Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink Saturday, January 23 ...

Sometimes a theme for a Pink Saturday post shows up out of the blue ... or is that out of the pink? ... anyway ... I was traveling around some of my fun junk store websites that carry bizarre and unusual merchandise. And, at Wake Up Frankie, I found this pink birdcage with a singing bird ... on sale, no less! I decided it would be a fun Christmas tree ornament for next year. But, then, I got to wondering, are pink birdcages usual? So, off I go to do a little research...
and, what do I find?

The world abounds with pink birdcages!
Some people wear their pink birdcages around their necks as jewelry ...
but, then, some wear them as birdcage veils on special occasions.
And, while some hang them from a chain around their neck, some hang them from a feather boa next to their beds. Perhaps to entice dreams of pink birdcages?
Many years ago, people hung them from the Christmas tree, with little whirligigs that would heat from the light of the Christmas bulbs and spin and throw light around around the room. Quite clever of them, eh?

Even those whose tastes run to the primitive seem to have a penchant for pink bird cages! Who knew?!Some pink cages are very spare and allow ample viewing of whatever is inside the cage.
While others have hundreds and hundreds of pink wire bars that almost make the interior invisible.Some have elegant pink birdcage wallpaper ... even though this is the "reverse" colorway available!
Some, like ArtAngel from Manchester, England, draws pink birdcages on her ATC's...
Some people use their pink birdcages for storing other items ...
While others turn them into chandelier whimseys.

Whether you have an elegant pink birdcage to use as a centerpiece or display ...

or you use your pink birdcage with a plethora of tinsel and ribbon and vintage ephemera to create fun pieces of nostalgia for the home...
... it seems the world is full of pink birdcages. Do you have one of your own?

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Now go make something beautiful!
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