Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a Day! ... and a little contest ...

The day started out easily enough. I had a dentist's appointment - they discovered a cavity when I had my cleaning last week, so I had to go have novocaine - ugh. Well, the dentist decided that I really needn't have the cavity repaired...I should just get a crown instead. double ugh. So I have a new appointment to be miserable - in fact, TWO appointments to be miserable. I think I'm going to go downtown to the ghetto-y area and see if any of the pushers have...
Wouldn't that make it so much easier?! And only 15¢!

I felt so bad yesterday when our heat was out. I discovered Dusty had gotten into my closet, pulled my sleeping bag from its cubby hole and burrowed himself in to stay warm. I felt like such a bad daddy!
So, I got him a tee-shirt to stay warm, while the furnace man was doing his thing. As if Dusty needed a tee-shirt to let him know that "he rules!" He has always made that quite clear!

I recently purchased this tutorial from Ulla ... are you familiar with her charming work and workshops and tutorials? If not, click on her name to go to her blog. Or, if you're interested, click on the image to go to her Etsy shop.
She recommends using a 100 watt soldering iron and a mini-phaser temperature control. As I only have a little "play" iron, I decided if I wanted to learn how to do this soldering thing properly, I should get the real McCoy. So today my new tools arrived! Now I have to find out if I can follow her directions! I've ordered several small tutorials from her - and they're all so clear and beautifully photographed that I know, if I make horrible mistakes, it will be my fault, not hers!

I was fairly well hopping up and down when I received ...

this gorgeous Marie Antoinette birdcage assemblage from Rella. She was my benefactor in the Marie Birdcage swap at Marie Antoinette Mail Art group. I just love it! She is so clever and makes such lovely things which are always crafted with skill. Click on the image to visit her website and see more!

And now, do you see me dancing around the room in absolute sheer joy? Well, there is a very good reason. Perhaps you remember a few weeks ago, I wrote a post that included a mention of Amada's Over the Top Studios She creates the most fabulous, fanciful - over the top! - paper confections ever. I am just in love with them all! Well, look what arrived for me from her! ...
My very very own White Rabbit carrying a staff with "Enchanted Revelry" on it! Isn't he just delightful?! Be sure to click on the image to get a larger size so you can see it in all its glory! It's so sparkly and shimmery and beautifully executed.
Thank you so much, Amada! It was such a surprise - such a wondrous and welcome surprise! When people do things like this, you realize that the most kind, generous, thoughtful people ever are in Bloglandia ... and I'm so glad to be part of it.

Okay, just a quick little contest. The first person who can tell me who these belong to ...
will win a prize for their knowledge of absolutely worthless trivia! I'm not sure what the prize will be - I'll figure it out when I announce the winner. I'll announce the winner on my next post (either tomorrow or Thursday). After you enter the contest with your guess
go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Gorgeous gams . . no clue, so I'll say Betty Grable!

OMG, that White Rabbit is so KEWL!!! There are so many artistic, creative people in this world (and you are one of them) I am always in awe of their talent and creativity like the MA birdcage!!!

Ah, bad papa, but you made up for it. How sweet is that, cuddling in your sleeping bag!!!!

I hope to get to creating as soon as I finish off this last transcript!!


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

P.S. I meant to say about the crown . . I FEEL for ya! I recently had a root canal . . . I had them give me the twilight sedative and the rest was a piece of cake!!!


julietk said...

Doggies always find the most snuggly place to be and what a lovely gift :-) the pin up is My namesake Juliet Prowse from the cover of life magazine, Hugs Juliet

Nancy Lynn said...

I am new to your blog and really want to know if Dusty is a Pom? He is so cute curled up there and aren't they smart......he knew just what to do. I have had several Poms.........just lost JeJe.

My guess is Marilyn Monroe.

Sue said...

Ack on the dental work Tristan! I went for a cleaning and checkup two weeks ago and have some major work that has to be done - a lot of it attributable to one medication that I'm taking that dries out my mouth/hence cavities along the root/gum line. And yes, a couple of crowns are included in my list. $$$$$

Dusty is just too cute!

Love the goodies you received - both are amazing but my fav is the white rabbit.

The legs? I was going to say Betty Grable, however since she has been mentioned I'll go with Cyd Charisse. I think JulietK is correct though!


Unknown said...

Juliette Prouse? Hehe

Unknown said...
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Createology said...

So very sweet of Dusty to smartly find a good warm spot.
How very clever and fabulous to recieve your White Rabbit complete with Enchanted Revelry staff. The legs certainly are not Lindsay Vonn...did you see her sexy shoes last night on Leno?!! My DH is having major crown and root canal issues for a month now. Good Luck! Keep inspiring...

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about an added trip to the dentist!!!!!! YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many Hugs,

Von said...

Bloglandia really is a wonderful place, totally with you on this one and just did a post last night thanking all my wonderful contacts, the sweet darlings.
The legs are Jayne Mansfields but why is she messing about with that nasty scratchy screen thingy?
Love the comments on the tooth powder...some of your followers just don't 'get' you do they?

Janet Ghio said...

I guess Marlena Dietrich. Love your blog--I always find the best links on it!! and love your use of old photos!!

Anonymous said...

My guess of the Gams is
Ann Miller!!
About the tooth thingy....I'll make a deal with you....I will have my tooth fixed for you if you go to surgery for me next..((Oh Fudge)) I guess that won't work!!
The nurse told me they would give me some "I don't care" in my IV...Want some????? I would be glad to share!! LOL!!
Awwww.....Dusty sure knows how to snuggle....

William Bezek said...

Those are Johnny Weir's legs...right?

Sea Witch said...

Honey the only crown you should ever have to wear is the one on your head and not in your mouth. With that said, I hope the work is as pain free as possible. Sweet Dust, he burrowed in your sleeping bag, what a smart dog. Our pets most certainly rule our lives and frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Adore Ulla, she is so talented and carries a sweet heart with her. Can't wait to see what you produce with your new toys.

Oh, and how about Ann Miller for those legs. Sea Witch

Unknown said...

Thank You for the super sweet compliment on my dolls!!!!!! You are too kind!!!! LOL about the cheating!!!! I am going 'down to the devil for that one"! : D
Many Hugs,

peggy gatto said...

Not the kind of crown you want!
I have felt your pain!!!
Love the rabbit!!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Are those gammes the property of Sharon Stone? Anita

Debby said...

OH my gosh, so many beautiful delights. I love Rella's art and the rabbit is awesome. Sorry about the crown, cracking up for the pills. I wouldn't have a clue who belonged to those legs, but I am sure someone has guessed it by now.

Terri said...

Tristan, I just have to say how much I love your blog and your posts! I enjoy visiting so much!
Dusty is a smart little guy. How cute is he!?
I am sorry to hear that the kind of crown you are getting is the kind in your mouth and not the kind that sits on your head! I wish for you that it turns out to be much less uncomfortable than you expect.

Your White Rabbit Box is such a treasure! Lucky you!

*Ulrike* said...

Oh I dread crowns, actually, I dread the bill more!!! Poor little Dusty I'm sure he is all warm now. Those legs....hmmmm, I am going to say Jane Russell...don't know why, but she did have gorgeous legs when she showed them in the movie with Marilyn Monroe.

Blondie's Journal said...

I feel so bad a bout your dental problems. The needle prick just hurts for a second and then you are home free. Just don't try to eat anything while you are still numb...you'll miss your mouth!!

I love the T shirt on Dusty. I have two smaller dogs and always thought dog clothes were a little over the top until I saw my Layla shivering one day. She now has a better selection of sweaters than I do!

I am betting the legs are Mitzi Gaynor. Didn't she have them insured, or was that someone else...

Love your gift!


shabbyfufu said...

I have no idea, I should ask my 87 yr old Mom who reads blogs and would probably know in a heartbeat whose gams those are! I enjoy your posts Tristan. ~janet~

Cindi Myers said...

Great post as always!
I adore your little Dusty, such a smart little guy!
I have some t-shirts for some of my little ones. My favorite one says "Does this make my tail look Fat?" ROTFL! (I'm so easily amused! sorry! tee hee!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tristan,
Thanks for plugging me and your are most certainly welcome. Sorry about the tooth, I go in again next month. It will be the third time for the same tooth. Two unsuccessful root canals it looks like I will need an implant UGH!

The legs - I will guess Eva Gardner, since no one has :)


audrey said...

Gosh, those legs could belong to anyone!! I'll guess Marilyn Monroe.
Oh, Tristan, I am having the same problem. Went in for a cleaning, and suddenly need a crown ONLY if the decay underneath the old crown is fixable. RATS! I HATE dental work! From reading these comments, we could have a party at the DDS office and all be in
la-la-land at the same time. Now isn't THAT a thought??
Your white rabbit is great!! What a nice surprise, Tristan.
♥ audrey

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

My first thought was Betty Grable for the legs.

I hope your heat is fixed so Dusty doesn't have to resort to hiding in your sleeping bag. That is just too cute! Clever little dog, he is!

So sorry to hear about the crown. I had to get one last year. I decided that I must be a princess since they wanted to give me a crown! Princess Tamerie has a nice ring to it, don't you think? So you can be either Prince Tristan or King Tristan, whichever suite you better!!!


Val said...

Happy to discover Ulla's blog thanks to you!

Chrisy said...

Oh I'd recognise those legs anywhere....if they're credited to anybody but me, well, it's just plagarism darling! Wish those cocaine toothdrops were still about...and I don't have a toothache. And your white rabbit is gorgeous...lovely people do seem to find each other...
Well, the Alice movie starts here tomorrow! Expect there will be biiiiggg lines.... Take care...love to you...

Jingle said...

Loving the cocaine drops! That CERTAINLY would make dentist visits more enjoyable! HA! The birdcage and the rabbit are both fantastic and enchanting pieces! How fun! I can't wait to see what you do with your new soldering tools! As for the legs...I have no idea.

Nancy D. said...

The legs belong to Juliet Prowse...smart little Dusty he knew what to do!...love your white rabbit gift so nice of her to make for you!

Frieda Oxenham said...

I certainly sympathize hugely with you re your dental problems. Perhaps you can crown Dusty instead!!As he rules anyway!
And I can't wait to see your soldering work. I have been thinking about that for quite some time but so far haven't done anything about it. You might just spur me on!!

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Sorry about the dentist visits, always a drag. Cocaine drops for 15 cents...my oh my, times have changed! LOL Your little baby looks so very cute in his t-shirt. But he truly looked adorable in your sleeping bag. Thanks for sharing those lovely gifts you received! I SO love the White Rabbit!!! I immediately visited Amada's blog and am following her now. She does some very lovely work. :) I have no guess about the legs...Marilyn Monroe? I haven't a clue!!!
Have a great day!!! Theresa

Anonymous said...

The wonderland rabbit was such a darling gift, you lucky duck you!
Dusty is quite the handsome fellow in his new warm tee :)

Rebecca Nelson said...

I have no idea whose legs those belong to. Ann Miller, maybe??? No idea!

That clip of CBergen had me on the floor. I love coming here, Mr. T. I'm guaranteed a huge smile every single time.


Deborah said...

Poor little Dusty. Does he have a raincoat for walking in bad weather? Lovely prizes you have there. Swoonilicious. If you find that dealer for the cocaine toothache drops, let my hubby know. He is in the process of having just about every tooth in his mouth crowned. However, both children have immaculate teeth!
Wishing you a lovely weekend.
**kisskiss** Deb

Rella said...

I'm too late to guess on the legs, but I would not have won, for sure. Thank you for the lovely post on the Marie bird cage, you took a lovely photo of it and did her proud. I'm so happy you like it. The rabbit piece is fab and I must go visit her site. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend

xox Rella

carylsrealm said...

You have a soldering iron! Can't wait to see what you create!