Monday, May 11, 2009

Does Anything Change?

I am totally fascinated by these photos. They are taken of a woman's dorm room in 1904. Click on the photos to enlarge and really get a good look at the details in these rooms!

Too many people in one room - music, studying, and writing all going on at the same time .... souvenirs and knick-knacks and photos of friends all over the walls ... dried flowers from long past dates and dances ... extension cords running from the outlets because there are never enough electrical sources ... a mostly-dead fern on the window sill. Has anything really changed? It all seems pretty much the way I remember my years in college!

I also love the hanging remembrances and hand-crafts. So much time and care taken with things that today would probably be bought in a Hallmark store and sent out in the post for a quickie-make-do greeting.

I've seen many beautiful recreations of Victorian rooms in films ... but none have the uniquely personal (and dusty!) appearance of these dorms!
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