Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do They Still Call Wednesdays Hump Day?

It's been a busy two days - so much to do, so little time! I don't like deadlines. They're necessary evils - but I don't like them. How much nicer to curl up in a window sill and read! ... or, better yet, curl up in a window sill and be read to!
I'm about three quarters along with the first circus project. It's reached that stage which is always scary for me. I can see where it's going - or where it's supposed to go - but it's just not there yet! I know that the final embellishments and finishing touches will make it complete. But for now, I'm just not completely enthusiastic about it yet. But it's too be finished by I'm working up my enthusiasm to - hopefully - make it fabulous! Don't look at the studio mess in which I work ... all that mess is really a figment of your imagination.
Speaking of paper arts - and fabulous! I just bought this wonderful little kit from Ulla, who not only has a marvelous blog (click link), but is also a teacher at Castle in the Air. If you've never been to this amazing website, be sure to grab your credit card and go shopping...wonderful, wonderful supplies! The charming little Halloween mask vendor candy box is available at her Etsy shop via pdf tutorial and image downloads. She has lots of other wonderful little downloadable projects and tutorials. And so reasonable! - my little kit - including all the wonderful vintage images - was only $10!

When my little mask vendor candy box is completed, I hope that I can display it in some place as enchanting as this Parisienne antique shop. It looks like a home, doesn't it?! (Well, not like MY home, but somebody-more-fabulous-than-I-am's home!) From the exquisite doors and wall panels to the lavish tiles to the fantastic chandelier to the romantic benches, I could easily call this vignette home!
Of course, that would mean that I couldn't use these grand Napolean III curule velvet tapestry arm chairs. Maybe I could just store these beauties in a room off the main hallways and only bring them out when I need something to take along when seeing an outside production of a Shakespeare play.

Now this rare 1750 gilded rococo Chippendale mirror would fit right into that lovely blue Parisienne room ... and would reflect it all so that it would seem all the more enchanting!Excuse me for a moment. I have to run off to my dining room and have a little nosh before continuing this post ...
Well that was revitalizing. While I was having a small bite, Sandra called to let me know about a wonderful poem she found. I hope after reading it, you will be dashing off to make something beautiful!


Even in these hostile times,

I sort of prefer those people

others consider


Those who,

during the meeting,

doodle in the margins,

inking out long-stemmed daisies

with words rising up

out of the stamens.

Watch how they're

not really ruffled

when referred to

as loafing.

Their tenacity

at not being

too insistent-

now that's a feat.

A mouse could run off

with their crumbs

and they wouldn't flip out,

call in a search party,

order a fatwa.

I imagine they know already

that plot is simply

what it is

-mostly a distraction-

that what matters

hasn't happened yet,

the realm of the possible,

which sometimes

doesn't occur.

While others strategize,

organize coalitions,

they fiddle with a grass blade,

inspecting its shape.

When they speak up,

it's to ask

some loll-about question

already drifting

right out of the room.

Copyright (c) 2009 Jeff Hardin All rights reserved

from Southern Poetry Review


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