Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been absent for a couple days ...

so, you'll have to forgive me if this post gets a tad rambling. I mean, my posts lean towards the rambling anyway, so this one will probably exceed the normal ramble. (See what I mean?)

Okay, Spring has baaaaaaarely made it into New England. I did snap a couple of photos of my little condo garden as things are beginning to poke their little heads up through the earth. Unless you're a green thumber, you probably won't recognize these little merlot coloured shoots. It is the very very beginning of what will become my four foot Bleeding Hearts bush by June. Bleeding Hearts and Lilies of the Valley are two of my absolute favorite old-fashion garden flowers - and I'm always amazed that this Bleeding Hearts get so remarkably large! We actually have to prune it back from the sidewalk like a shrub! The other images are other goodies starting to poke up and bloom - and far more recognizable! Are you impressed that I actually got down on my knees in the mud and took a from-the-ground view of the Snowdrops so that they looked redwood forest height?

I had to snap this sign in the grocery ... I am titling it "Sign of the Times" and sending it to Jay Leno for his outrageous ads segment. Notice anything bizarre - and so sad - about this sign? Forgive the bad quality - phone camera, you know!
So. What have I been up to the past couple days? I cut and assembled this Wizard of the Oz quilt top. It's about 66" square - and not quilted yet. I think I'll put it on Flea Market Friday as it is, and then if it's not sold, put it in my Etsy shop after it's quilted and bound. The fabrics are all quite nice and cheerful and it was fun to put together. A few friends dropped in and saw me working on it and were rather astounded that I was making something so - well - normal. I have to admit, it's unusual for me to make something so traditional. But I wanted to add some more traditional works into my Etsy shop, and, really!, what is more traditional than The Wizard of Oz?!
These next photos are just for us paper arts folk. This is a remarkable piece circa 1870-1880. It's a 19th century lithographed paper farm house with landscape detailing under glass with a wooden frame. The whole thing is only 8" high x 9" deep x 12" wide. That's really small for so much detail. I found it at the 1st Dibs Saturday Sale that is held every week. To purchase this rare beauty for a mere $450! (I think it's a pretty good price, actually) just click here. That will take you to the website; on the right side, click on "Saturday Sale." This listing is about 3/4 of the way down on the first page.

I just love love love this little mirror pond in the side yard!
Now, if you haven't seen this video yet, take a moment to watch it. It's got information that is astounding, awesome, frightening, humbling and jaw-dropping. As an American, I feel a great sense of loss...though I'm not sure why. Even though I've always espoused the need to be one village and one world to truly prosper, I've always thought it from the position of being the #1 nation in the world. The view from here is quite different...even though I believe the same way, of course.

And, finally, we all know that movie stars and models keep getting put in stranger and stranger locales for photo shoots. This photo set up is decidedly quirky. If you know the model and the situation being shot, leave your answer below. There will be a little prize for the first correct answer! (and I do mean little!) If it will help you, click on the picture for a larger image.
Now - go make something beautiful!

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