Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heading towards the end of the week...

Have you chosen YOUR Easter Parade frock yet?

I found these lovely ATC background being given away on another blog quite a while back - and now I can't remember whose it was! If it was you, please let me know so I can properly acknowledge the source!
Just click on the image to get a really big image and save it to your hard drive to print. It is sized for 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
I usually do my own backgrounds - but I thought these were really really nice. Enjoy!
Updated! The lovely background is courtesy of Blanca at Magic Moonlight Studio. Be sure to check out the other really special things she offers her visitors!

I used to say "if you got it, flaunt it." I take it back. Now I say, "if you've got it, put on a shirt and pull up your damn pants."

It is so hard to choose exactly the right meat for Easter dinner. And one does have to ensure that whatever the meal is, it matches the ensemble.
Wanna take a little bike ride around Paris?
In the nineteenth century, artists did renderings of the current vogues in European home decorating to send to the American public, who were starved for the latest styles. They also did this with fashion - which is where many of our nineteenth century fashion plates originated.

Here are three renderings of the same room decorated in three popular color combinations of Paris in the 1860's. If you notice, the furniture is all basically the same, with the only differences being in the upholstery and the finishes.

“You know what high school is like, man? It’s like a prison. A prison for YOUR SOUL. That’s what my hair symbolizes: the bars on the prison of my soul.”

I'm not sure which one is Fifi ... but they're both lovely, aren't they? The detail on both the costumes is wonderful!
Photographer Joanna Maclennan traveled around Paris and the surrounding countryside to see the studios and homes of artists. I find the photographs intriguing, beautiful, and evocative. How could one live and work in such provocative surroundings and not create?

I have never seen a receding hairline in reverse before.

Earlier this week I posted some drawings of nineteenth century fashion that got some attention, so I thought I would search out a drawing with some of the popular 19th century hair styles.

Jack Spratt could use no AquaNet.
His wife could use no pomade.
And so betwixt them both, you see,
They wiped their Rite Aid clean.

This is especially for Marilyn of Our Victorian Cottage ...

Get the point? ...
I'm not sure what I think about this hair. Mostly because I'm concerned that she's wearing three belts. If your pants are really that hard to keep up, perhaps she should consider different pants. Keeping your pants from falling down shouldn't be a full time job.
I was looking around for ideas for a festive cake ... and found these at various sites. I thought they were lots of fun ... though there is no way I would need anything this large or outrageous. Well, maybe this outrageous, but certainly not this large!

Is there anything creepier than a pervy-looking dude in a black mesh tank top?

As it turns out? Yes: a pervy-looking dude in a black mesh tank top with that hair. He couldn’t look creepier if he had a tattoo on his shoulder of JonBenét Ramsey chugging a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

...just because...

... what are YOU looking at?
Okay, I'm off to dreamland. Thanks for spending time with me!

Go make something beautiful!
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