Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ready for a Little Fantasy Pottery on this Saturday Morning?

Something a little new, different - and exciting! - today. I just discovered the work of Mitchell Grafton, and have been admiring it and now decided you should have the chance to applaud his work, too!

I know his style is a little out of my normal comfort zone box! Usually, I'm attracted to work that has been inspired by the past - or even assemblages and collages created with actual vintage pieces.

But, no question, Mr. Grafton's work is contemporary - even futuristic. Though, on several pieces, there appears to be some steampunk inspiration involved! I particularly like that his work is so refined, exacting and detailed - yet with a whimsey and sense of humor. All too often, I feel, amusing and or fantasy style art pieces are not given the care and sense of pride that more serious work strives towards exhibiting.

Mitchell Grafton is a full time ceramic artist making unique sculptural works of art in Panama City, Florida.

At age 19 he started working for Odell Pottery while getting an Architecture degree at Louisiana Tech. Bruce Odell was a three time winner of the Pottery Olympics in Wisconsin and taught Mitchell everything he knew about pottery and life for the next 7 years.

While at Odell Pottery, Mitchell became the head designer of lamp bases that were produced for Hart and Associates, an interior design manufacturing company.


After graduation Mitchell moved to Panama City, FL where he and a business partner started Round Tree Pottery. Mitchell designed, managed and handled the finances for Round Tree for the next 9 years. At its peak, Round Tree sold wholesale pottery to over 400 art galleries and gift shops around the country and owned a retail art gallery in Seaside, FL.

In 2009 Mitchell started his own art-pottery company, Grafton Pottery, in Panama City

...and now,  let's see more of his delightful pieces!

You can contact Mr. Grafton through his blog or his Facebook page. go make something beautiful! 

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(¸.•´♥ Tristan


Janet Ghio said...

Fabolous pieces! Thanks for sharing his work

Unknown said...

Interesting and detailed artwork. I can appreciate it for its creativity.

Unknown said...

OMG!! I couldn't pick a favorite piece - thanks for introducing us to this amazing artist.

Deanna said...

Thanks for the post Tristan! Looking at his work really put a big smile on my face but not only that, I was as always, amazed by the talent. I can see where living in Louisiana, may have inspired some of his pieces of art. The expressions in the eyes of the pieces just tickle my funny bone! My favorite piece is the pelican riding on top of the alligator (definitely Louisiana) and my husbands favorite Grafton work, was of the three tiered dog piece. The most beautiful one I thought, was the white button-down shirt, bowtie head playing the tuba. I think the colors of the tuba are incredibly done.

Thanks for introducing us to Mitchell Grafton! My Saturday just became more whimsical!

Deanna Nelson

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Amazing creations. I've never seen such creative pottery art before. Thank you for sharing, Tristan!

peggy gatto said...

So glad you introduced Mitchell. His work is just so silly and fun!