would be horrified to hear it described as such - but I consider it a great compliment! Click on the skein to enter!
Yesterday I told you all about the circus soiree happening over at The Carnival Soiree next month. As you see, I already have the designer working on the kitchen/family room to get it in the mood for the soiree! Isn't she doing a bang up job?! I still have a hat to make (in addition to the fab hat I have to make for the Mad Hatter Tea Party Event at Fashion Is My Muse!) and a few altered poker chip "tokens." But, at least the designer is getting the interiors done!

and, finally, last but not least, a final party left-over from Pink Saturday yesterday. I had wanted to post this and lost it somewhere on the hard drive. I found it this morning, hiding in the wrong folder. I have no idea how it got there. But I didn't want to wait until next weekend to post it...I love this ad! I love that Helene named her cosmetics after alcoholic beverages. If you didn't look good, you could at least get good and soused!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend ... I'm off to watch "Vertigo" ... for the 73rd time. I think I like it, I really like it!

Thanks for visiting! Only 3 more followers, and I'm going to have a 50 member give-away! Be well, be creative, be kind, and always be ready for a good risque joke!
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peggy gatto said...

First of all, "I" remember helena and wore her lipsticks, the most wonderful names!
The atc reminds me of one of my pretty holy cards from high school(that's a compliment)
Made a hat, thanks to you...harder than I thought. I always gat that folding stuff sdrawkcab!
My dream is to have candance olson from divine design on hgtv...knock on my door and say, peggy, I'd love to design you a studio/office upstairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I absolutely LOVE the ACEO you posted; so much feeling and mood and, I don't know...I can't express it other than it speaks to me.
And the yarn? Doesn't it look like some wonderful pastry sprinkled with all those little colorful sugar goodies? (I soooo want that....)
And Yes, I remember Helena---especially the morning I took mom's when I was about four and put it all over my face before Mass.
She wasn't happy, but my make-up skills still require BRIGHT RED!!!!

Ingrid Mida said...

I signed up as a follower so you only have 2 more to go! (I meant to do it the other day but got diverted by my hat obsession.)
I just love pink champagne. It is my favourite drink of all.

Lisa Kettell said...

OMG, that yarn does look like it came straight from the bakery, beautiful and sweet too.

OH and when your designer is done decorating, send her my way, I love what she has done. I want a room in my house to look like that!

Magic and Joy!

bernadette ostrozovich said...

it's official, you are one of my teachers. you just bring joy and tidbits of wonderful-ness to my soul everytime i visit! bless you, dearie! love the aceo, too, but only, hey, what's an aceo?

LuLu Kellogg said...

I popped by to see if Dusty is now the cleanest Pom in New Haven :)

Hope you had a fabu weekend!


Viv said...

The ACEO is pretty damn good!
As for love, money and taste... if you've got the money who cares about taste??? You can be as tacky as you want! LOL
Ah but love??? Everbody needs love...