Saturday, December 19, 2009

Decking the Halls...well, the studio trees, anyway...

Not wanting to be confused with any of the above nefarious creatures, I spent the greater part of yesterday decorating the two trees in my studio ... one is an artificial pink tree and the other is a tree-shaped wire ornament display. As always, if you click on any of the photos, you'll see an extra large version.

These are a few of my favorite ornament collections - some of the Wizard of Oz characters, and some of my Marilyn Monroe ornaments ...
why is it so hard to photograph Christmas ornaments? I love the huge globe ornament in the bottom right of this photo ... so extravagant!
Here are a few more of the Marilyns...and the Red Queen from the Alice in Wonderland series of ornaments that I actually STOPPED collecting because things were getting out of hand.
This is my new Marilyn ornament. I try to get a new one every year - but, there aren't that many of them out there anymore. And, frankly, I'm a little fussy about them, so they're even harder to find. (Notice the Lullaby League Girl from Oz behind Marilyn?)
More "Wizard of Oz" characters. The little scene in the lower right is battery operated and when you push the button you hear Glinda. "You don't need to be helped any longer. You've always had the power to go back to Kansas. Now those magic slippers will take you home in two seconds. Just close your eyes and tap your heels togethr three times. And think to yourself, 'There's no place like home. There's no place like home."
This is my new "Oz" ornament this year. When it's plugged into a light string, the carriage bounces and you hear the driver say "This is the horse of a different color you've heard tell about." and then the song "Optimistic Voices."
These are three of the seven globes that contain scenes from Wizard of Oz by the Branford Exchange. They're too darned heavy to hang on a tree, so I just put them around the base. They're very detailed - I love 'em!
Where else would Glinda look as at home as on the top of the pink Christmas tree?

These are a few of my most absolute most favorite ornaments! I love large glass ornaments, and this 6" golden egg is just exquisite. I really like the combination of matte and glossy gold - and of course, the "jewels" at each junction of a gold glittered line!

This chubby diva is adorable. I found her in Paris a couple of years ago, and always smile when I unpack her each year - she's covered with beading and 'gems' - and feathers, no less! ... very Moulin Rouge! I also think the frog lovers are too cute ... and the castle-in-the-clouds ornament has long been a favorite.This blown glass angel is almost eight inches high - a really large glass ornament. Also, click on the photo and look at the egg shaped ornament behind her - it's so detailed and lavishly decorated.
Well, that's it for the trees in the studio. Today I'm starting the decorations in the living room. This is just the beginning ... our metal sculptures of the Three Magi.
If you're here in the Northeast, stay bundled, warm, cozy, and SAFE during the nor-easter they're promising us. And most importantly ... dress appropriately!!!
All that snow - and the holidays practically here - it's the perfect time ... now go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan

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