Friday, August 19, 2016

Alice's Challenge from The Queen of Hearts Dessert Fair

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is often used as the motif for themed cafes and restaurants in Japan, namely for its fantastical blend of quirky characters and the curious world in which the story unfolds. The Hilton Tokyo, located in Shinjuku, is also a fan, and from September 3rd, the hotel will be offering an Alice in Wonderland-themed dessert buffet inside its Marble Lounge for Alice and dessert lovers everywhere.
The buffet, officially titled “Alice’s Challenge From The Queen Of Hearts,” will offer around 30 different desserts that will all transport you to the world of Alice and the Queen.

Many of the desserts are reminiscent of specific scenes from the Disney movie, such as the fruity Card Tarts with white chocolate ganache and your choice of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or cherries, the Paint It Red Roll Cake adorned with red and white roses much like those painted by the Queen, and the extravagant Queen’s Chocolate Fountain.
This gorgeous buffet will last until October 31st, with the second part of the dessert fair including sweets, sandwiches, pastas, and pies to celebrate this year’s Halloween. Whether an Alice in Wonderland fan or not, this scrumptious buffet is sure to satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth.

Alice’s Challenge From The Queen Of Hearts Dessert Fair
Location: Hilton Tokyo, Marble Lounge
Date: 9/3~10/31/2016
Time: 2:30PM~5:30PM
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peggy gatto said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous and delicious idea!!

Betsy Skagen said...

Are you entering this? I know you would nail it. Despite all my art work, every time I try to frost a cake it turns out to be a gigantic disaster.