Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shocking! Simply Shocking!

Shocking, I tell you ... Shocking!


I have received three emails that have let me know it's been two days since I wrote a post. I didn't know that anybody was paying that close attention! I can't promise to write every day, but I'll try to do better! But, remember, it's summer - and I have art to make so I can keep the mortgage company happy!

I am appalled at the necessity of posting this:
I will never understand people who steal things from art galleries. I don't understand stealing from Walmart either, but at least when you steal from Walmart you're not stealing part of somebody's soul!

I have the distinction of being the only person, thus far, in the history of the Yale Art Space, to have a piece of art stolen. In spite of cameras and strolling guards, somebody managed to take a razor blade/knife and sliced the hanging sleeve off an art quilt and either stuck it in their purse or walked out with a pregnancy that wasn't there when they walked in. Yale was very apologetic (and upset) - and their insurance covered every penny - but I still felt invaded. Anyway, if in your travels, you run across the piece pictured above, please report it!

Heh heh. I try not to get political on this blog. I have other outlets for that. However, I took a test online that had results which really amused me. I always considered myself a liberal, with some conservative viewpoints. Turns out, I'm nowhere NEAR being conservative on anything - and I'm more liberal than liberals! I guess that makes me an uber-liberal. It turns out that I think the government's job is to keep harm from everybody - that loyalty is of utmost important in all areas of life - that fairness to all is paramount in legal proceedings - that authority is not always right - and that the "purity" of its citizens is none of the government's business.

Just call me John Reed!

I finished this piece this week. It will never be for sale, as it's my offering in a one-on-one art swap. The legend reads, "Where's the man could ease a heart like a satin gown." The image is the same image of Fanny Ward that I posted a few days ago (the original 1905 stage production of Peter Pan's Tinkerbelle). This piece is a little softer than my other collages, and I hope she likes it!

Friends of mine are taking a whirl on that Marriage Wheel of Fortune this summer, and I've decided to make them a gift.
But, first I have to learn how to do it! I found these amazing embroidery patterns at Sublime Stitching, and I know they would love these images as much as I do. So I'm going to embroider them a set of pillowcases. After I learn how to embroider. Nothing like planning on giving a gift you're going to make yourself, before you know if you can even do it, huh?! But, seriously, aren't all these fab patterns?!

This is the image that is this month's challenge at Mind Wide Open Fragments of Inspiration. The word prompt is "Wish." I really like the image, so I think I'm going to give this one a shot - even though, after winning last month, I can't expect to win again! But I can try. If you'd like to submit a piece, click here to get the details. Good luck - and I'm still going to compete against you! :-)

... and before I sign off, just a little post from Tristan's Entertainment Recommendations and WarningsWe watched Taken, Valkyrie, and W. this week. We also rewatched Finding Neverland and Marie Antoinette.

Taken was much better than I expected. It was predictable - but it was still suspenseful and there were a few surprises. My biggest complaint was the daughter-in-danger character. Perhaps a few of you remember the youtube clip about the girl complaining because the new sportscar she received for her birthday wasn't blue (If you haven't seen it, it's hysterical - and pathetic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5jxvEs3hYk ). The young woman in this movie wasn't much less spoiled...I always think what would happen if I had spoken to my father the way kids talk to their parents in the movies! I just couldn't work up much sympathy for her ... but Liam Neeson was very good - and the plot twists kept it moving to its predictable ending. It's a good Saturday night popcorn movie.

I really enjoyed Valkyrie, even though I'm not sure that it was that easy to follow. I knew a little about this event, as I studied it in college for a paper. And even then, I was lost a couple times; I believe because everybody looks alike - and they all wear the same damn uniform. But, even knowing the outcome ahead of time, it was very exciting and the suspense built quite well. I even rooted for Tom Cruise (and I can't stand him). Some of the period costuming and sets were wonderful - and the opening bombing sequence was perhaps the best since some of the bombings in Private Ryan - not nearly as gory - but as scary. I would highly recommend it to history buffs and suspense/war buffs - even Tom Cruise fans. But it's not a movie for those who like a light romantic comedy, or kids (as it's somewhat intricately plotted and they'd probably get confused by it all).

Then there was W. I hated it. I suppose the enjoyment of this movie will depend on how charming you find the Bush dynasty. I don't find them charming at all. Josh Brolin was quite good impersonating his movements and general demeanor - sounded spot on target like George W. But I just found it all too smarmy for my tastes. If you are still somebody who thinks that G.W. walks on water, I'm sure you'd enjoy it - for anybody else, pretend you're Dionne Warwick and just walk on by.

Obviously, as I was re-watching Finding Neverland and Marie Antoinette, they are both films I always enjoy seeing. They are both exquisite: gorgeous settings, costumes, photography and cinematography. Finding Neverland is, hands down, the better film - and I just adore the fantasy sequences of watching Barrie imagine "Peter Pan" with his young protegés - they are magnificent. And Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet are delightful in their roles. But, admittedly, the screenplay has some problems. When it comes to Marie Antoinette, I'm not even sure they had a screenplay. The whole movie is an absolute mess. But, it's an enchanting candy box of a mess. Kirsten Dunst makes a charming 'toinette - and all the cast does a very good job with the very very little they're given to work with by the author and director. But, one doesn't watch it for the screenplay - it's viewed for it's eye-popping stunning visuals...which are nonstop. I recommend both of these movies for people who love historical recreations and lavish sets and costumes. Even with the issues of bad screenplays, they're still a delight to watch.

One last image before I leave you for the evening. When doing a search for an image from Marie Antoinette, I found this Marie Antoinette costume for a Barbie that was made for the poster for the opening of the Dallas Ballet Company production of "Marie Antoinette." I thought it was about the nicest Barbie doll I've ever seen! - not, admittedly, that I've seen that many. But the details amaze me!

I hope I've made up for taking two days off from blogging! - and that you've found some inspiration, perhaps, to go make something beautiful!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Tristan, I think you did make up for 2 days off from blogging... haha.

I love your collage you made... and I am laughing at the whole "candy box of a mess" movie! hehe

Have a great night.
xo heather

Pearl said...

Oh, we're watching and we're waiting for your posts, Tristan. :-)

I don't always comment, but I've been coming by. I adore your art, and the embroidery patterns really tickled me.

p.s. Thanks for the Leonard Cohen. :-D Have you seen the movie I'm The Man -- was that the name of it?

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Stolen art!! hmf! Shameful. Hubby and I went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston (post the famous art heist they suffered years ago), and there was something eerie about looking at that blank space on the wall. I'm sorry you had artwork stolen; it truly is a violation of one's soul in a way.

Leslie said...

Speaking of art, Tristan. You need to check out Item #28 on my last blog post.

Thanks for the critique of the movies, will put Valkyrie in the queue. Agreed on your assessment of the others, Finding... is a deserted island movie for me. Have you seen The Duchess, talk about costuming, ye gods!

Unknown said...

Ok you have made up... There are only a few blog posts that I love to sit with my coffee and read in the morning... or now with a glass of red wine in the evening.

I did see the missing altered barbie on one of the other blogs I follow... I was shocked and sadden someone would do that. I hope she finds her way home..

John Reed... LOL!

I think anyone would like a quilt piece from you...

As fear as the embroidery I mostly love the camper and fire...

I didn't see Taken.... I hate Tom Cruise... I've only seen him in one movie I liked him in and I can't remember which one it was.

I couldn't even stay awake in W and went to bed....

And lastly thanks for being Tristen.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Helloooo Kiddo,

I think of all the collages you have done I really like this one nope I really love this new one.:) Such a beautiful job with the image of "little Tink"!! If you don't mind I'd like to borrow her image??

Must dash. I still have to do battle with Blogger. I still can't get the pictures I load on my blog to scroll down to where I want to place them :( Just a short posting is hours this way!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!...I do believe this art swap collage is my favorite yet...
Soft is good! Lots to digest in this post today...and know that I'm not complaining! So sorry to hear of the theft...what a dreadful thing to do..Insurance never makes up for a loss like that.. I have never seen the appeal of Tom Cruise either..
certainly not "my type" lol!
Keep making beautiful things, Tristan!...smiles...

lorhen82 said...

The first image you posted of the girl with the hair contraption is a hoot! Yes, that's right...I said 'hoot'!

I'm so sorry that someone had the gall to steal your art. I can understand why you would feel invaded. It's a shame that anyone could be so unkind and unscrupulous. I hope they have a change of heart and return it to you. ~Lori

Sue said...

Wow Tristan, You just posted a week's worth of stuff! (not complaining!).

LOVE that pic of the little girl with the perm rods.....too cute!

Stealing artwork is so low, and really is a terrible violation, particularly to the artist. Sorry this happened to you.

Do you have a link for the liberal quiz? I've always considered myself very liberal and would love to see if I actually am.

Your piece for the swap is wonderful - I love that picture of Fanny Ward, what a beautiful woman she was.

hmmm, what else? Oh...the embroidery, first GOOD LUCK and second, my fav (not that it matters) is the Parisian scene one.

mo.stoneskin said...

Those patterns are fabulous.

I had a suspicion you were more of a liberal...although you do put guns on your art but then I can't remember whether it is the American left or right which likes guns...

Are you saying that part of my soul isn't in Walmart (ASDA for us)? With those cheap creme eggs I think part of my soul lives there permanently!

Anonymous said...

Can't get passed the fact that people steal.... Should have fingers removed as a punishment!!

Any Who.... Love your take on the movies. I for one am not a movie or TV watcher. I can't remember the last movie I watched (2 hr. commitment issues) & TV bores me to tears. I was interested in the WW2 movie w/ T. Cruise but I would rather read about it. Don't care for Cruise at all!
Last but not least... Embroidery is easy & very relaxing. Just don't hold the needle like it is a weapon!! LOL!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Tristan!

I love both of those movies: Finding Neverland and Marie for the same reasons. THE COSTUMES and the sets. Beautiful. You are a creating machine! Your work is fantastic. Have a great weekend! Anita

Ingrid Mida said...

You pack so much into a post that I hardly know what to say when I comment.
I can hardly wait for my patterns from Sublime Stitching to arrive in the mail. I'm planning on embroidering a t-shirt and a jean jacket. No doubt yours will be way better than mine, even though you say you've never embroidered before. Everything you do is utterly fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with all things 18th century--especially Marie. I've wanted that Barbie for so long. It's just soooo expensive. :)

paperbatty said...

What a great post. I love them when you pack 'em full.

studioJudith said...

It would be difficult to assume the Dionne stance (Just Walk on By) for any Tristan post ... .
you just have to jump on the roller coaster and
Always an adventure to see where it's
going - W and Marie and Hitler:
what a team!


The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hello there Mr!

I love your blog and your sense of humor. You make me smile and laugh. I find your collages absolutely lovely. I'm a huge lover of the victorian and movies that represent that time, it's gorgeous I tell you!! Well, it's real nice to stop by.

Magaly Ohika

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Oh Tristan!!! What kind of Parents did you have??? They didn't spoil you with a blue car??? well, you can always blame them for the fact that you turned out to be a liberal and a responsible mortgage payer!!! LOL!!!
Thank you so much for a great, juicy post!

Anonymous said...

Tristan, be flattered, someone found your art soooo amazing they had to have it, even if it meant prison. LOL! I love it too but I will come to pocess it by honoable means.

Birds of a Feather said...

Hi Tristan ~

That's awful about your piece, so very sad ~ well bad karma will surely follow the thief!
Love your new piece, and the embroidery samples are so fun! Guess that will be a great wedding! I'm sure the stitching will come to you like riding a bike!
I'm currently watching Tess of the D'Urbervilles, it's a series, you might like it.

xo H

creativelenna said...

Tristan, I really love your art quilt, "Where's the man could ease a heart like a satin gown."
Awesome stitching. A great title too! xo lenna

peggy gatto said...

Where do I begin????? You always have so much fun and interesting things on your blog! Lets start with the marie movie! I was swept away with the costumes and decor, just fascinating and beautiful to watch!
Your finished fabric piece looks like a treasure found in an old trunk hidden in an old victorian mansion!!!!
Your challenge art is so dreamy!
Liberal, you??????? After reading the specifics, I guess I am right there next to you!!!
I know I've missed some other stuff.
As usual, fun to read!

Olga said...

I like the design and the pictures of this blog, and I found we share some things (Marie Antoinette, Finding Neverland..)Curious style of writing and great retro pics.. good stuff!

Valarie said...

Tristan...I can't believe someone stole a quilt from you. How rude!! Do you think they go home and squeel with delight everytime they look at it?? I surely do not understand people. I love what you made for your swap. What a lucky partner you have. As for the movies...I am taking the grandbabies to see UP this week. I will let you know if it's a winner. hehe
Have a glorious day.
xxoo Valarie

Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

Hi another "outstanding" collage,and your right the Barbie is the best i have ever seen,she is exquisite!!!and i have seen and had a few through my growing up.
Hope you manage the gorgeous embroidery patterns they are so cool.

Anonymous said...

Think of your stolen art as a HUGE compliment. They liked it so very much they simply couldn't help themselves. They snuck in very quiet like, oh so sneeky and said MINE! *wink*

love finding neverland! I think it is so much better than the critiques it received.

Love your music!

Shell said...

How can anyone steal art? That is so crazy.
I want to see Taken, I love Liam. He is so hot. I've heard he is seriously packing.
I rewatched Finding Neverland about a month ago. It was good but made me cry.
Marie Antionette, I only watch half of the film when they start with with I want Candy and then her lover leaves. It is a visual feast.

Thanks for the video you left for me.

tracy said...

The first time I took a peek at your blog was last pink sat. Your pink post was fab-u-lus. Today I enjoyed me self just as much, you very talented.

I am so sorry some one ran off with your work, thats just appauling, I hope it returned to you.

Good reviews of the movies. I was putting off watching Finding Neverland, but now I am looking forward to renting it.
If you dont mind I'll sign my self up to your followers.
Tara for now

Unknown said...

Well Tristan,
I am not surprised that you got those e-mails, your posts are so interesting. We all look forward to what you are going to introduce next. I can't imagine how anyone would steal art, but then again obviously it wasn't an artist who stole it. I love your new mixed-media creation. I am so glad that you showed that Marie Antionette, it is the nicest Barbie. I was in Home Goods yesterday and they had the most exquisite Marilyn Monroe doll. I so appreciate the workmanship that goes into these. Have you ever seen the Barbie display in Manhattan at FAO Schwartz? It is really special.

Thanks for another great post.


Chris said...

I never understand why people feel the need to steal, makes no sense.

I have seen that Marie Antoinette Barbie on ebay...it sells for almost $2,000!!! Too expensive for me.

Gail Schmidt said...

Oh my that embroidery is simply delish! Thanks for the movie reviews Tristan, dont' see the appeal of Cruise either. Love the fabric collage, I just joined KC's camp and can't wait to begin something. I love fabric but haven't worked with it much as I allow it to intimidate me...even though I do collect it with the hopes of one day getting past it. Maybe now I will. And thieves? I don't understand them at all. But from an art gallery is even beyond trying to understand.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm glad I happened upon your blog! (via Mixed Media Art & Quilts)I can already tell that I will enjoy following your journey in art. Your art swap piece is gorgeous!

ceecee said...

Tried twice yesterday to get through to you and couldn't even get a connection. Either you are more popular than you ever imagined or my broken mouse is really broken. (Big troubles in mouse land.) I'm flabbergasted that part of your quilt was sliced off - what an assault! I was horrified! Does everything have to be incased in glass nowadays? I suppose so. Not fond of Tom either. I always envision him studying his lines.
Off to make something -

Becs said...

Hey Tristan, Thanks for the visit and comments to my blog. I cant wait to see what you creat for the MWO challenge. I can't believe someone took your artwork, FROM A MUSEUM!!! Becs

a fanciful twist said...

2 days off?? The nerve, what were you thinking, tee heeee ;) ;) ;)

Okay, guess what? I have been on your website, which I had not seen, which stole my senses which was fabulosssssso. I guess they don't call you Mister Fabuloso for nada ;)

And your new piece is marvelous!!

Someone stole that doll??? OMGoodness, what rotten lil' trolls!

Oh I love you in the T.V. I think that needs to be here always :)

I didn't like W that much either. But now I want to see Taken and Valkyrie. OH I LOVE Finding Neverland. I never cried so much until I saw that movie. I cried my eyelids puffy and gelatinous.

I know I had more to say, but Miss Dixieland makes me want to play the piano... Too bad i can't sing... Well, I can, but, not anything anyone wants to hear ;)

Sparkles a plenty, V

Beverly said...

Well, I guess you are just an example that uber-liberals must be okay. ;-)

Really, in addition to coming here to see what you were up to, I was also coming because I had not heard from you for the approaching Pink Saturday. You are usually one of the "early responders". I'm glad to see you are still ticking.

I find it disgusting that someone stole some of your art. I do see how you could fall in love with your art, but to steal is just reprehensible.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love your new collage!! Also the embroidery pieces are wonderful!! Can't wait to see what you embroider! Happy learning!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tristan,

I just want to say I got the books in the mail today! Thank you so much :) There is some really great stuff in these books and I can't wait to try some of them! :)


Anonymous said...

I stopped by to tell you how much I enjoyed your Mind Wide Open entry - it's quite interesting and unique (love those arms!), but then I got caught up in the entire rest of the page. Great photos, love the movie "reviews" and dang, someone stole your art?! That is so wrong, dude.

Esther said...

hummmmmmmm barbie antoinette!! awesome!