Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flea Market Friday Offerings ...

Has it really been a week already?! My - this one certainly flew right by! And here it is, time for...
The first new item I have to offer this week is a lovely little wall hanging which celebrates the publication of the new "Marie" magazine and features my (and everybody's!) favorite, Marie Antoinette. The piece is 5"x7" (not including the hanger and bottom tassles). It is constructed of various fabric - both new and vintage, silk ribbons, vintage seam bindings, and lavish trims that I'm sure 'toinette would have approved! The braid with the tassles and glass bead fringe on the bottom is especially lovely. There is a small pocket in the lower right hand corner, perfect for storing a love note, a special photo, or any other precious memento. I've started you with a couple of items, but you'll want to replace/add to them! The piece hangs on a cord attached to a gilded wooden rod.

Please note that shipping to the continental United States is included in the price of $30.

Next up a vintage piece that reminds me of Marie Antoinette - or Ludwig, the Mad King of Bavaria. Swans always have that dual reference for me!

I think this is a terrific piece. It's made of pot metal and silver coloured. (*note: this is not silver nor silver plated*). It's approximately 12"wide x 6"high. It can be used alone, or with a bowl for flowers (or ribbons or candies or glass Christmas balls or...) in the center. (*note: bowl not included) I think the detail work on the swans - especially the feathers - is quite well done. It is in two separate pieces that store flat - but fit together snugly and strongly when in use. Not sure of the age - my guess would 1940's.

Please note that shipping within the continental United States is included in the price of $48.

And, lastly - but I hope not leastly! (is leastly a word?) - is another pretty fabric wall hanging featuring Marie Antoinette.

This 5"x7" (not including hanger and bottom fringe) has a lovely painting of 'toinette sitting at her writing desk in one of her elaborate gowns. The piece is lavished with beautiful fabrics, vintage trims, flowers, silk, ribbons, organza, and beaded fringe. It also has a small pocket in the front which is elaborate embroidery and beads on's the perfect place to keep a special treasure, memento, love note - or candy! I've started you out with a couple of things - but you'll want to replace/add to them! It hangs from the a gilded wooden rod.

The price of Sold includes shipping within the continental U.S.
If you are interested in owning any of my Flea Market Friday offerings, please click here to go to my Etsy shop - they are available there.

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I'm off to work on some paper art now ... I hope you're making something wonderful today!
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