Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Have I Cooked Up For You Today ...

Well, I think today is going to be a long sequence of unassociated images that have nothing to do with each other ... but have intrigued me nonetheless.

So, put on your heels and hike up that skirt ... let's travel!
...not exactly the most admirable holiday sentiment - but it still makes me snicker...

I've heard of signature accessories, but this just seems a little extreme to me.
I'm so glad that my mom doesn't read my blog, because she would kick me if she knew that this sort of reminds me of her...
Will you just take a look at this! I finished up all my mini theatre commissions, and cleaned and straightened the studio. Isn't it depressing that these jumbled and cluttered shelves have been straightened up? me, you don't want to see the before!

Am I the only one that found these Christmas decorations from childhood creepy as all get out?! I think they were German. Whatever they were, I don't know why they were popular, nor why they were used as Christmas decorations! I think they're capable of permanently scarring children.Apropos of nothing ... but don't these two decked out dollies look like they're straight out of "Some Like It Hot?"
What would a little traveling be without some window shopping? I would like to have this French 18th century Louis XV armchair, upholstered in toile de jouy refinished, gold-leafed, and reupholstered in the same pattern upholstery, but in a red and black colorway.
I'm sure you are all fans of Catherine Delors' Versailles and More blog. But for those who don't subscribe, I thought this was an awesome photo. Doesn't it look like a gown straight from the court of Louis and 'toinette? Actually it's a half-size model, which traveled around the world as a sort of three dimensional fashion plate so that other countries would know what the latest trends in Paris fashion were. There is more information on her blog. But I found it a very interesting subject (I didn't know there were such things as half size models!) - and a gorgeous photo.

...ah, memories of our water disasters and dilemmas last year ...
Now, I usually find boxes of chocolates a miracle. However, it took this polaroid photograph by Andy Warhol to truly make me look at them as works of art in themselves. I am absolutely fascinated with this photo.
oooh oooh oooh!!! I won! I was the winner of the hand embroidered pillowcases by Marilyn at Our Victorian Cottage! Aren't I the lucky boy?! Not only have I been a long time fan of the lovely vintage style work that Marilyn produces, but I will love having a piece of her embroidery, as I consider her a good bloglandia friend.
Have you watched Mark Morris' "The Hard Nut" yet? If not, get yourself a copy and enjoy! It's a totally fab retro 1960's version of "The Nutcracker." All the basic story lines are there, of course, but the look and the choreography is decidedly original. It's on our traditional Christmas season must-watch list - such fun!
Well, that's it for today ... hope you've enjoyed yourself and will be back soon! Get a good night's sleep - and in the morning, go make something beautiful!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan
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