Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Whimsies and Wonders...

Just wanted to start by giving you the last update on The Brave Little Rose ... he's gone into full wide open bloom. The other buds were nipped last night by frost, so I guess they're all finished now. I've enjoyed looking forward to my morning walk with Dusty each day and watching the growth and determination of this lovely yellow and pink rose!

Speaking of Dusty, I really had to laugh at him this morning, as he tramped through mounds of leaves. He looked like he was decked out in camouflage ... he blended in perfectly! I think he thought he was invisible, too, as he crept up on squirrels, thinking today he might actually catch one. No such luck - for him.
I don't use stamps very much. But I have drawers full of them in the studio. I like having them just in case. Even if I don't need it for one second, I just ordered this new stamp, completely composed of calligraphy. Isn't it cool? I love it! It comes in a smaller version, but I thought I really need the large one - to probably not use. It's part of a new series of stamps on Stampington ... check out the other calligraphy inspired stamps here.
And, while on the subject of shopping ... how about these magnificent art deco doors? These would look terrific at our front door! Actually, they'd look terrific IN the house, too. Maybe opening up into a 20 x 20 bathroom? ...
We all know that I'm fixated on bookshelves, and this one is a real beauty. It's a signed and dated 1875 French Napolean III breakfront bibliotheque, stained mahogany with gilded trims. This would be the ideal bookcase to house my theatre library. I would feel dramatic merely opening the doors and perusing the titles!
I am always enchanted with wonderful garden accessories; it's a shame I have so little room outdoors to play in the dirt! But even in my small garden-ette I could accommodate these 1860's marble Regénce jardineres. They're so regal!
I want this 1770 French neoclassical gilded settee. I don't care if it would fit in with the rest of my furniture or not. I'd be willing to throw everything out and just have this piece in a room. Not only is the serpentine silhouette graceful and lovely, but that silk jacquard upholstery is so elegant. It's so elegant, I could just, well, I could just ... spit!
This storage unit is from the uber chíc and fab store, Property. The storage unit, with baroque style hand carved oak evolves into contemporary clean lines in burnished brass. Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, I first saw it at Maison 21 - Decorative But Not of my favorite design blogs. This piece combines everything I love - elaborate baroque treasure and moderne high style. This buffet/storage unit is worthy of designing an entire room around...or even house around! It makes such a dramatic statement. It may not be for everybody - but it's for me!
If you remember last week, I posted this wonderful art nouveau work that I thought would make a wonderful entrance hall carpet. I didn't know the artist or what the image was used for - but I still liked it. Well, thanks to my friend, Victoria, I've found out that this is another poster by Shepard Fairey, the man who did the famous Obama "Hope" poster. I've also found out that it's available as tee-shirts, mugs, notecards, etc. at Northern Sun. Just enter "make art" in the search box. It's also available as a poster at Simple Living. I still think they're missing the boat not turning it into area rugs!
Here are the latest two mini circus theatres I made this weekend. After working on those three really large ones, doing a small one seems to go so quickly now!

Well, I'm feeling a little worn around the edges today - much like this seen-better-days lamb costume. I'm not ill or anything, just kind of tired and depleted. So I believe I will curl up with a hot mug of vanilla coffee and "Touch of Evil" ... nothing makes me feel better like a classic film!
Hope you're enjoying your day - thanks for spending a few minutes of it here with me. Now, go make something beautiful!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥
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