Friday, April 6, 2018

Well... it LOOKS normal ...

It's a safe bet that this home in the small coastal town of Newport, Oregon is the only one — here, or anywhere — with an armorial flag behind which the 10th Earl of Shannon marched for 32 years in processions.

The late earl himself lived at this address with his wife, now the Dowager Countess of Shannon. She sold the home in June 2016 for $400,000.
Unassuming from the outside, the three-bedroom, three-bath home resembles a medieval castle on the inside, where two small foyers are wallpapered with moire silk. In the kitchen, you expect to see a king tipping back a pint of mead alongside his Venetian glassware and copper pot collection.

A great room worthy of Valhalla boasts an ornate beamed ceiling, from which hangs an imperious chandelier and below which sits a grand piano, a four-foot oriental vase and stained-glass windows, some dating to the 1700s.
"She had the house before she married him," listing agent Bonnie Saxton of Advantage Real Estate said of the countess. "It's just incredible ... There's a door in the kitchen from 1904 that a preacher traded for a car with Henry Ford."

The regal decor continues in the master suite, where French cathedral windows are set into birch paneling and the ceiling features a mural of Jesus Christ's transfiguration on the mount.

The en suite bathroom is fit for a kin — or a Monty Python sketch — with 1800s stained-glass windows alongside a large hot tub with gold-seeming fittings.
Well, that is certainly a case of taking a sow's ear and turning it into a silk purse - a royal one at that!

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 To be honest, I don't remember where I found these delightful matchbox puppet theatres. Maybe on a blog hop while blog hopping, maybe on Pinterest, maybe somebody sent an Instagram. I'm only sorry that I can't remember the artist's name to share. But, aren't they just enchanting?!


JP Bloch said...

I'd feel so at ease in this house, and love the fact that you can't see any of it from the outisde.

Janet Ghio said...

How interesting and you are right you would never suspect what is inside!

Michele Bilyeu said...
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Little Wandering Wren said...

Wow the outside is definitely understated compared with inside. Make's me realise how I need to be bolder with colours! How rich and regal!
Wren x

Jeanie said...

Which just goes to show that with a good decorator or decorating flair and all the right stuff -- and a brave and courageous spirit -- you can indeed turn a nice if not particularly exciting home into quite the dramatic piece. Who would know -- and where do you find these! Bravo!