Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been absent for a couple days ...

so, you'll have to forgive me if this post gets a tad rambling. I mean, my posts lean towards the rambling anyway, so this one will probably exceed the normal ramble. (See what I mean?)

Okay, Spring has baaaaaaarely made it into New England. I did snap a couple of photos of my little condo garden as things are beginning to poke their little heads up through the earth. Unless you're a green thumber, you probably won't recognize these little merlot coloured shoots. It is the very very beginning of what will become my four foot Bleeding Hearts bush by June. Bleeding Hearts and Lilies of the Valley are two of my absolute favorite old-fashion garden flowers - and I'm always amazed that this Bleeding Hearts get so remarkably large! We actually have to prune it back from the sidewalk like a shrub! The other images are other goodies starting to poke up and bloom - and far more recognizable! Are you impressed that I actually got down on my knees in the mud and took a from-the-ground view of the Snowdrops so that they looked redwood forest height?

I had to snap this sign in the grocery ... I am titling it "Sign of the Times" and sending it to Jay Leno for his outrageous ads segment. Notice anything bizarre - and so sad - about this sign? Forgive the bad quality - phone camera, you know!
So. What have I been up to the past couple days? I cut and assembled this Wizard of the Oz quilt top. It's about 66" square - and not quilted yet. I think I'll put it on Flea Market Friday as it is, and then if it's not sold, put it in my Etsy shop after it's quilted and bound. The fabrics are all quite nice and cheerful and it was fun to put together. A few friends dropped in and saw me working on it and were rather astounded that I was making something so - well - normal. I have to admit, it's unusual for me to make something so traditional. But I wanted to add some more traditional works into my Etsy shop, and, really!, what is more traditional than The Wizard of Oz?!
These next photos are just for us paper arts folk. This is a remarkable piece circa 1870-1880. It's a 19th century lithographed paper farm house with landscape detailing under glass with a wooden frame. The whole thing is only 8" high x 9" deep x 12" wide. That's really small for so much detail. I found it at the 1st Dibs Saturday Sale that is held every week. To purchase this rare beauty for a mere $450! (I think it's a pretty good price, actually) just click here. That will take you to the website; on the right side, click on "Saturday Sale." This listing is about 3/4 of the way down on the first page.

I just love love love this little mirror pond in the side yard!
Now, if you haven't seen this video yet, take a moment to watch it. It's got information that is astounding, awesome, frightening, humbling and jaw-dropping. As an American, I feel a great sense of loss...though I'm not sure why. Even though I've always espoused the need to be one village and one world to truly prosper, I've always thought it from the position of being the #1 nation in the world. The view from here is quite different...even though I believe the same way, of course.

And, finally, we all know that movie stars and models keep getting put in stranger and stranger locales for photo shoots. This photo set up is decidedly quirky. If you know the model and the situation being shot, leave your answer below. There will be a little prize for the first correct answer! (and I do mean little!) If it will help you, click on the picture for a larger image.
Now - go make something beautiful!

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Sue said...

Raising hand and waving frantically! I know! I know!

That incredibly hot looking "model" was in a cell and sadly
waiting to be hung for being a conspirator in Abe
Lincoln's assasination. His name was Lewis Payne, he was in his early 20s and this was around 1965.

I saw this pic several years ago and was so taken by how modern this fellow looked. Sad and haunting.

Tristan, your pics are wonderful and as to that
lithographed farm house, oh

now to go watch your video.

Sue said...

Scratch the 1965 above to 1865. Bad typo.

Sue said...

At the risk of being a comment-hog, just wanted to say one thing about the video....


Tristan Robin said...

Sue - you are dead-on target! Good on you!

I think he looks AMAZINGLY contemporary! He could have just walked off a Dolce & Gabbano photo shoot!

Email me your snail mail and I'll ship you off a little goodie in honor of your knowledge! :-)

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

I love Bleeding Hearts as well. Sadly, they don't do well here in the faux-desert (Zone 9).

Amazing photograph!

Love the new quilt!

HiHo said...

had missed your get me thinking every post.

mo.stoneskin said...

That farmhouse is incredible! of course, I make something like that all the time...

Diana said...

1965?? think you may mean 1865? just checking lol maybe I need more coffee? :)

Nancy said...

Love the video info. Quite a sale on those avocados. I'd like to have the regular price here in Stowe, though. Fan of your quilts.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Loved the small house! My Bleeding Hearts are still asleep!
Gotta' run... DH home today & he is makin' me breakfast!! Woo- Hoo, I love it when someone else cooks even if I have to clean up!! I always tell him that the stove looks like I should call the firemen to clean it!! LOL!!
Anyway, Tristan, hope you have a very productive day!
Love Ya',

DollZandThingZ said...

Thanks for posting that video. Thanks, too, for posting about signs of spring in the NH area. Gives me hope that I will see some sprouts soon a little north of there. Your posts are just the best--and that photgraph is stunning.

Deanna said...

Yep, it's Lewis Thornton Powell. Sue wins! Way to go Sue!

Great post Tristan!

Deanna :D

Deanna said...

Oh and I forgot....I think you should sent the avocado ad to Jay!

Dee :D

Glennis said...

Your first commenter spilled the beans, but I knew the photo immediately - was raised with a book of Brady photos in my house. Talk about sick. I looked at Andersonville prisoners pictures when I was eight years old.

This guy, I always felt so sorry for him because he looked so young, and I didn't understand the connection he had to the assasination.

Oh - and bleeding hearts? Do you know they're also sometimes called "Lady in a Bathtub?" if you've never heard that before, email me and I'll tell you why.

Anonymous said...

Lewis Payne was hot. Looking at his pictures made me forget how disturbing the facts mentioned in the video you posted were.
Your new quilt is uber fab!
Also let me thank you for the darling comment you left on my page :)

Robin said...

I'll second that.....he was hot. But I must confess, I had no clue who he was and for what he posed. :-/
As for that video.....that was flying about months before it was placed on YouTube. And with that.....all those figures are now wrong......changed.....old......outdated always changing....and still the world turns.
$.00 savings with card...ha!....I think I shop this store.
Hope your day is a beautiful one.

peggy gatto said...

I adore lily of the valley and forget me nots!!!
Is he sitting on the edge of a wine bottle at the top lip???
Thanks for all the goodies tis morning!!

peggy gatto said... jail huh....Was I crazy or what?????

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

$0 saved! lol! I love it when Leno does that bit!

Bleeding hearts...sigh...I love them, but here in the Southwest, they don't do so

I brought my son over to watch the You Tube video..he was amazed!

I LOVE the paper farmhouse:) I absolutely love it!

ahhh...leaving with a smile...again:)

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello Tristan Robin Blakeman, It is indeed Spring.I also love Bleeding hearts. I'm trying to find me a pink one.I have the white with the red in the center,Beautiful. No I'm not a paper artist, but I do appreciate this darling old farm house. Its so rustic, and you are right , so much detail. I enjoyed the Did you know short film. That really was interesting. I do not know the model or subject matter, But he is cute so he brought a smile to this middle aged lady's face. Once again I've enjoyed my visit. Marie Antionette

Anonymous said...

Whew!! Where to start??? First off I absolutely love, love, love, Lilies of the Valley. I want to plant some sooooo bad but...alas it seems I cannot find them anywhere here. I'm gonna try Google to see if I can find some to plant.

Second, I think your Wizard of Oz quilt is a wonderful idea for Friday Flea Market and all the better if you just finish it out right. Good choice. I am still honoring my Easter sale this week with (sigh) no signs of a sale as of yet.

Third, Your sign, is weird because it really isn't on sale!!! The avocados cost the same regularly as they do on sale (Whats with that?)

Fourth, If I didn't think United States was at the bottom of the totem pole I sure do now!! How depressing to see how we fare with other countries. Pitiful.

Fifth, I have not a clue who the dude in your picture is but he sure could use some new threads...and such a look of depression and despair...sitting on I don't know what.... LOL


Malisa said...

Well, isn't Sue the smarty pants? :)

I have missed you while you have been gone! You have some of the best vintage photos!

Just wanted to say...did Adam kick ass last night or what? Wow! His looks, his sound...everything was spot on! Go, Adam, go, Adam, go, Adam!


Unknown said...

Those facts on youtube really made mw think and made me worry too! I sent your circus token and goodies today :)

Sandy xox

Anonymous said...

Look at your plants, they're starting to come out. Basing on the colors, they'll definitely bloom beautifully.

The tag on those avocadoes - save zero lol. When you snapped that photo, did you ask somebody at the store?

saw the video - amazing! What does it mean? For one, I'd say it is true what they say that CHANGE is the only thing PERMANENT in this world :-)

Congratulations Sue!

ArtSparker said...

Actually looks a lot like Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas).

Nelly said...

Love your quilts! Your flowers are so wonderful; I can't wait for Spring to really spring. Very interesting post; full of neat information. I had no idea about the photo, but glad someone did.

Gabriela said...

Hello Tristan,

This is indeed a great post!
Can't wait to see your garden!

~ Gabriela ~

Elizabeth Golden said...

Sad picture/ great handcuffs