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Pink Saturday - April 18 - Okay, I'm a Little Late...

Before we get into pink delights, I have to recommend to everybody who loves Belle Epoch style - 19th century French interior and fashions - and all things lush and over-the-top, the 1950 film So Long at the Fair starring Jean Simmons and Dirk Bogarde, with Cathleen Nesbitt, Honor Blackman and David Tomlinson (the father in Mary Poppins when he was young!) It's a fairly decent mystery with very good performances (it took me awhile to figure out it was Cathleen Nesbitt - her French is so impeccable, I just presumed it was a French actress!). It was a mystery more in the style of Agatha Christie than Alfred Hitchcock...lots of red herrings and close calls. We were very aware in a couple of scenes how the absence of underscoring really added to the suspense, and just knowing if it were remade, it would be filled with lots of orchestral stings and chords which supposedly would make it more thrilling - but wouldn't.

But - wow! The settings and costuming are just exquisite! It's more like a Hollywood version of French Belle Epoch style than actual recreations - but that makes it even more ... well, more MORE! It takes place at the Paris Exhibition when the Eiffel Tower was first presented to the public. The recreation of the Exhibition is really lovely - and a scene with a balloon ride exhibition is wonderful.
We saw it on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), but I understand it's available on DVD. I'm definitely going to get a copy so I can watch this gem at least once a year! This photo gives only a glimpse of the interior of a lobby of small French hotel ... but the bedrooms in this hotel - oh, my! They are just magical.
You can see a small clip of the film here - though, disappointingly, none of the really outrageously beautiful design work is on display there.

Okay - It's time for Pink Saturday!
And speaking of time (okay - go ahead and groan. I couldn't come up with anything more clever - sue me), isn't this French beauty a keeper! It's a little hard to see - but the face is on the left side of the piece. There is so much enamel work and ormolu on it that it's hard to find the clock face!
This pale pink French porcelain clock is pretty - but a little too grandmotherly for my taste...not that I don't love my grandmother, you understand! I just don't need this particular style. I can just hear my grandmother saying that it's "precious"...and I've never really considered either of the words "cute" nor "precious" particularly complimentary. But that's me.
Now this treasure I could live with very easily ... I can just hear the designer now, "well, eet's a lovely clock, but vhat szhould we do to feeneesh eet?! But, ov course! A complete funeral urn vit lid und finial! Voilà "
This French beauty is all pink marble - I always admire a clock that will double as an elevator counterweight. Seriously - how heavy must this clock be?! It would have to go into a place with a marble mantle, because it would crash through any normal piece of furniture!
I believe this is the 19th century French version of an illuminated digital clock. You have light to see what time it is even in the dark. I've always wondered what to do to decorate the wide screen tv...I can just see this as the classic tv console set...
I must say, I'm very impressed with the French designers who choose to incorporate funeral urns with their clocks...that's really a very space-saving and efficient function, when you think about it. Though I think the painting and ormolu and porcelain of this set is fabulous, it's just a tad of a shade off for me. It's just too pale of a pink. It seems to me like a baby pink or a pink that would be on a six-year-old's ballet tutu - and I don't believe that a child should have to face funeral ash urns that young. I envision nightmares that would turn the poor child off pink forever...and that would never do! Beverly would be unhappy!
Okay - this clock has everything I've made fun of - top urns with finials, a very pink colour, side bar ash urns - however, this one works for me. I want it. I deserve it. I demand it. sigh. I'll never have it.
Okay. Let's leave the French museum pieces. If I can't have 'em, to heck with 'em!

Now this pink charmer I can see owning. It would be great in a bathroom - though I don't think that there's anything going on in a bathroom that takes so long you have to check the time...but you never know.
I think this next pink sparkler is a Juicy Couture - but don't hold me to it. I don't know for sure. But it looks like it to me. My sister would probably trade in her husband to have this clock.
I used to have a telephone that looked like it belonged in a set with this neon stunner! My phone had green and pink neon running around the base. I loved it. But I think I like this clock even better! I don't have a retro 50's kitchen - but if I did, I would certainly bloodhound out this one!
I can't possible say anything as witty or clever as this charmer is all by itself!
Pink cupcakes ... having just come from Lisa's Mermaid party over at Faeries Enchanted (if you haven't been there yet, be sure to go read the last six-count-em-six posts! The lady can throw a blog event!) where there were lots of luscious cupcakes to see, this clock would fit right in.
I love this next beauty ... such classic deco styling. It really belongs in a Fred-and-Ginger flick. Did they ever dance to the Pink Saturday Beguine?
This pink number is so charming and accessible. I can see it in anybody bedroom - but especially in Lucy and Ricky's.
I know that a lot of people have posted photos of their pink Mix Masters (which I'm totally coveting, by the way), but I don't think anybody yet has posted one of a pink Mix Master with a clock! Now that's a convenient way to know how long you've been mixing or whipping!
Short of yodeling, what can I say?
And, to show you how pathetically bourgeois I truly am: out of all the fabulous, exotic, exquisite and splendid clocks on this page, this is the clock that I would most want to own. And I would always be able to tell just how hot my clock really was! I can see this sitting next to my bed and making me smile every night before I turned out the light!
Well, that's my Beverly's Pink Saturday post. I hope you've enjoyed your time (*snort*) here today. Try to make your way through all the wonderful Pink Saturday collections being shown today. If you don't know about Beverly's Pink Saturday, where have you been??? No, seriously, if you don't know about Beverly's Pink Saturday, just go here for the list of participants.

And then, after you're all inspired - go make something fabulous!
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