Tuesday, January 26, 2010

579 blogs later ...

Where-oh-where did yesterday go? Have I truly lost an entire day? Am I mad? Have zombies sucked the last bit of grey matter from my head? Did I drink an entire pitcher of Bombay martinis and pass out?
No. I've been blog-hopping on the incredible One World One Heart event. I have managed to go to 537 blogs in one day. Wow. There is one heckuva lot of talented and generous and funny and inspirational people out there in Bloglandia! I've enjoyed discovering new artists who I will return to again - and, hopefully, get to know.

Oh, yeah. There's prizes involved! A LOT of prizes. And, I'm a greedy, greedy boy!

Isn't this an amazing fête for something-or-other?! A gorgeous room with beautifully gowned women and a cote of doves circling the room. Of course ... as we all know ...
... it's all fun until something spontaneously combusts.

That's gotta leave a mark.

Okay. I don't have a baby. And I certainly don't see one happening anywhere in the future. But if I did have a baby, this is what he/she would sleep in. I would insist upon it. In fact, if somebody would give me that bed, I might be willing to rent a baby once in a while to sleep in it.
Speaking of beds, like most people I know, I read for a while in bed before going to sleep. Wouldn't it be nice if we were able to read out of these exquisite embossed and carved and gilded leather volumes from the British Museum. How delightful it must feel to hold these worn and textured volumes - no doubt with deckle edge pages (my favorite!).
Do you choose your accessories and match your hat and purse to express your emotions?
Don't you just know she woke up feeling saucy?!
I believe she was a bit scared of the day ahead - and chose a bag with which she could wallop an attacker and a hat which could double as a garotte.
And then, somebody obviously just woke up and felt it was a day to shoplift. But in style.

I love illuminated letters, and have always been fascinated by the myriad ways artists have embellished the alphabet. This is one example by Antonion Basoli (1774-1848) I found at My Pet Arts - check it out for many more.Well, I told you I had been working on a few swaps, so I'll share - though these have to be the worst photographs ever. I don't know what was wrong with me. Yes I do. It's the camera - it's all the fault of the camera.

These ATC's are for the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Valentine swap. Believe it or not, LOL, they're actually pretty, though you'd never know it from this lousy photo (which was the best of 3!) If you click on the image, you can see a LARGE blurry image instead of a small blurry image.

This is another swap at the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group ... this was the Valentine Secret Admirer Swap. We decorate a box Marie-style - and then fill it with art goodies for the recipient. It's fun to create - and fun to receive! This is the top of my box ...
...and this is the inside of the box. I can't show all the things because it hasn't been received yet. But, trust me, it's stuffed with treasure-ettes and fun supplies - all Marie inspired!

My friend, artist Anne Huskey-Lockard of el Milagro Studio and I collaborated on a commission for a "rainbow" stole, which was a gift for a young minister's ordination last Sunday. Actually, though it was commissioned by somebody else, I knew this young man when he was the children's Sunday School teacher in our United Church of Christ. Since then, he's gone off and become a minister. Anyway, I did the bargello patchwork and quilting, and then Anne took the panels and turned them into a stole. I enjoy working with her. She's not only talented but funny. Good combination, I say!
In searching images to use in a few more Valentine Day pieces, I've discovered quite a few vintage valentines which have a disturbing theme of cupids roasting hearts. I'm confused. Is the message supposed to be Eat Your Heart? - or Eat MY Heart? - or I Want to Deep Fat Fry Your Heart? - or what?!?! I find it macabre, frankly. I'm concerned this will keep me awake tonight.
Well, I must get to the studio - I still have some things to finish up. And *blush* I still have about 400 OWOH blogs to visit! OOOOH! Art, crafts, design, furniture, prizes!

Take some time - have a cup of tea - heck, if you have the room, invite a friend ...
and go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan
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