Saturday, November 21, 2009

...Just a touch of Pink Saturday

There are certainly as many different ways to enjoy the color pink as there are people.

Some have a need to deck themselves out in it from head to toe...

whereas some have an overwhelming urge to cover their home in pink and accent it with every other color in the rainbow...
luckily, there are some who are satisfied with just a touch of pink - for instance, covering their entire roof...
But, it's no different with interior design. Some love to pour pink from their design bucket on everything from walls to furniture to accessories. For these people, there can never be too much pink.
Others believe that finding the perfect shade of pink to punch an otherwise staid color combination the ideal solution to the deep seated need for pink.
Of course, if you have found the most fabulous pink settee, it can be the focal point in an otherwise earthy and neutral setting. Pink will always command attention!
If one is afraid of pink, one can go with the palest shimmery pink and use it very sparingly - a couple of lampshades and a lavish bouquet of roses will do the trick.
When you're afraid people will tease you for loving pink, use it as a pop of color in a painting - or on one piece of furniture that makes it stand out as an incongruous statement on using pink in your design - and dare your friends to make fun of it!
Are you somebody who loves pink but doesn't really want to live with it on the walls or the upholstery? No problem! Here is a room filled with designer furnishings, rare antiques and fine art. What does your eye see first? Of course! It's the pink flower! Pink electricity - and no commitment!
Do you want to hide your love of pink where most will never even see it - but where you can admire it every time you walk down the stairs? Dried rosebuds tied high on the lighting fixture. Nobody but you will probably notice it's even there! And, yet, there it is, shedding its pink splendor without making a sound.
Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today - be sure to visit Beverly's Pink Saturday to see all the other people who have chosen to make Saturday the day of pink!

Then - go make something beautiful! ... perhaps something PINK!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥
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