Friday, March 6, 2009

Pink *Hollywood Regency* Saturday

I've always loved Hollywood Regency. It's certainly way too over-the-top for me to actually live with. But, nonetheless, it always conjures up images of old Hollywood glamour and silver screen sophistication.

Usually, when one thinks of pink Hollywood Regency, what comes to mind is that famous - er, infamous - pink bathroom of Jayne Mansfield with the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling pink carpeting and the heart shaped tub. But that's not what I want to share today. I want to share some photos of real Hollywood Regency in Pink.

So, what is Hollywood Regency. Now, if you look it up on eBay, you will find offerings that include everything from classic art nouveau and art deco to 1950's retro moderne. That isn't exactly what the designers had in mind when the Hollywood Regency was all the rage.
What is Hollywood Regency? What makes up this style? As it turns out, to master the style onemust be a master of the mix. The look is clean - extra tchotckes have a purpose and stand out - they don’t collect dust as a bunch of tacky clutter. Influences are Asian, Moroccan, European Art Deco, Chippendale, Dorothy Draper, David Hicks, Billy Baldwin, Billy Haines, the Rat Pack, a bit of traditional and a dash of hippie chic. (from
I also love what David Adler had to say about Hollywood Regency:

I define Hollywood Regency as Neo-classical lines mixed with Hollywood glamour and a top note of mod moxie. Hollywood Regency was a style of architecture and decoration popular in the 60s in LA that was a revival of classical regency style through a modern lens. Hollywood Regency added a layer of pattern and decoration and opulence and glamour to the minimalism of mid-century modernism.

I think that the current rage for Hollywood Regency is a reaction to the Christian Liaigre-ish minimalism that has been pervasive for the last several years. Design was starting to look a bit dour and grey and joyless and I think people had simply had enough. So, Hollywood Regency has become a catch-all name to describe design that thumbs its nose at minimalism in favor of classical references and lots of decoration. As for the mirrors and bamboo and Asiana and chrome, those are all design elements that figured into Hollywood Regency style the first time around and I think they’re back because they’re decorative and glamorous.

What I've always loved about it are the shiny mirror surfaces, the clean lines and the bursts of rococo extravagances that pull the punch and glamour into the room. And the colors that accent these rooms - turquoises, hot pinks, oranges, and rich royal purples. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise to those who know my work to hear I like the jewel tone colors - and lots of 'em!
Even though I don't really relish living with pink furniture, these chairs would look pretty posh flanking a mirror-faced fireplace, wouldn't they?
I don't think there's a non-pink color in this entire room! From the fabric swagged ceiling to the upholstered walls to the portiers between the two rooms, this place is PINK. In all caps. Probably in itallics and bold, as well. Somehow it all works. I know my sister would kill for this bedroom!
I remember my grandmother had a Victorian version of this chair in her bedroom. She called it her tete a tete. We used to love to sit in it and talk about important things. Like how to get out of my grandmother's house and get outside to play. This pink and black zebra print s-bench would be wonderful in a Hollywood Regency design with lots of plexi-glass and ebony and mirrors!
Another hallmark of Hollywood Regency was using one HUGE patterned (usually graphic) wallpaper on one wall. I used to think the "accent wall" was an invention by those designers in the 60's who insisted we all live in avocado and burnt orange environments - but actually it started long before that.
And here's an uber-fab Hollywood Regency stool by the Regency Grande Dame herself, Dorothy Draper.
What can I say? Here's a vignette with all the hallmarks of a Pink Hollywood Regency room!

Can I just say, I'd move into this living room in half no-time! It just knocks me out! And I know Dusty would love living on that lovely slipper chair!

Here is contemporary rendering of Hollywood Regency. Over the top and lavish and extravagant - and juuuuuuust a touch tacky. As Gloria Vanderbilt said, the one touch of tacky in a well-designed room is the paprika of a recipe. Even though it's simple and rather common, it's the finishing touch to the sauce that makes it what it is!

Now, really, you know me well enough - you didn't really think that I was going to end Pink Saturday without posting Jayne's bathroom, did you?!
Enjoy the rest of your Pink Saturday! Be sure to stop at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound to see who else is participating this week!


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hey Tristan,what a great pink post ! Love all of the chairs and the pic of Jayne . Love the zebra fabric with the pink.

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

I feel the need to paint a chair or something pink now! Happy Pink Saturday


My name is Riet said...

Wow that is a lot of pink. Very much pink. LOL What can i say, happy pink Saturday

Nancy said...

Happy Pink Saturday! I almost forgot about this style. Great piece.

Anonymous said...

They look so luxurious that I'm afraid I'd mess them up.

My faves?

The chairs where you said it'll look god near the fireplace. I just like the design.

Th S-shaped bench but not in zebra stripes :-)

Like the bed with pale pink color

Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Tristan, this is a fantastic review of the Hollywood Regency era. I actually remember at bit of this influence from the early sixties.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Jennifer said...

Love all the Pink! All I have to say is I wonder if they vacuumed Jayne's bathroom with a Pink vacuum?!!! Although who wouldn't want to take a bath in a Heart tub!
Thank you for sharing and all the informative info!

suesueb said...

love all the pink and info but that black chandelier is what i'd want!! thanks for sharing and happy pink week! p.s. i'd never seen a pic of jayne bathrrom-wow!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. Happy Pink Saturday1

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the TV & Movie Era of this style. It reminds me of the magazine my Mom would have. I loved the Rat Pack, the alure of Mansfield & Monroe, Garbo & Gable. I could live in some of those rooms!!
Thanks for the memories!!
Love Ya',
p.s. My parents had a sense of humor for the named me after Marilyn Monroe... I kid you not!!

Pink Slippers said...

Happy PINK Saturday!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Lovely Pink1

Anonymous said...

WOW! What gorgeous pinkness. Happy Pink Saturday to you!!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Wonderful pinkies today! Thanks so much for sharing. Pink Saturday is always so much fun for me. You get to know the bloggers and also get so many great ideas for your home and for your he♥rt, too.

I'm swooning looking at all that pink!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Well, you stole the pink show today!
This is such a great post!
Informative, great photos...

Thank you!

~ Gabriela ~

Betzie said...

Such a fun and interesting post!!! AND you saved the best til last!!! Loved it!!! Thank-you! :))

KBeau said...

I never knew there was a style called Hollywood Regency. Thanks for the lesson.

Shayla said...

I hadn't heard of Hollywood Regency before and I love the idea of clean lines with a bit of glamour. Some of those photos are just gorgeous. Must say though, that bathroom is the epitome of kitsch ;)

Loretta said...

I've never heard of Hollywood Regency, but I do love those PINK chairs. Wow. What neat photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tristan! How I loved this little lesson in Hollywood Regency! I've been trying to create a classic 40's Hollywoodish look in my own bedroom and gave up, you've re-inspired me! I won't be going pink but lots of silver and mirrors...I'll let you know how it goes.
I'm also loving your Babe of the Day, I'm a sucker for Marilynn, Jane, etc.
Thanks so much!

Glennis said...

You're right, just a touch of tacky makes it perfect!!! I love that stuff. Since I'm living here, I should go out and find some more Hollywood tacky-elegance!

Love Jayne's bathroom - except, really, I don't think that tub would be very comfy!

Gina M Smith said...

Found you from Lisa Kettell and have seen you around ARTchix. Very nice blog! Excellent writing- always nice to visit a blog with proper spelling and grammar- makes everything so much nicer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tristan, outstanding pink today with great text, borrowed and your own. Great info about Hollywood Regency design. I enjoyed every photo especially Jayne Mansfield's bathroom. What an untimely end to her life.

Thanks for your kind comment about Trippy. I also love poms and they too, are very intelligent. My friends have a pom that is brilliant.

Have a great day.

Jeanne...backyard neighbor

RobinfromCA said...

I think I've finally seen rooms that have overdone the pink thing! Seriously, just give me that Dorthy Draper stool and the carpet from the second photo with a mirrored Venetian vanity and we could have the makings of a fabulous bedroom!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Teacup Mosaics said...

Who knew, not me but now I do. Great post I think decorating with pink is over the top and that is just the way I like it.
Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend.

studioJudith said...

That's one tricked out tete a tete!
I,too, could move right in to the living room with the zebra rug in front of the pink chaise ...
great post - JJjjj

Angela said...

Not only perfectly pink but educational! Love your post!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Lara said...

a totally different persective on pink for me! thank you for visiting my page and eading me here!

Elyse said...

wow -- that is some bathroom!

thank you for the VeRy FuN comment on my blog.

happiest PS!

Anonymous said...


All I can say is "That's alot of pink". Did you know that Mariska Hargitay, the star of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was the daughter of Jayne Mansfield? I was really surprised to read that!

Happy Pink Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Your comment about trying to get out of your grandmas house made me laugh. I used to do the same thing! Love all your pinks.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful pinkness here today! Love Dorothy Drapers little bench. I used to have a dollhouse that had one of those (in red) & it was one of my favorite pieces.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Angelic Accents

SmilingSally said...

I'd never seen a picture of Jayne Mansfield's famous bathroom. Thanks. Happy Pink Saturday!

HiHo said...

your post have given me lots of inspiration for my shop and my blog, love it!
happy pink, Heidi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting me - here I am back again! You are right....great minds. What is the name of the shop in CT?

Terri said...

Just goes to show ya take one photo in a blonde wig standing in a heart shapped tub and it get spread through out the internet.

Thanks for sharing all you hollyood pink with us.

Happy Pink Day!

Betty said...

What a treat to visit here today. From Thanis Tsouanas to pink leopard print chairs. I love everything!!
♥Happy Pink Saturday♥

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Happy Pink Saturday! What an interesting post. I never knew what Hollywood Regency was until now. I think my favorites are the living room that you would move into in a heartbeat and I love the black chandelier over the white table. What a lovely contrast but with one black chair. pink hugs, Ellen

Anonymous said...

Hi Tristan and it's so nice to meet you! Wow, you've really a nice post on this great Pink Saturday! I love Jane Mansfield's bathroom, poor tragic soul she was!
Thanks for popping in to see me. I have to admit, I don't get many male visitors!! Hope you'll come back sometimes and join me in my silliness!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;(

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, just kill me now!!!! I want to move in to each room!! Love it, great post!!!

Willnnabel said...

Gosh such stunning photos. I love the pale pink bed and the black chandelier amongst all the soft pink. I will take that lovely chasie.

(Love the music too)

Happy Pink Saturday.

I am sorry I was late to post so please stop back as you commented on a previous post before my Pink one went up!

Anonymous said...

fantabulous finds! gorgeous chase!

Kris said...

That is one over the top bathroom. Hmmmm' no need to towel off just roll on the carpet until your dry. hahaha!

I love the black bench in the first photo. The S bench is really cool, I think it would be fun in a gameroom.

Also love the black chandy.

Great post...keep em' coming. I always enjoy your pinks.


Deanna said...

Hi Tristan,
I do remember this decor but my goodness, I hadn't given it a thought in years. I do enjoy it and I loved the two asymmetrical chairs.

I think Jayne had all her decor in her Pink home on Sunset Blvd in PINK! Pink and heart shaped. I think even her rear was probably heart shaped as well!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday!
Deanna :D

Anonymous said...

Tristan ~ Thanks for the info on "whimsy". I'll let you know if I order something.....thanks for the offer to mail it.

Unknown said...

Hi Tristan,
I learned alot in your post! Very informative and pretty.

Hope u had a wonderful day,

KatCollects said...

Love this post, thank you for the lesson in Hollywood Regency. But I am thinking all of my bunny tchotchkes would be considered dust collecting tacky clutter, LOL. The only room in this house that might even come close to Hollywood Regency is my 13 year old Daughters room. Hot pink walls in 2 different shades, Hot pink sheets, Black and white chandelier designed bedding, round mirrors all over the walls, and hot pink chair. I am loving that pink chaise, hmmmm is that what they are called? Great post.

Unknown said...

I love these rooms, what an enchanting place, but then again California is amazing. My sister used to live in L.A. for many years. That chandelier is incredible too!
Happy Pink Saturday,

Anonymous said...

Wow! Happy Pink Saturday! Love Jane's tub.

Hugs :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by...Thanks for sharing the Hollwood Regency...Learn something new...Love Jayne bathroom..and the pink chase....Happy Pink

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

I have to say that although I adore the color pink...I couldn't live with that style. It's a delight to look at admire for its design aesthetic but but for me that's it. I've never liked mirrored or shiny and no OTT animal prints. I wouldn't have made a good ROYAL either because I would probably have preferred what was considered lower class. HA!
Hand hewn wooden dining tables over overly carved monstrosities....things like that. Hmmm. maybe I was a peasant in another life...still am I guess. HA!
BUT having said all that I would definitely LOVE that pink chaise!!!!

Marina Capano said...

Lovely pink post!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Ingrid Mida said...

How fabulous!
Thanks for posting this. Now I know there is a name for what I like.
I would love to host a "tea" party in a room like this. Of course, we'd be having pink champagne!

Claudia said...

What a fantastic pink post! I remember hearing about Jayne's pink tub and heart-shaped swimming pool when I was a kid and being fascinated by it. Love all the info about Hollywood Regency. Happy Pink Saturday!

Susie Jefferson said...

Wow! Simply stunning, very decadent (I love the bedroom vignettes especially). And thanks for the little history lesson, truly fascinating!

Happy Pink Saturday.

bernadette ostrozovich said...

see??? everybody knows you're a fab teacher, not just me! where the heck else would we find a pic of jayne mansfield's bathroom??? thanks for being you! :)

Dawn said...

Awesome pink post! If only we all could live with this wonderful stuff! Happy belated PS!

ceecee said...

I must come back to view all the Pink! On my way out to take a drive on this gorgeous day but just wanted to say how delighted I was that you knew of Cornelia! I did know the info - just didn't add it all - and I'm so glad you did so that people will see it in your comment. Tab Hunter!!! So funny. Isn't theatre great?

Anonymous said...

Well sir,you are definitely MY winner today.Which means nothing except to me and perhaps to you.Each week I pick MY winner,The one I think is the best.Man you outdid your self.This is all awesome.....Ann sorry i'm late.I was tied up with dr.,stuff.ugh....

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy Pink Saturday Tristan!
I know, I'm a little late, but better late than never, as they say! Love the pink chair and of course, Jayne's bathroom! I have posted your Give-Away button on my blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sir.


Fifi Flowers said...

FABULOUS post... I ADORE this style!!! Some GREAT chairs too! Sooooo FASHIONABLE!!!
BTW... I posted my painted chairs on my Fashion Friday party!

Jorgelina said...

Hi Tristan!!!
That is some bathroom!
Happy Pink Saturday

Anonymous said...

Here is Georgie's blog he loves comments.

Elaine said...

I never heard of Hollywood Regency before I read your post I love the style. Your blog is amazing, I'll be back.

Betty said...

That was so interesting. I'm glad I didn't make my way over to your blog until today when I had more time to read and study. I've decided that Jane's bathroom must have been very quiet with all that rug to absorb any noise. I doubt she could hear the doorbell ring.

~*~Patty S said...

Brilliant, enlightening and eye popping pink post! Your Pink Saturday and mine are pretty much ying and yang LOL :)
Happy Belated Pink Saturday!

Nancy said...

Great information on Hollywood Regency. How have I missed your blog before now - it's so interesting! :)Nancy

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

A delightful post and thank you so much for posting Jaynes bathroom.Hugs Marie Antionette

Gossamer Creations said...

Beautiful photos ! Love your post !
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that Jonathan Adler has decorated a pink house on the beach at Malibu in honor of Barbie's 50th birthday. Today is the grand opening party bash. If you go to & click on the "50th" box, you'll be transferred to another 'adult Barbie' website to see about all the festivaties. There aren't any pics up of the house yet, but I did see a pic online of the closet (100 pink shoes). I can't wait to see the rest of the house. I know Barbie isn't your thing, but I think this will be worth it. There is also a link to the store window in NYC.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that Jonathan Adler has decorated a pink house on the beach at Malibu in honor of Barbie's 50th birthday. Today is the grand opening party bash. If you go to & click on the "50th" box, you'll be transferred to another 'adult Barbie' website to see about all the festivaties. There aren't any pics up of the house yet, but I did see a pic online of the closet (100 pink shoes). I can't wait to see the rest of the house. I know Barbie isn't your thing, but I think this will be worth it. There is also a link to the store window in NYC.

ceecee said...

Popped back in to view the pink bon-bons. I love that black chandelier. If I'm not mistaken it is in the Dior boutique in Paris too - or maybe it's their offices. Je ne sais pas. I really like what you've done with your site. The March Hare is terrific - love how the paper slides behind him. Now I want to watch Alice in Wonderland.
Have a creative Art Monday, Tristan.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

This is my first visit to your lovely blog....The collection of those Fabulous Pinks are amazing and I love every darn one of them....I was looking over your blog and it is very interesting...I love that cool are.....I will be back to really take my time and read it....
Mo :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Where can I get a bed/couch thing like that one in the picture of the living room with the wood floor, white ceilings and tiger rug? Help! Love it!