Monday, September 21, 2009

A Short Excursion Around Bloglandia

Today I thought I would take you on a little tour of blogs that always have something wonderful to see - sometimes it's historical, sometimes it's art, sometimes it's fashion and/or design. But, no matter what it is, it's entertaining.

I thought this collection of handmade paper shoes, found at Rebecca Rose Designs, were delightful. Made for a tea and luncheon, I thought this kind of dedication to favors deserved a nod of recognition! It sounds like something as ridiculous as I would do! Visit her blog and read about the day that inspired these slippers.

Isn't this delicate ribbon embroidery work exquisite! The Queen of Dreamsz at Dream Kingdom found these awesome examples of fine handwork from the 1920's by the Boué Soeurs. This is a two part post - be sure to click the link and see more of these vintage treasures, and learn all about the Sisters Boué

There is always something fabulous at Beaux Mondes Designs. I just loved his "Age of Aquariums" post. And I fell in love with this huge freestanding looks like an enormous faery tale under water to me. Not to mention, look at that remarkable ceiling! Be sure to visit to see a plethora of fanastic aquariums.
Also at Beaux Mondes Designs, you will find a post about the Venice Carnivale with many many photos of the outrageous and fabulous costumes and masks. Be sure to visit!

I'm sorry that I can't remember where I found this wonderful creation. If it was on your blog, please let me know so that I can credit you! I thought this sculpture was quite the groovy piece of work. It looked like a sculpture created in the late 1960's, probably now ensconced in some museum of contemporary art. I think it looks like an amazing vision of a 23rd century city.
So, I quite enjoyed finding out that it was constructed from a toy which we were somehow deprived as children. Why didn't I know about Astrolite?! This was made in 1969, and though I was just a tad too old at the time, I bet I would have played with this in secret without letting my friends know that I was being totally uncool by playing with toys!

And, now for a complete change of pace! There is a wonderful collection of white and black Halloween accessories over at Owl Sorts.
These are just two of the lovely creations that owner Jenny B. Harris has assembled ... I love the way black and white make Halloween decorations, not only eerie, but surprisingly glamorous!

One of my favorite stops is always at author Elena Maria Vidal's Tea at Trianon. She always has fascinating tales and tidbits about everybody's favorite queen. Well, my favorite, anyway! This week she created another post about the customs involved in court dress and the etiquette involved. I thought this gown was nothing short of magnificent.
Then, through a link in her post, I discovered Catherine Delors at Versailles and more. There I found even more facts and trivia about dressing at court of Versailles. And these pictures just amazed me! Look at the length of that train! Even more exciting was this male court costume ... there never seems to be as much in the way of the men's clothing as women's at exhibits, even though at the time the men dressed every bit as fancifully. If you're an aficionado of all things Versailles and Marie Antoinette, you'll want to go to both sites and read these fascinating posts.

I thought that Lisa Kettel at Faerie Enchantment really out did her recycling self with this elegant royal cuff - created from a used baseball! If you're familiar with Lisa work, or her book Altered Art Circus, you know that she always has something creative and adorable up her talented sleeve! Visit her and get your day's dose of magical pretend for the day!Well, I'm off to make more rounds. I hope you visit some of my favorite spots in blogland - be sure to leave an hello! You know how we all appreciate hearing from readers!

I'm going to leave you with this photo, courtesy of Susi.A. Her blog always has something that is vintage and bizarre and fabulous. My Spanish isn't that great, so I don't always know what she's saying - but I can still relate to the photos! It's not as if I need a caption to tell what's going on in this image!
I hope you enjoyed our little tour together today! ... and that you traveled to a few new blogs and got inspired by what you saw.

Now, go make something beautiful!
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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥
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