Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Temporary Substitute Pink Saturday Post

So what does that "temporary substitute pink Saturday post" mean?!

No - I'm not sipping Bombay Sapphire Martinis this morning. And I haven't taken too many blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I am going someplace today that I'm very excited about - and which will comprise my real Pink Saturday post! But it won't happen until later today, so I will have to wait until then to post.

While you're browsing the other Pink Saturday posts, please, feel free to put your feet up on the pink saturday sofa of your choice below, with a cup of tea or glass of sherry (heck, with a Budweiser if that's your thing!) and enjoy your day. Hopefully, you'll come back when I post my real Pink Saturday post!

This one is a tad too traditional for me - however, I know that my sister would probably trade her husband for this living room - if they would swap the carnations for roses and put some decent pictures in the room.

This one is for my mother's bedroom. But she's a nice lady and will certainly let you enjoy it for the afternoon. It would be perfect for her to curl up in to read her magazines and have her tea. My mother has always been more into reading magazines than books. It's funny that I always picture my mother reading - yet, whenever anybody asks if she's read a particular book she always says she doesn't read!

Again - not my style. But, oh my! what style it has!

When we travel, we always go to Europe, never the Far East. But when I go to Japan -whenever that is - I want my hotel room to look exactly like this! Of course, by the time I go to Japan, the economy will be so bad, and I'll be so broke, I'll really have to look for an empty refrigerator box to sleep in. But the boy can dream, can't he?...

I found these pillows on eBay. I was very disconcerted because we bought these exact same pillows locally made when we were in Athens! Why disconcerted? Because on eBay they are made in India. As I'm a little off them right now, feel free to toss them on the sofa of your choice to rest your feet on.

Now. You'll have to forgive me. But you can't sit on this one. This one is mine Mine MINE MINE! I could die happily in this room - though, admittedly, I'd prefer to live happily in it. I totally lust for the sofa and chandelier and would commit a small felony for the walls!

It's funny how tastes change. Ten years ago, this would have been the living room nook of my dreams - and I still think it's very very nifty! But, it's now something I would rather sit in at your house. I guess I've gone through my pop art furnishings phase. It's cool - absolutely! - but no longer my particular brand of gin.

As sort of fun as this is, I frankly think it's rather graceless and ugly. However, I'm fascinated by it because this iconic lip sofa by Salvador Dali and was commissioned by the well-known British art patron, Edward James. Apparently it is inspired by the lips of Mae West. Now, I love Mae West - and love Dali - but I've watched a LOT of Mae West movies and seen a LOT of Mae West's photos. This sofa does NOT resemble her mouth at all. Except that it's pink. Oh, well. I felt it should be included. So it is.

This is yummy, isn't it? It would be like sitting in a down filled strawberry creme pastry! I like that the upholstery is a bit rumpled ... I wouldn't have to be worried about messing up this sofa. I could enjoy my time ensconced in it. I would place this in my parlor, next to a huge window, where I could look out and scribble and sketch in my journal...or just stare vapidly out the window and drink a double shot latte.

I do like Empire furniture - but I thought the pink on this particular sofa was just 'off'. It's too light - and it looks as if it's printed fabric and the pattern isn't woven. It's certainly not ugly - but not quite right. So, if it were mine I would welcome bids on it. It's not, so I can't. But ... anyway...

I haven't decided if this is absolutely insanely fabulous - or just insane.

Okay. So you can't sit on this one's really a jewelry box. But I though a rather ingenious one...and I have to admit, the first photo fooled me...I thought it was a modern sofa!
And this one was called an earring tree - though where the heck you're supposed to hang earrings, I have no idea. But it would be quite nice if it were much larger and made of pale beige rattan and were sitting in the gazebo by the koi pond in our back yard. That is, if we had a koi pond or a gazebo - or a back yard.

This one is for all you serious types you want a serious sofa that is sturdy and will accommodate the entire family for holiday portraits. Not the most lovely of pieces - but not offensive either.
Well, we're almost through with the sofa offerings today. As you can see, we're down to juuuuuust the peep of one through the dining room doorway. From in here it looks like that sofa has a gazillion button tufts! I loved button tufts and once had a wonderful many-buttoned-and-tufted slipper chair in the guest room. That's when I found out that each one of those tufts is the perfect magnet and storage area for dust, dog hair and any stray item that might be floating in the air, no matter how large or small. I think I found Jimmy Hoffa in one of the tufts once. I no longer own it.

I do have this one other photo to share. It has nothing to do with sofas. But the pale pink and crystal in this shop holiday display just spoke to me. So I decided to include it here, even though it's Spring and holiday time is a long way away. I found photo this at a wonderful spot called HiHo Home Market and Antique Center. It's in Gardiner, NY and looks like a wonderful place to shop! If you click on the photo, it will take you to the site.

That's it for now. Be sure to check out the other Pink Saturday folks participating in Beverly's Pink Saturday this week!

I'll be back later in the day with my Surprise Pink Saturday Post! Enjoy your day - and I do hope you find time to make something beautiful - or if not, to read or hear something beautiful!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

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