Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well, gang - what time is it? That's right! It's time for...

It's Saturday again! So get out your pink Nikes - or spiked heels, if that's your style - and let's go on a tour of all that's pink! Or, at the least ... some of it.

Now, first things first. Before we even start on our journey to the Bloggerland of Pink, you really must take a moment to listen to Kay Thompson explain what Pink Saturday is all about.
for some reason, when I embed the video, my blog page goes all wonky. So, I have to apologize. To hear Kay expound on the brilliance of all things pink, you'll have to go here:

Now that you're in the mood. Sit right down here next to la Liz (in all her pink splendor) and we'll start the tour of the day.

and remember...

So, first stop of the day ... Betsy Johnson's home. Now here is a woman who knows how to use pink! Sometimes (actually, most often) I find homes drenched in pink to resemble an accident with Pepto Bismol. But I think this is one stunning atelier! I really love the pops of black and chartreuse ... and that glass brick wall really blings the whole place up, doesn't it?

As long as we're visiting designers - get a load of this gown by Galliano for Christian Dior. Isn't it an awesome achievement of fabric craftsmanship? It reminds me of some of the extravagant concoctions in the new Marie magazine from Somerset Studio ... but this one is for real! I hope some spoiled rotten girl in Beverly Hills wears this to the prom. Just to cause a scene.

Ooooh! Look who just showed up, all razzle dazzled out in pink for Beverly's Pink Saturday, and is going to join us for the rest of our tour! Yes, indeed!, it's Carmen!

Well, the first thing I believe is going to knock off Ms. Miranda's shoes (okay, bad pun) is this pair of pink shoes by Christian Louboutin. I think they truly show the depth of insanity this designer exists in ... and it's a place that would be so swell to live! If you have never seen his website, you really should take the time to click here.

Even though most of today's pink offerings are contemporary (hey! no cracks about la Liz!), this special boudoir really needed to be included...I think this is where Liz and Carmen checked their make-up before starting our little tour today.

Oh! I'm so glad that we could pick this up along the way, so we'll have music to accompany us.

And, just in case you get tired, feel free to hop on for a ride...

Oh, no! Not another tour participant! Well, if she slaps me, she's gonna be seeing stars, and they won't be pink!

Well, let's take a walk in a special garden that I'm just positive la Liz, Carmen and Zsa Zsa are gong to love as much as I do! Is this the result of a gardener with a pink thumb?

ah oh. I think the Pink Flamingo garden was too much for the ladies...they seem to be hitting the

I guess they're getting worn out from this lengthy tour. I suppose I should wrap it up - I must remember that even though they're looking fab and in the pink, these ladies aren't exactly spring chickens any more - they must be tired. I'll just leave you with one more mosaic of pink goodies for this week.

So, now you must go to Beverly's Pink Saturday and see all the other cool stuff that is being offered by those participating! Have a terrific day ... and, hopefully, after completely overdosing on pink splendors, you'll still have time to make something fabulous today - maybe in pink!(?)

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥
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